Coppi’s coming to Cleveland Park, District Distillery coming to former space on U Street

3321 Connecticut Ave, NW

Lots of folks have been emailing about the new paint job at the former Lavandou space in Cleveland Park next to Nanny O’Briens. Word on the street is that it’s going to be the new home of Coppi’s. Their website currently says “Updated contact information coming soon!”


But perhaps of greater interest is news of who’s going to take over Coppi’s (and Utopia’s) old space on U Street. Washington Business Journal reports:

“District Distillery recently sought approval to open a combination distillery and restaurant at one of the city’s hottest intersections, 14th and U streets NW, according to plans submitted to the D.C. Zoning Administrator. The concept would encompass more than 7,000 square feet at 1414 and 1418 U Street, formerly home to Coppi’s Organic and Utopia restaurants, respectively.”

Updates when progress is made:

1414 U Street, NW

U Street looking towards 14th

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  • binpetworth

    I am happy with this development! Coppi’s always had a great wine selection, friendly staff, and I loved their beet salad and daily specials, like the lamb chops. I was hoping they would re-open somewhere again soon.

  • jburka

    That’s somewhat poetic. Back in the original Coppi’s heyday in the mid/late 90’s, they opened a second, larger branch farther north along that same block in Cleveland Park.

  • Isn’t this about the 3rd or 4th incarnation of Coppi’s?

  • Glad Coppi’s found a home, but was really hoping for them to return to U Street.

  • Are Still Pubs a real thing now? I guess I’d be more excited about if craft distilling were anywhere near the quality of craft brewing.

    • Seriously. I have yet to taste any sort of spirit from a microdistillery that was much more than flavored rubbing alcohol. There’s a reason why the big distillers are as big as they are.

      • Green Hat makes a great gin. What craft distillery have you sampled that you’ve really disliked? I’m more interested to know whether they’re going to be making their own whiskey or buying from a big distiller (as most craft whiskey distillers do).

        • Actually, I don’t like Green Hat. I’ve bought Green Hat three times now. None of the three bottles have tasted the same, and (in my opinion) none of them have been any good. I want to like it, and to support the local business, but I would hold them up as example A of poorly made craft distilled spirits. If it were made 20 miles north I never would have bought a second bottle, particularly considering the price.

          • Agree with the thumbs down. I actually thought the taste was fine but god it was rotgut. Made me feel terrible. Maybe I should stick the bottle on the sidewalk for someone else; I’m scared to death of it. Wanted to like it!

          • Not a fan either. Would love to support something local, and I’m an open minded gin fan, but theirs is just not good IMHO.

        • Count me as a Green Hat fan.

        • Well, the most local one that comes to mind is Dogfish Head. They have a microdistillery at their brewpub in Rehoboth, and unlike the quality of their beers, their vodka and rum are really bad.

  • I’m curious what those multiple bollards are protecting.

  • clevelanddave

    Somehow the idea of having another bar/distillery on U street seems like a bad idea, unless the objective is to create another Adams Morgan to the east of Adams Morgan. Already I think we’re careening that way…

    • What are you talking about? U street out-Adams Morganed Adams Morgan at least a year or two ago. I have no problem with this whatsoever.

      • It was obvious 20 years ago that U Street was to become the new Adams Morgan.

        • I don’t know about that. Have you been to Adams Morgan on a Saturday night recently? It’s still a far wilder scene than U Street. Here’s the thing, AdMo still attracts a younger drinking crowd, often times venturing down into underage kids. I’m not saying U Street is a bastion of responsible middle-aged drinkers, but overall unpleasant behavior and blackout drunkenness are far more the norm in AdMo, which given the difference types of bars and costs of booze at bars, should be expected.

          • When was the last time you were there? The younger crowd is on H Street NE these days. Adams Morgan on a weekend night is still chaos, but nowhere near what it used to be. U Street is just about the same these days.

  • This + Vace = Cleveland Park pizza tour.

  • Aaah, a small micro-distillery bar and restaurant making its “own” whiskey smack in the middle of DC…. How quaint. I can’t wait to see what recipe of sourced booze they buy from LDI or Canada and sell as their own.

    • White House Acre Bourbon is made from a recipe as old as the White House itself. In 1800, when John Adams moved into the brand-new White House, the first thing he did was plant an acre of grain. He had been making whiskey for years, and had developed a recipe said to produce the finest whiskey in the colonies. The White House Acre, as it was known, was planted with the exact percentages of corn, barley, and rye John Adams used in making his whiskey.
      Today we bring you a whiskey crafted in the District of Columbia to John Adams’ exacting specifications. Distilled from a mashbill first specified in the gardens of the White House, aged in oak barrels harvested from Rock Creek Park, and then cut with crystal clear, triple charcoal filtered Potomac river water, White House Acre is a whiskey that could only come from Washington, DC.
      Distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

  • This is so fetch!

  • Happy to see someone coming to CP. Way too many empty store fronts. I think people are still charging “hip neighborhood” commercial rents when CP hasn’t been “hip” for quite some time. Nice, yes, hip, no.

  • I am so excited to hear this news!! I have miss Coppi’s staff, good wine selection and AMAZING local food!! The Saracheno pizza… yum! I seriously cant wait for it to open again 🙂

  • I can’t wait until Coppi’s opens!!!

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