Chipotle or Native Foods Cafe to take over former Casa Blanca space Dowtown?

1014 Vermont Ave, NW just north of K Street

Some interesting scuttlebutt from a reader after hearing of Casa Blanca’s recent closure:

“Chipotle and Native Foods were vying for the retail space in the building (which recently had a $10 million renovation, hence the removal of the granite on the facade.)… seemed to indicate they preferred Chipotle.”

Recently we learned a new Chipotle would likely be taking over the former Mixtec space in Adams Morgan and Native Foods Cafe just opened their first DC location at 18th and M St, NW. Updates when we learn the new tenant here.

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  • PLEASE let it be a Native Foods. Chipotle’s food is so not good.

    • I love both places, but I’d vote for Native since we could still use more good veg*n options in this city!

  • I’d be excited about either one, but especially Native Foods. Sounds like people just love it.

  • What a downgrade either way.

  • Are you guys kidding? I’d be so exited for a Chipotle!

    Casa Blanca was not good and it was extremely slow.

  • Is Native Foods any good? I just checked out their web site and generally I distrust a vegan place that calls things “cheeseburgers” and “classic deli Rueben’s” If your a vegan place embrace it and don’t try to pass your stuff off as meat or dairy.

    • What’s wrong with calling foods by names that are familiar to people? A lot of veg*ans grew up eating meat. And a lot of non-vegans eat at places like Native Foods. The meat and dairy names are only to provide context.

    • I ate at the one near DuPont last week and it was amazing! I have no problem with them using words like “cheeseburger” since they make it pretty clear they are 100% plant-based. No deceit intended.

      It was very crowded when i went – they had recently opened that location – and so they had a person with a tablet taking orders from people in line to speed things up. The manager was also going around and apologizing for the wait (which honestly wasn’t terrible) by giving out $5 gift cards. I will definitely be going there for lunch often!

  • Wouldn’t it make sense to see how the new Native Foods on 18th does before trying to open another one?

  • I vote for Chipotle. I am all for another Native Foods….but not directly across from Juice Joint. Spread out those healthy options!

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