E Cigarette and Vape Lounge, Dumbcloud Vapor, Coming to H Street, NE


More smoking or smoking alternative options for H Street. Thanks to a reader for sending from above the Georgetown Valet in the former Capitol Hill Massage space right near Ethiopic. Dumbcloud Vapor’s facebook page says:

“Provide customers with Electronic Smoking products with exceptional prices, express delivery, and great customer service.”

DC’s first vape lounge, DC Vape Joint opened in Adams Morgan underneath the Pharmacy Bar in March.

405 H St, NE

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  • justinbc

    So, you go to sit around and pretend smoke with other pretend smokers? Is this sort of like AA?

    • Hey, take it easy on AA. It’s as real as you can get.

    • It sounds like a hookah lounge minus the smoke. I didn’t think that they were trying to kick the habit so much as trying to smoke things that don’t disturb non-smokers and are being allowed in non-smoking cities.

  • Yeah… sounds like a totally outdated concept already. I wonder if they will only really sell e-cigs….

  • Why would you put the word “dumb” in the name of your business? But, since you did, I agree, this is a dumb cloud of pretend smoke.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yeah, that made no sense to me at all. Maybe it’s slang? I hope it’s slang and they aren’t that stupid.

  • sounds like a terible business model

  • Probably a pot dispensary after the Nov 4 win.

  • Ah. Yup. Right there. PoPville swarming to dismiss and make fun of something they don’t understand or don’t agree with. Saw it coming from a mile away.
    I’ll definitely check this place out. The vape place in adams morgan isn’t ideal for sitting around in, but, the concept of it is cool and the guy who runs it (i think eric is his name) is super friendly and knowledgeable about the product.

    • Agreed on all points. The proprietor of the Adams Morgan vape lounge is a really nice, talkative guy. Super friendly and they maintain a low, subdued profile (especially compared to a lot of the bad neighbors in AdMo).
      While non-smokers don’t “get” vaping and most make fun of it, it’s a life saver for many full time smokers who are trying to kick the habit. Way better for you than the patch, Chantix, or the gum. Your clothes and hair no longer stink and you feel great the next morning. Vaping is a public health win for everyone.

      • unless you or your children come in direct contact with liquid nicotine, which can be a hell of a lot scarrier than a 2 pack/day habit. Not to mention it’s a bridge for many smokers to maintain a habit where there are increasing restrictions on when and where you can smoke combutstibles.

        Actually, there are many unknowns about eCig/vaping. I won’t outright condemn them until there has been more complete study of the health benefits/costs, but that doesn’t mean I’ll blindly embrace them either. I’m not the target demographic for this place.

        • Yes, liquid nicotine is harmful if swallowed by children. But so is every cleaning product under your kitchen sink and we’re not banning those. I expect Ecig smokers to treat this chemical with the same amount of precaution that they treat other harmful chemicals in their house.
          Look, smoking isn’t going anywhere. Two packs is a public health time bomb waiting to go off and quitting cold turkey rarely works for most people.
          I’ve had numerous friends go from 2 packs a day to full time ecig smokers within the span of one week. They feel healthier than ever, they can taste food again, breath easier, and exercise easier. Ecigs are not a panacea, but they are a wonderful stop gap measure to get people weaned off an unhealthy habit. It’s a method of harm reduction, where we accept something less harmful as a substitute for something that’s more harmful/disgusting. I’m OK with that since it’s a delta positive for everyone (the smoker, the taxpayer, the person who had to deal with 2nd hand smoke, etc).

          • I’m not talking about swallowing liquid nicotine but simple contact with skin. Your comment illustrates how little is know or understood about the risks involved (for example what happens if ecig break and leaks in one’s pocket?). And of course flavors like bubblegum or lemonade are more enticing to a childlike palate. Smart retailers are already addressing some the real safety issues, but there’s no regulation on basic safety prevention. . . or pretty much anything else related to eCigs.

          • Also, people who never smoked cigarettes start using ecigs. Even if they stick with the ecigs, this is not a net gain.

          • so, anon, because there isn’t a net public gain it’s therefore bad? Why aren’t we banning every new fast food item?

            And bleach can be harmful to the skin too… your arguments don’t make sense. There are tons of toxic chemicals we have every day that aren’t banned.

            I’m not going to say ecigs are ‘safe,’ or even help you quit (studies show they’re a tool but claims to help you quit are dubious). BUT studies do show the second hand vapor to dissipate more quickly and have less carcinogens than normal cigarettes (I’m not sure I’m for their use indoors because we haven’t fully studied the second hand vapor). I’m for it, think this is a cool idea, but don’t smoke and don’t plan to patronize. Glad there’s a resource for ecig smokers in the neighborhood.

          • I’ve had an ecig tank break in my pocket. Nothing happened. Do you think 1.5ml is deadly or something? You should do some more research.

    • Great. So you’re starting a post to dismiss and criticize responses to a business — attacking not only potential customers but people who might offer useful advise — that you either don’t understand or don’t agree with. At the very least, you might appreciate the potentially helpful criticism that many people will likely not embrace a “dumb” business. And that might be a smart move — if it’s designed to appeal to a particular customer base. If not, it’s just — um, dumb.

    • You’re so oppressed. SO oppressed. I, for one, feel threatened and discriminated against if local blogs don’t celebrate my lifestyle choices at every opportunity.

  • Yet another incredibly stupid name for a business on H. What is going on with these new business owners? I’m pretty neutral about the concept (I would not go there as I don’t fake smoke or real smoke), but I don’t have a problem with it. The name, however….just no.

  • I swear if I see one more place that combines “vape” or “vaping” with “lounge” I just might crack and take out a Denny’s. Can’t wait for this trend to crash and burn, as it inevitably will.

    • I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

    • Out of curiosity what is wrong with the term ‘vape’ or ‘vaping?’ It’s just shorthand for vaporizer. And what else do you call a place where you lounge but a lounge? There are Hookah lounges etc. Language and terms evolve.

  • If it doesn’t work out they can do “small plates”. It’s just a sign that what passes for hipsters in DC are as pathetic as hipsters elsewhere.

  • The only reason e-cigs are considered “safe” is because they haven’t been on the market for but a few years. Businesses like this show it’s all about the money. Ecigarette retailers don’t want to you to quit smoking, and they don’t want you to know about the hazards (some children have been poisoned by leaky cartridges — liquid nicotine absorbs through the skin into the blood, causing heavy vomiting and other distress)

    I am a person who smoked for 19 years. I quit but I have friends who think they quit b/c they smoke vape. It still has nicotine, and you’re still addicted people. In fact, if you have to pay money to sit in a room with similar miserable people who are pretending that it’s fun, and not addiction — well. eventually you’ll figure out that it’s not a choice ou’re making, no matter how nice they dress it up and how expensive your e-cig supplies are.

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