Ben’s Bricked on H Street – Opening in 4-5 Weeks

10th and H Street, NE

Lots of progress since we last checked in on the Ben’s Chili Bowl coming to H Street. @TheApolloDC tweets us the photo above this morning:

“Getting close! @BensChiliBowl will open at 10th & H St. NE.”

And on Monday Ben’s tweeted:

“Are you ready #Hst ? See you in 4-5 weeks…”

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  • what ever happened to how they illegally torn down the existing building that was there?

  • This place is a joke. They illegally tore down an existing facade, promised to bring it back (ludicrous) and seem to have put back a few dozen of the original bricks at the entrance. Ben’s has been coasting on a proud history for decades now– as far as I’m concerned their time has passed. They won’t be getting my business.

    • The next generation is always an entitled bag-of-d#cks after the “bootstraps” patriarch-who-came-from-nothing dies. So it goes with successful, family-run businesses.

  • I think the brick looks nice and prefer that to a building that was unoccupied and falling apart.

    • It was neither unoccupied or falling apart. They bought a longtime clothing store, stated that they found structural issues to do a renovation, promised to retain the facade and then didn’t. Gentrification at its worst.

      • Not a Ben’s Chili Bowl fan by any means–went once, though it was awful and overrated–but this does look quite a bit like the old facade if you cycle back through the links on PoPville, except it’s not painted white and blue. Maybe not the retained facade per se, but they did a decent job of mimicking it, at the very least.

        • In looking at the before and after pictures, the most striking thing to me is how much bigger this one is. The previous building came up to about halfway up the secondfloor windows of the building next door. this one goes all the way up and adds a roof deck. Also, the setback on 10th street no longer exists. My guess is that the easiest (cheapest) way to maximize maximize the square feet and ceiling height was to illegally demolish the existing structure.

      • I wouldn’t say this particular example is “the worst” – see original Ben’s for context. The Hilton brothers, now that’s another story.

  • boycott. ben’s can go to hell for all i care with their shadiness, and heart attack cuisine.

  • I know there is historical significance to Ben’s, but I really don’t understand the continued allure that warrants opening a new and huge space. I give it a couple of years..if that.

  • They can’t even get Ben’s Next Door right, so not sure why they keep expanding unless attempting to eventually franchise.

  • looks like its slated to be a lounge type of deal more than anything
    bens is a quick eats spot
    dont know why they would need THAT much seating uless they intend on offering a different style menu

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