Big News for new Marriott Marquis by the Convention Center – Mercadito Restaurant Coming “this Winter”


Eater DC reports:

Mercadito “will be located at the new Marriott Marquis hotel downtown. The restaurant does not have an opening date yet, but hopes to open this winter.”

You can see Mercadito’s Chicago menus here. Anyone happen to try their Chicago location? Updates when they get closer to opening.

Incidentally, any fans of the other bars and restaurants here like the sports or bourbon bar?

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  • justinbc

    I went to the one in Miami, it was OK. Beautiful restaurant, if only the food had lived up to the setting…
    (location is now closed)

  • The sports bar (High Velocity) is woeful–it has a strange motif (long surfboards as tables near the bar) and a lacking beer selection. I’m also not sure what classifies it as a “sports bar”–it has two massive, wall sized televisions on either end, but one is by tables where people eat dinner and the other is tucked away in a corner; apart from that, the only other tvs are your usual bank above the bar. Doesn’t scream sports bar to me.

    On the other hand, I quite enjoyed the bourbon bar (The Dignitary). Dark wood, leather chairs–all that was missing was a nice cigar. Would definitely come back here.

  • The hotel seems woefully disappointing given all the hype. The smaller function areas are poorly laid out and organized. Wifi is non-existent in some of the public areas. This was supposed to be a high tech, high design kind of place, but mostly it seems like high hype.

  • Exactly. They may have put a lot of money into high-end finishes, but it’s still a Marriott, with typical overpriced, mediocre food and drink. The chain hotels in this country with great restaurants and bars are few and far between.

  • The Chicago Mercadito is a big pre-party place – loud music, lots of girls in clubbing dresses (on weekend nights anyway). I thought the food was pretty good though – especially the tacos and ceviche. It’s also a great place to go as a big group if you just want one big prix fixe sharing menu.

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