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  • justinbc

    Cool, that little area is dead. But a Mexican breakfast deli? Hope it lasts.

  • I thought this place was never going to open. The sign has been up for like two years. Welcome to the Neighborhood, hope they can survive the poor name choice.

  • I wonder if George Pelecanos knows about this place.

  • Huh? It was an operating business, heaven and h, for like 5 months. Many articles written about it. I was a huge fan.

  • We stopped by this morning (Saturday) around 7:45am. First thought: we’re thrilled to have something open before 8am on a weekend. Second thought: like 7 employees running around in apparent total disarray. They have some details to work out. Third thought: we got bacon, egg, and cheese on a cheddar biscuit. The biscuit was awesome, the bacon was plentiful and high quality, and in general it was an excellent and LARGE breakfast sandwich for five bucks and some change. If the rest of the food is as good as this they are going to do really well, and will be a welcome addition to the area!

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