Dedicated Bus Lanes on Georgia Ave? and other Significant DDOT Projects Coming to Ward 1 – Learn about them Monday

Photo by PoPville flickr user JEO Photography

From a press release:

“DDOT Projects Update Meeting for the Ward 1 Community

Monday, October 27th, 2014
6:00 PM | Open House
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM | Project Updates
Columbia Heights Community Center, 1480 Girard Street, NW

Project engineers will be in attendance to update the Ward 1 community on the following projects:

· Dedicated Bus Lanes on Georgia Avenue, NW
· Safety Improvements on 15th Street, NW
· Resurfacing of 7th Street, NW
· Reconstruction of U Street, NW Phase II
· Reconstruction of Florida Avenue, NW
· DC Streetcar
· Traffic Improvements
· Asset Management
· Tree Projects
· Low Impact Development Projects

There will also be a question and answer session.”

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  • I am thrilled they’re moving ahead with the Georgia Ave lanes, but keep in mind they’re only between Florida Ave. and Barry Place – that’s like, three or four blocks/0.3 miles.

    • Yeah, not sure how that’s supposed to do anything. I know buses making a left onto Florida sometimes cause a backup, but what’s a bus lane gonna do about that? Can someone explain?

  • I think the bigger issue with driving down Georgia is the seemingly mistimed traffic signals, though I’m not sure how much can be done given all the cross-traffic.

    • The signals on GA ave aren’t horribly timed, but I can see potential for improvement and more speed camera revenue! The REAL issue is double parking! Esp around the Safeway, Metro, Bank of Merica, liquor store(s) and CVS! Also double parking while blocking a parking space!! Infuriating!!! (And unsafe!)

    • It seems to be timed pretty well if you’re traveling southbound in the AM. The issue comes when you get down to FL Ave. Sherman Ave on the other hand, used to be timed perfectly, and I’m not sure what happened. Maybe it’s times for the opposite traffic?

      • Oh, and when people are pulling into McDonald’s in the morning. That has to be the busiest McDonald’s in the country.

  • @Low Headways — Interesting, thanks. For that particular few blocks it could make a difference. Lots of bizarre merge patterns that make it tough for the 70 and 79 to get through and hit their stops. Maybe it will be something that expands if it proves successful. Hopefully they do something to help bikers get through FL too. The 7th st bike lane just dumps you into the chaos.

    @ Anon – If you ever drive during rush hour on GA, there are stretches where the lights are amazingly synchronized. I can go from Petworth to Silver Spring in the evening at a nice steady rate without stopping. It’s surreal compared to the rest of the time, where you pretty much hit every light, even at 1am with no cross traffic. Don’t know if this applies down toward FL ave though. Can’t help but wonder why we sync the lights for MD commuters but not for DC residents!

  • Please don’t mess with 15th street. Its the best way to get from the White House up to 16th in columbia heights/adams morgan.

  • But…will they enforce it?

    I’ve never seen enforcement of the NB 7th Street bus/bike only lane between Indiana and Mass.

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