Kitten Available for Adoption “In addition to being incredibly adorable, he is now strong, very cuddle-y, and constantly purring”


“Dear PoPville,

Weekend before last, I found an abandon kitten under my patio deck. He was muddy and starving, so I brought him in, gave him a bath, and started bottle feeding. In addition to being incredibly adorable, he is now strong, very cuddle-y, and constantly purring. However, I am not allowed to have pets under my current lease so I am looking for a loving, forever home.

I believe he is about 4-5 weeks old and goes by the names: squeaks, little prince, and ewok. We took him to the walk-in clinic, where he received some basic kitten treatments.

Can you help me find a forever home for Squeaks? Please e-mail me at Squeaksthekitten(at)

Thank you so much!”

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  • Please take him to a rescue.

    • epric002

      if you found him in DC you can bring him to WHS.

      • Is Wash Humane Society a no-kill shelter?

        • No, but apparently they’ve significantly reduced their kill rate since a new director came on board circa 2006 or 2007.

        • While WHS is technically not no-kill, they exceed the requirements to be a no kill shelter. No kills shelter threshhold is adopting out 90% of animals, and they are at 93 or 94%, thanks to their staff, fosters and rescue groups. I volunteer there, they really care for animals. They only euthanize animals that are truly dangerous, or can’t be medically rehabbed (they even do extensive surgeries on ones that need it).

          • anonymouse_dianne

            They have attended the No Kill conference every year (as have I), including recently viewing Nathan’s film. Scott Giacoppo is speaking at the Best Friends conference in Las Vegas next month. So they are out there working at adopting out I think they are at about 85% live (No Kill is considered 90%).

        • There is no such thing as a “no kill” shelter. There are only shelters who pass on the terrible job of euthanizing animals to other shelters. But yes, a young kitten will certainly get adopted, and most shelters now try to keep young kittens in foster care – so go with that advice. 1,976 kittens are currently available on for adoption.

      • Even at WHS, a cute kitten like this will get adopted out very quickly. Everyone wants a young kitten. There’s no chance this guy will be put down.

    • houseintherear

      I just emailed- I foster kittens with WHS and can take him tonight and get him registered with them asap.

  • take him to the Washington Animal Rescue League!! this is exactly what they are there for.

    • I found 7 abandoned kittens last year. I called WARL but they do not accept abandoned cats/kittens from the public. They only accept them from other shelters.

  • Oh i loveeeee him. Wish my kitty would want a brother.

  • Lucky dog rescue takes cats too

  • Just keep ‘im. Fight the man!

  • Most of all, thanks for taking him in and getting him well. Poor guy. Makes you wonder where his mom/siblings are.

  • Did the vet say if he still needs nursing? Usually kittens aren’t weaned until they’re 8 weeks, so I would think he’d need some formula. But I’m not the expert. Also, SO CUTE!

  • Alley Cat Rescue is great and helped me with a mom and 5 kittens this spring.

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