Fire at the Convention Center


@wkt1969 tweets us the photo above and writes:

“@PoPville fire at convention center. 9th & N”

@DCPoliceDept tweets:

“Traffic Advisory/Fire (Loading Dock) @ 801 Mt. Vernon St NW/Street Closure in the 1100-1200 blocks of 7th & 9th St NW/”

photo 5

Thanks to a reader for updating us with more info at 10:15am:

“I ran into the 2 guys with the most info. They had just pulled their 18 Wheeler into the below ground loading dock when the cab burst into flames! They said it was scary as hell as there were a lot of other trucks there as well. The one guy said… “I just ran! I was first out of the building.”

It looks like it’s under control now. Trucks are starting to depart… And 9th St is starting to open back up.”

More photos and tweets after the jump.

@JordanWhichard also tweets us:

“Looks like pretty serious fire near 7th and N NW, across from convention center. Lots of trucks and smoke @PoPville”

@laurienothstine tweets us:

“@PoPville huge smoke clouds and about 10 firetrucks at the Convention Center. Traffic is backed up all around it.”

@koriknowssquat tweets us the photo below:


@MerePringle tweets us the photo below:

“@PoPville heard a tractor trailer set on fire. So much smoke between 9th and 7th. Metro still running.”


@mgroob tweets us the photo below:

“@PoPville Most of the smoke is on 9th, not 7th.”


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  • Is the green/yellow line affected? There’s nothing on the website, but I know they’ve shut down metro lines before when something major is going on at street level.

  • Most importantly…are the puppies at Wagtime ok?!

  • I dropped my dog off there this morning – when I saw the smoke I thought about going home, but you actually can’t smell the smoke inside Wagtime and they seemed to have the fire under control. So yes, the pups are ok!

  • Was driving down 8th today and thought to myself that the smog here was beginning to get out of control, then saw the street closed off, took a really long time to redirect around the road closure.

  • Damn, I should’ve probably closed my windows before heading out this morning.

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