Awesome New Mural in Columbia Heights

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Thanks to a reader for sending some background on the project:

“I live on 13th and Otis and wanted to let you know about the Mural Project that just happened on our condo building at 3609 13th Street NW.

The three condo units in the building contacted DC Murals to start a project on the wall of the property about a year ago. Nancee Lyons, at the head of DC Murals was very accommodating and we started the process to choose the artist about six months ago.

We all chose the design of the mural, which was a difficult process as all artist entries were exceptional, but we narrowed down on James Bullough, a native DC artist who now lives in Berlin, Germany.”

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  • Why? I think it is awesome personally. I really enjoy the variety in the murals around the city, and I think this one looks really cool and is definitely well done.

    • I just hope the mural isn’t a pat-me-on-the-back attempt to artificially connect to a neighborhood by retaining a Berlin-based (but DC native!) artist to decorate a wall with gigantic caricatures of people who may have once lived in this building before it was converted into condos.

      • Artists live everywhere and art is everywhere. You should be happy that such a known graffiti artist came back to where is from to spread Art!

      • its best to be jaded.

      • justinbc

        “people who may have once lived in this building before it was converted into condos”
        Are you implying that simply because they’re minorities they couldn’t possibly be living there now?

      • I don’t think these images are caricatures at all…they look like very finely wrought, straightforward depictions to me. And we don’t know who used to live there (or who lives there now), so your assumptions as to the racial motivations of the artist/owners seem baseless. I think the mural is beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing it in person.

      • As if you know who lived there before.

  • Tin can phones don’t work on a slack line. Is that supposed to be the point?

    • I think that when you look for points in Art, you miss the main point: it’s Art!

    • Well, the person on the left is yelling and the person on the right has a pensive look, like they can’t hear the person on the left at all, so I do think the slack line is part of the point. If I had to guess, I’d say the muralist is commenting on how hard it is for people to hear/listen to one another in the urban environment. That’s just my interpretation of the piece, though!

    • That’s the great thing about art: it’s always open to interpretation!

    • That’s why the guy is yelling into the can.

  • This is awesome!

  • binpetworth

    This is awesome. Thank you for this addition to the neighborhood–I’ve walked by it several times now and continue to admire the photographic quality of this mural.

  • beautiful!

  • I think it’s great and I’m happy that everyone in your building agreed on not only the vision, but paying out of their condo fees to add something unique to the neighborhood.
    I think you should paint the front door the same color as the blue streaks.

    • Hello there,
      I am the person who contacted DC Murals for this project. The people in the three Units in the building decided to start this about a year and a half ago. We had talked about something like this when we all moved into the building.
      Just to be clear: We did not pay anything for this mural! The DC Commission for the Arts with DC Murals finance these projects. We just simply applied for our wall to be considered for this amazing organization.
      Once we were chosen, the process was very nice: We were asked a couple of questions about what we think about the neighborhood and who we are. We picked the artist amongst a multitude of them. We really liked James Bullough’s works and wanted to do something with him! We managed to meet him and picked from three different projects that he had prepared for the wall. This process was very nice and enjoyable. I am very glad that people in the neighborhood are responding so positively to it. We are truly happy! Thank you!

      P.S.: Concerning the door… Hum… Thanks for the suggestion. We will talk about it at our next HOA meeting.

  • Just wondering how something like this is funded. Does the city support these sorts of projects? Is it just an expense the owners of the building took on? About how much does something like this cost? Is there an approval process and does it differ for historic districts?

  • I REALLY like this artist’s mural on FLA by North Cap.

  • Interesting choice of URL there, James.

  • So awesome! Anyone know anything about the mural coming together on the Monroe Street Market side of the Brookland Metro station entrance?

  • Emmaleigh504

    I love this artist’s work! This is a great addition!

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