Casa Blanca closes Downtown


@RudeHaggis tweets us yesterday:

“.@PoPville Casa Blanca is no more! I am distressed! #vermontavenue”

Casa Blanca was a solid lunch spot located just north of K Street at 1014 Vermont Ave, NW. Updates when we learn who will take over the space.



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  • Those looked like two totally different store fronts, so I checked out google streetview to see what was up. Wow, that building looks a lot better without the granite veneer on the first story!!

  • Distraught. My go-to place for papas rellenas…

  • Great food but terrible, terrible service. Staff always seemed as though it was their first day ever working in a restaurant. You had to show up either before noon or after 1:30 pm if you wanted to be in and out within an hour. I’ll miss the food but not the amateur hour.

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