One of the Owners of Boundary Road (on H St, NE) hoping to open new Bistro on Rhode Island Ave in Woodridge

2214 Rhode Island Ave, NE

Thanks to all who sent emails with this potentially great news from Rhode Island Ave NE Main Street saying if all goes well the owners of Boundary Road will build a:

“neighborhood bistro featuring shared plates with a Mediterranean lean, eight craft beer lines, small but eclectic wine list and thoughtful cocktails.”

One ofBoundary Road’s owners Karlos Leopold and former Boundary Road Manager Erin Lingle tell me that “we expect the purchase to be completed before the end of the year.” If it turns out anything like Boundary Road – this’ll be an incredible addition to this emerging section of Rhode Island Ave, NE. Updates when the deal is sealed and construction progresses.

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  • Awesome!!!

  • Amazing. A little jealous they didn’t choose Park View/Petworth!

  • Brilliant! That whole stretch is ready to pop. The demographics of the immediate area would indicate strong support for a concept like this. I knew it would start at some point, but leave it to those folks to beat the others to it. I. Can’t. Wait.

  • I work on that block! That’s awesome.

  • Aglets

    Oh please have lunch..pleeeeeease have lunch!

  • As someone who lives 3 blocks from this place, let me just say YAAAAASSSSSSS. My neighbors and I have been craving a good sit down restaurant for years. And while we’re thrilled with what’s happening in Brookland, there hasn’t been anything happening like this in Woodridge. A place I can walk to and stumble home from? Yes please.

  • brookland_rez

    It’s good to see that area start to develop. The only business down there that I frequent is Rita’s in the summertime. It will be great to have another option in the area.

  • This is amazing news.

  • Are you sure they’re talking about Woodbridge??

    • Wood-ridge = quaint middle class neighborhood in NE DC
      Wood-B-ridge = town in VA

      • brookland_rez

        Woodridge= quaint neighborhood in NE DC that is on the upswing
        Woodbridge= lame suburb in VA that has been trending downward for a while. Also called Hoodbridge.

  • That block is seeing a lot of change. There is a new fetish gear shop above Zeke’s and a gym next door.

  • Wow, if this goes through, we will go eat there twice or three times a week.

    A new coffee place, a new grocery store with organic options, a new gym, a popular new Capoeira place, news of a new Yoga studio–all in the little downtown strip of Woodridge. Well, Woodridge has the classic Art Deco era facades and storefronts to support this, and new neighbors moving in (who can certainly seem invisible since they largely stay away from Rhode Island Avenue still because it is not yet as pedestrian-friendly as it needs to become.)

    Woodridge as a neighborhood has been experiencing quiet, continued change for several years as properties here are getting fixed up, gardens enriched and beautified, more strollers are appearing, and drug houses are successfully shut down and sold off to be renovated. It is becoming more diverse in every way–age, race, religious or sexual orientation. The Woodridge business district–that little downtown area–has not really caught up yet (although with the new places coming in, it is now changing faster) so any decent bistro should fare well serving all of us who want to walk over to a dinner or lunch out on the small charming nearby “town center”.

    The time is ripe. I know that our family and neighbors will go regularly to this place as well as to the new Good Foods Market–we support using local and seasonal foods, we appreciate great food, and we love to eat out within walking distance!

  • ThunderCheese

    Good luck Karl!

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