Google Confirms Uniqlo coming to CityCenter?!?


Thanks to a reader for passing on from reddit. A user noted that if you type Uniqlo into google it comes up as CityCenterDC (825 10th St, NW) – see screenshot above I took a few minutes ago. Almost exactly a year ago we thought craigslist had confirmed uniqlo when an ad for “UNIQLO Manager Candidate Program โ€“ Retail Sales โ€“ new” popped up for Washington, DC. Yes, yes, not everyone likes their clothing. Noted. But for those who do – this is one more reason to get excited! Though it still may be worth taking with a grain of a salt as their website makes no mention of a Washington DC expansion:

“Our clothes are functional, designed with innovative features and available in a wide range of colors and styles. Our designers are artistic apparel engineers, dedicated to finding elegant solutions to common garment dilemmas. We now operate more than 1,400 stores in 16 countries worldwide. This fall we will open 18 new stores in the US, in addition to the already 21 in the Northeast and the San Francisco Bay Area. We will be expanding into new markets including Boston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia metro areas.”

UPDATE: CityCenter Rep says they aren’t coming. According to OP, Uniqlo says it’s news to them so they can’t confirm or deny.

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  • I spoke to an employee of the Uniqlo in King of Prussia, PA a couple of months ago who told me she would be moving to the City Center store and they expected a November opening.

  • Woohoo!

  • Yessss I want some heat tech!

  • palisades

    I will fight anyone in here who says they don’t like Uniqlo’s clothing. grrrrrrrr

  • Can someone help me understand what’s so great about this place? I’ve looked at their website but I must be missing something.

    • Quality, stylish, affordable clothing that is not riddled with logos. Also, people who are more petite (little women, twinks) love it because their sizes can be more easily found at Uniqlo, since it is a Japanese company.

    • They have extremely affordable basics in a multitude of colors that are of relatively good quality. I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t find something they like in a Uniqlo for a price they would be happy to pay.

    • That One Guy

      It’s like H&M except you actually want to wear the clothes. Err…did I explain that correctly? Someone jump in.

      • maxwell smart

        It’s really more like Old Navy, IMO.

        • Not sure I agree. At Old Navy, clothes are meant for average suburban-sized folks (read: larger) and are a little more trendy. Uniqlo runs smaller (meaning us folks who are sized out of the bottom end of ON can buy things) and tends to have less trend to its lines, which tend to stay the same year after year.

      • maxwell smart

        or American Apparel – simple, solid color basics. Nothing special or exciting, except for some reason the store (in NY) always has the atmosphere of a bridal gown sample sale.

    • Their website is terrible, but it’s really good for basics in every color. They also make cheap down jackets and clothes with “heattech,” which is basically additional insulation/heat retention to keep you warm. Once in a while they do design partnerships, but I’ve found them all a little bit twee.

  • I’ve never been to an Uniqlo but the Uniqlo sweater my sister got me several years ago (my favorite sweater ever) just got a hole in it. Maybe I can replace it now!!

  • I will have all the socks and underwear I’ll ever need. This is somewhat less exciting since they’ve started shipping but still great news that there will actually be some retail for the plebs in City Center.

  • Hmm…. WBJ announced that Uniqlo was coming to the Springfield Town Center 2 weeks ago: Maybe both?

  • That One Guy

    Hopefully it’s a decent sized shop. I was hoping they would have taken over the old Filene’s space on Connecticut Ave because that would have been in keeping with the sort of lay out of their NYC location.


  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isn’t that a little downmarket for City Center? I can’t believe there’s a whole lot of people who will shop at both Uniqlo and Hermes.

  • Google makes all sorts of associations in weird ways. If a lot of people in our area search for “Uniqlo Citycenterdc”, then it will start to associate the two. It does not mean anything–Google just infers that people who want info about uniqlo must also want info about citycenter. Moreover, there is a Uniqlo in “Center City” in Philadelphia, which probably confuses the search even more.
    Uniqlo does not in any way fit in with the type of stores going up around CityCenter. Getting one somewhere in downtown dc would be fine, but it’s basically an old navy feel with better quality clothing. I seriously doubt CityCenter would want it.

    • Google isn’t smart enough for this story’s headline to be concluded as news. if enough people search on an association then Google will think they are related but searching doesn’t equal truth.

    • “Uniqlo does not in any way fit in with the type of stores going up around CityCenter.”

      Based on the sound of its targeted demographic (skinny people who want quality basics) it doesn’t fit in with the Springfield crowd either.

      • You are missing the asian population of northern virginia that will absolutely flood the springfield uniqlo. tysons probably would have been a better fit but I know their rents are exorbitant. anyway personally I think its a much smarter move to put uniqlo in suburban nova than DC, just by demographics

  • It probably populated with CityCenter because of all the blog rumors, archived by Google’s servers, of Uniqlo coming into the space. There actually is a Uniqlo coming to the Sprinfield Mall (near the Franconia-Springfield metro). If Uniqlo were to locate in CityCenter then it would need a pretty big space — at least 15,000 square feet — and I’m not sure that fits in with CityCenter’s retail model at this point. Although anything is possible. A Uniqlo in DC is an eventuality, it just depends on when. I got to Uniqlo most times when I’m in New York, and so everything I would want from there I pretty much have already. The novelty wears off after a while.

  • Thank God all the 110 pound men of DC will now finally STFU.

  • hispanicandproud

    Fantastic news.

  • They announced a Chicago Mag Mile store this past summer that is opening in Nov 2015 – so it might be along the same lines.

  • My understanding is that Uniqlo is currently negotiating several locations in the DC area including Penn Qtr (not City Center but other nearby spaces) as well as G’town and Tysons… some lesser malls will also see Uniqlo (like Springfield)… expect a mass rollout Spring to Fall 2015. The oh so in demand Uniqlo will soon be almost as common as H&M…

  • Springfield Mall, not City Center.

  • Quick make it official – who has the blue painter’s tape?
    This better not be a lie, woo hoo!

  • Given that City center tends to be devoid of actual shopper, Uniglo might eventually wind up there.


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