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  • Just what the neighborhood needs….another gym.

    • Apparently you’ve never been to WSC Columbia Heights between the hours of 6am and 10pm… We could honestly use another large ‘globo-gym’. I’m very interested in this one though, with the low prices they are offering.

      • “with the low prices they are offering.”

        What the heck are you talking about? $159/month?

        • I signed up at their intro rate of $111/mo. Crazy cheap for unlimited monthly classes that are basically personal training.

    • Gyms are the new small plate specials.

  • I thought one of the big draws of all the new condos and apartment buildings was that they already had gyms. So who would pay for a second gym?

    • maxwell smart

      Some of them do, but they are also usually fairly limited – generally not much more then a hotel gym. Also I Know at some buildings even though there is a gym in the building, there is an additional monthly fee (above the ridiculous rent) to use it… yep, that’s right. Apartments have gone to the airline pricing model. So if you are already having to pay a fee to the apartment to use the gym, might as well pay a fee somewhere else and get something a little nicer.

    • Capitol View does have a fairly decent in-house gym, but doesn’t have any fitness instructors. Elevate isn’t just for the residents of the building…it’s open to the public to join, and will offer instructor led fitness classes.

  • Wish this was coming to Petworth. It’d be perfect in Parkway Place.

    • This side of town could use a Gold’s or something. Give me a room with weights in it, and don’t charge me $80-160 per month.

      • That’s basically every DPR fitness center in the city. There’s one in Columbia Heights and 5 other fitness centers in Ward 4. Cheap too.

  • God I wish I could afford to go to a gym…that sh*t is expensive! It was so sad when the YWCA across the street from this stopped offering fitness classes, it was the only affordable option in the area.

  • Ten rowers? I’ve never seen anyone on an erg at the gym, except me. Then again, that was years ago before I got my own.

    • I hear they’re stocking up before filming next season’s of House of Cards “gym scene” where Spacey reaaally displays his anger/strength by breaking several ‘water rowers’ utilizing his flawless technique.

      Gym ergs are there to distract meatheads/crossfitters while rowers get their weight circuit done.

  • “interval fitness” aka the new CrossFit

  • Get a bike, ride to work. Run on other days. Save that $100-$200/month and go on a sweet getaway somewhere after a few months!

  • I saw people working out at Elevate yesterday (10/14). I think it’s already open.

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