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  • I own a row house that opens onto an alley and would be interested in donating my wall for a mural. Does anyone know of any organization(s) that I could contact? Any leads would be most helpful.

  • ugh I need to get off of Instagram. I keep trying to double click these cool pics. smh

  • Very cool! Now, if we could just get rid of that vacant lot. Is this the one owned by the same person who owns the Valero and isn’t developing it for whatever reason?

    • Not sure if “Joe” Mamo owns Valero across the street*, but he has rudimentary plans to build a residential building with some ground-level retail there. He’s been shopping these DC-approved plans for quite a while, but my guess is that he’s asking for way too much for any real developer to bite. (I’m sure the land itself is much more valuable to a developer who knows what they’re doing as opposed to paying for some half-assed plans they would end up scrapping.) I’m guessing we’ll see movement after a developer builds on the DC-owned lots across the street on Q (bids are due at the end of this month I believe) and after 50 Florida NE gets built down the street. So, eventually…
      * He probably does, as he owns wholesale distributing rights to much of DC along with many actual gas stations. The District is going after him on possible antitrust charges in hopes of lowering gas prices in DC, though it seems with limited success.

  • i understand that some of the neighbors of bates-truxton were complaining about this art all night party, specifically noise, drinking, hipster gentrifiers, etc. i thought it was pretty cool event, and a lot better than the typical gun shots and crew battles, crack heads, and public deification that seem to be more commonplace here.

    • Yeah, the music was a little loud and went late, but come on! It isn’t like it is a weekly event, it was a Saturday, and so great for the neighborhood. Complainers can take a hike!

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