Sneak Peek at Opening Menus for EatsPlace Opening in about a Week

3607 Georgia Avenue, NW

The eagerly anticipated EatsPlace opening up across the street from Looking Glass Lounge and DC Reynolds is super close to opening (I’m told could be as soon as a week.) Owner Katy Chang shares the good news:

“Just wanted to give you a heads up that sample menus are up for the chefs in residence: DC Born & Raised and Mason Dixie Biscuit, both popping up at EatsPlace through the end of the year. Of course they’re subject to change but thought it might be fun to see where these incredibly talented and creative chefs are heading.”




A peek inside the first floor after the jump.




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  • These sound amazing however I wish they included prices. It would be great to at least know what type of price range we are talking about.

    • There may not be any specific prices but I think it’s fair to say that nothing about this menu says “cheap eats.” So if they included prices, 90% of this thread would be about how expensive the food is. Why kill the buzz before the place is even open?

      • Nothing about biscuits says cheap eats? Not trying to kill the buzz but prices are important to many people in making decisions about where to eat.

        • Biscuits from a soul food carryout place says “cheap eats” to me. Designer biscuits with designer spreads in a new sit down restaurant paying what is probably premium rent to be in a hot neighborhood does not say “cheap eats” to me. But who knows.
          I am fairly sure that when the place actually opens we will all know exactly what they are charging for food. Unless the food is outrageously expensive the menu looks interesting enough for me that I will give it a try. If it’s not worth the price, whatever that price is, I probably won’t go back.

      • Doesn’t have to be cheap, but reasonable would help. There are so many medoicre places that are expensive for what they are and try to trade on “concepts” or other marketing nonsense. Some succeed, but the others are surprised when no one shows.

      • When I see a menu with no prices, I assume that things are very expensive.

    • If the prices at Mason Dixie’s prices are in line with the ones at their pop ups, then the biscuit sandwiches will be about $7. Not cheap eats per se, but good portion sizes, very tasty and IMO worth it.

  • “Loose teas with hearts of gold” is seriously amazing. I will also have “Where It’s At” stuck in my head for the foreseeable future.

  • those biscuits sound amazing
    i fall for bread haha

  • DAMN…. that looks good!

    I can’t wait to give it a try.

  • Can’t help but notice that there are no vegetarian entrees here. I’m a carnivore, but I have enough vegetarian friends that this makes it difficult for me to go there.

    • My first thought exactly! I am a vegetarian.

    • Had the exact same reaction. I’m a carnivore that is likes veg options sometimes, and have a veg partner. I want to go and spend money eating and drinking at these places (and may others), but won’t go where there are no veg options. I think this is becoming a more common sentiment, and I hope that the restaurants catch up.

    • Yes, +1000. Something about this neighborhood… Such meat-heavy restaurants opening. Is it so hard to have one veg entree available. I’m a meat-eater, but as the previous poster said, it will be hard to justify going there since I’m usually with at least one veg.

  • +1 to the observations about lack of a single vegetarian/vegan option. Come on folks. We don’t all eat animals all the time.

  • dcgator

    Is it being a Grammar Nazi if I point out that I’m happy to see “sneak peek” is spelled correctly? Not that I’ve ever seen the homophone (sneak peak) on this site, but I see it so often, it’s nice to see it correct here. Okay, I’m done. Have a great weekend, all.

  • Bummer–looks awesome but there aren’t really any vegetarian options at all.

  • Glad to see all those meat options! Looking forward to checking it out.

  • So bummed about the lack of veggie options.

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