Chef Daniel Boulud’s DBGB opens in CityCenter

931 H Street, NW

From DBGB’s website:

“DBGB Kitchen and Bar is Chef Daniel Boulud’s casual French-American restaurant located within CityCenterDC at 9th St. & H NW. DBGB marks the NYC-based chef’s first restaurant in DC, which he describes as his “Tribute to casual American dishes I’ve come to love since moving to the states, all done with a French flair.” Best described as ‘a little bit brasserie, a little bit bistro, half French, half American,’ DBGB serves seven varieties of house-made sausages, three house-ground gourmet burgers, seasonal Lyonnais-inspired cooking, and hit dishes from the original downtown, NYC restaurant.”

Check out their menu here.


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  • I *love* how he kicked off his media blitz for the new restaurant by insulting Ben’s Chili Bowl.

    • Wow, I hadn’t seen that. That’s a pretty rude way to start your business. Looks like yet another New York based restauranteur with an ego problem.

    • I hadn’t seen it either — where was it? (I didn’t see it on their website.)

      • “Rumor has it that the chef may also try his hand at a half-smoke. And yes, Boulud has tried the original at Ben’s Chili Bowl. “It’s bad,” he says, complaining of the sweetness and quality of the meat. “I hope to make a half-smoke very good. It’s high on my list, but first there’s other priorities. The half-smoke will come at the right time. Maybe for Valentine’s next year.”

  • Will the ‘Gansett on draft be $7 or $8?

  • I went for dinner on Saturday and was super disappointed. I mean, the restaurant itself I decorated really wonderfully. But, the food was mediocre at best, and the service (though friendly) was disjointed. I give some of that to opening night logistical kinks, but for the prices on that menu, it was really disappointing.

    I hope it gets better from here.

    • madamhelga

      Totally agreed. I’ve been to a number of Daniel Boulud’s restaurants in New York (including the original DBGB) and our visit for dinner last night was equally disappointing. Food was okay, I guess but definitely not worth the the hype. Really felt like it was a DC outpost that no one really cared about.

  • Is that a velvet rope?

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