Judging Restaurants – Casa Blanca

by Prince Of Petworth May 11, 2011 at 12:00 pm 9 Comments

Casa Blanca is located at 1014 Vermont Ave NW (just north of K Street.) I never noticed this small space before but sometimes these small spaces are the best. Any fans? Any must order items?

Side note: Further up Vermont Ave a reader writes: “a Verizon blackberry phone on Vermont and S St. NW this morning, Wednesday, at around 7:45. I would like to return it to its owner but can’t unlock it to check any numbers.” If you know the owner email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail

  • NE Groover

    I used to go here for lunch all the time when I worked in the area. I like the papa a la huancaina.

  • Anon

    Does it serve Moroccan food?

    • grumpy

      Peruvian, along with some of the usual Mexican and Salvadoran offerings — I haven’t ben there in a long time but I remember it being pretty tasty.

  • PG

    They can’t fool me – I know it’s not the real White House.

  • Justine

    Is the cuisine from Spain or is it from El Salvador? When I think of Spanish cuisine, I think of Spaniards because they are Spanish people. I love authentic Spanish cuisine.

    • Vinnie

      @Justine; I love foods from Spain too. I don’t like Salvadoran cuisine and Mexican some Mexican cuisine is too spicy for my stomach.

  • Vanman0254

    Fantastic Food. Great ceviche, Peruvian chicken, and fairly cheap prices.

  • Hungry Hippo

    Ate a burrito there yesterday. Delicious, highly recommend it.

  • gawain

    i go there for lunch some times. suggest ordering the peruvian items – that’s their cuisine, although they offer the usual, boring and mediocre mex/salv.

    quarter or half chicken is recommended.

    they don’t take credit cards and are otherwise very nice.



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