Little Coco’s Italian Restaurant coming to former Rib Pit Lounge space will have a Roof Deck and be Kid Friendly!

3907 14th Street, NW

A couple weeks ago we learned the exciting news that the owners of El Chucho and Bar Charley were bringing a new spot to 14th and Randolph St, NW. At that time I wasn’t sure if they were going to be taking over Rib Pit Lounge and the Rib Pit or just one. Turns out they’ll just be taking over Rib Pit Lounge (apparently Rib Pit next door has been leased by someone else.) I spoke with Little Coco’s co-owner Gordon Banks who reveals a lot more awesome info. Starting out with my favorite feature – there will be a roof deck! But more on that in a minute.

Gordon says that he and partner Jackie Greenbaum have been talking about opening up a pizza/Italian restaurant for a long time because they like to work off the strengths of their chefs. And head Chef Adam Harvey knows his dough. [The name Little Coco’s is a play off the Chef’s wife’s last name.] So you can expect some mean wood fired pizzas at Little Coco’s. And in addition to pizza you can expect to find arincinis, lasagna, salads and other daily specials. But make no mistake, Gordon sees the spot as a casual neighborhood pizza place. Well anyone who has visited Bar Charley or El Chucho knows what he means by casual – if I may – pretty freaking cool but no white table cloths. The space is pretty small so I’m looking forward to seeing how they build it out.

Which leads us to that roof deck. It’ll be a three season roof deck just like they have at El Chucho. But also like El Chucho they’ll be very considerate to their neighbors in regards to dampening noise. Though it’s also important to remember that this will be a dining roof deck not a party roof deck. In that regard, one more important element that Gordon emphasized – it will be kid/family friendly. As Gordon lives around the block with a little one, that was something very important to him personally. The way he explained it, Little Coco’s will be a spot where you can take your kids and the parents can also have a nice meal/glass of wine/good beer or cocktail. There won’t be a fancy cocktail list but they will be able to make a proper Manhattan. For those with little ones we know these options are few and far between. But for those who don’t enjoy being around kids – fear not – he envisages the space without kids in a more traditional sense by around 8:30/9pm. If all goes well Little Coco’s is hoping to open this Spring.

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  • Is “kid friendly” code for cheap eats? Score!

    • gotryit

      To me it means that there will also be kid-friendly (read: bland / basic small meals) choices on the menu, plastic / non-breakable cups, and probably some crayons / place mats to draw on. It makes it far less stressful as a parent to try to control a little wacko so we can still enjoy a night out.

      I think places that cater to both parents and those without kids (in a smart way) will do really well in the area.

      • “Little wacko” is probably one of the most apt descriptions of a toddler I’ve ever heard. 🙂

      • To me kid friendly in this case just means simple pasta options, and pizza. Regular cheese pizza that doesn’t have organic buffalo mozzarella and “green stuff” on it (i.e. cause for rejection ingredients) A little side order of steamed broccoli or green beans would be nice as well, to ease parental pizza guilt.
        El Chucho looks sanitarily challenged from the outside, but is always packed with hipsters, at least when I pass by there…

        • The downstairs can feel a little gloomy and hipster packed, but the upstairs deck is glorious. Like, seriously a nice restaurant experience. I generally prefer to drink downstairs and dine up stairs. In either case, it’s awesome.

  • binpetworth

    This is very exciting! Though I don’t have kids, I often have friends visiting with children and am glad to see more options open up that we all can enjoy. Plus, wood-fired pizza–nothing wrong with that!

  • I heard here that rib pit ended up for sale last year. Was it ever sold to new owner or is the old owner leasing these spaces out…

  • Score! No more trekking across the park to 2 Amys or Comet with my toddler!

  • Sweet jeebus, this is exciting!

  • Pretty great! Any idea what’s going on with the old Rib Pit space as well? They were working on it steadily but then a stop work order was issued and it’s been quiet for months now.

  • Excited and looking forward to this, but I have to say that be it El Chucho, Red Derby (both great places or whereever), roof decks on non-high rise buildings look trashy.

    • Buildings built since the 1940s mostly look trashy to me. Since that’s going to change I’d rather have roof decks and just admit that as a species we’ve given up on architecture. Besides this place looks like a bunker.

  • So excited about this! So is my two year old, but he doesn’t know it yet. Please have non-breakable cups, crayons, and possibly balloons!

  • Was just saying the other day how well a good (sit-down) pizza place a la Menomale would do in this area. Hoping for the best! [Sorry Red Rocks, U Stink!]

  • This is amazing. 14th St may over take Upshur St as the best corridor in the area. They will have a ways to go to overtake 11th St though… I hope some other businesses take advantage of this hidden gem of an area. So great!

    • i think its got a long long ways to go to compete with 11th street….run by this area frequent and its not very inviting.

      • A couple condos are set to deliver soon and with Lyman’s and Little Coco, it’ll get better. Wish we had more economic development leadership from the ANC, but it is what it is. Glad to see people moving in!

      • Did you walk up 11th Street 5-7 years ago…doesn’t take long

      • Much like 11th, I suspect there will be pockets that have a density of buildings/businesses that people like. I can see the Spring-Shepherd corridor working out. The block from Spring-Quincy is now packed with decent places (French’s dry cleaner, derby, lyman’s, taqueria habanero). If you can extend north one block, you get Salt & Pepper Grill II (which has a ton of potential, great food, just need to clean up the old chinese carryout appearance, maybe do sidewalk seating), Susana’s, El Sol. Heading south, you’ve got Mad Momo’s and the Pinch. Yes, there’s still lots of dudes hanging out leering…but it’s got potential 🙂

  • OK between pupusas, PBR, pop-up biscuits, popcorn, pinball, paneer, pizza and pasta, I think they have placed a plethora of Ps I would like to partake in up in this place.

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