Bicycling Magazine names America’s Top 50 Best Bike Cities – DC #5

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe in DC

From Bicycling Magazine:

“In the last two years across DC, pilot bike-lane projects switched to full-scale implementation. A protected lane on M Street recently went in with sturdy concrete curbs instead of plastic bollards. In 2013, DC unveiled a new transportation master plan featuring 70 more miles of similar fully protected bike lanes. By increasing ridership in underserved communities and making cycling safe and comfortable for all, a city known for its gridlock—both vehicular and political—strives to lead the nation.”

Also in the region – Arlingon ranked 19 and Alexandria ranked 31.

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  • New York is #1? I don’t think so. I have biked there many times and had a great time, but it doesn’t compare with DC in terms of availability of bike lanes and bike share.

  • If they accounted for aggressive drivers, DC probably wouldn’t even make the list.

  • While I love the fact that we have bike lanes and it makes my commute so much easier, I wonder when DDOT will wake up to the fact that they have to be maintained too. The M Street bike lane is back breaking in terms of how many potholes it has (and yes, I’ve submitted service requests for M St and the R St bike lanes).

  • justinbc

    I love the progress we’ve made, but I really wish they would repave the roads before painting in bike lanes. F St NE for example, heading out from Union Station, was freshly painted but the road is in such a state of disrepair bikers are now “locked in” to the absolute worst part of the street, whereas before we could dodge around all the cracks and potholes without having to hear moron drivers yell “STAY IN THE BIKE LANE”.

  • We have nice things!

  • For all the biker vs. driver feuds on this blog, this makes me laugh… well done, DC

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