West Elm Now Hiring and Coming Soon Signage for Logan Circle


Holy transformations Vol. 76 – 1728 14th Street, NW – the former International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers building and soon to be home of West Elm.  It’s located between crown pawnbrokers and the former Redeem boutique and future Logan Hardware store.

West Elm currently has a DC location in Georgetown at 3333 M Street, NW.

1728 14th Street, NW

previous building at 1728 14th Street, NW in 2012

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  • Looking Good!!!

  • yessssss!!!!

  • Awesome. I love west elm but refuse to deal with Gtown.

    • maxwell smart

      um… let’s be honest. 14th street is as big of a nightmare to get to and get around as Georgetown. Just replace the throngs of tourists with entitled trust-fund hipsters, and it’s basically the same thing.

      • But with wider sidewalks.

      • First, tourists are the worst. No one that lives here would think it is OK to have an entire family (including grandparents and strollers) stop and block an entire busy sidewalk. Especially for the purpose of checking out the menu at J. Paul’s. You don’t see that on 14th.

        Second, I think by “entitled trust-fund hipsters” you mean “young urban professionals.” Not the same thing at all.

      • By trust-fund hipsters, you mean professionals who are perhaps more successful than you were at their age? Furthermore, Georgetown is the most inaccessible shopping district in the city. The parking is terrible, the traffic is terrible and there is no metro.

      • “14th street is as big of a nightmare to get to and get around as Georgetown.”

        That depends on where you’re coming from. People who live in the Bloomingdale/Eckington/Truxton area can get to 14th way more easily than Georgetown. Just saying.

    • 14th has much better options as far as public tranportation is concerned. taking a bus to G’town can take an hour in traffic. And parking is non existent in g town. Same reason I wont go to the apple store there.

      • Georgetown has 5+ parking garages along K under the Whitehurst and 1 on Wisconsin. As a longtime resident of 14th street area, I respectfully disagree with your parking assessment. Also, there are many bus options to and from Georgetown which I take daily to work and it doesn’t take an hour.

      • maxwell smart

        Wait? There is plentiful parking on the 14th street corridor? I can’t think of 1 parking garage anywhere in the area. So even if we’re only talking street parking, Georgetown still wins on parking. I’m not saying it’s easy to find a spot, but if you wanted to go to West Elm and have easy parking, then just go to Tyson’s (which incidentally is a much larger store anyway).

  • What a great transformation. Hoping for more like this.

  • I always wondered what that solid brink monstrosity was — the brink layers union building! but, of course!

  • This sure looks better than what was there and the building went up fast. Especially when compared to what went up next to Posto! Still, it’s boring architecture, unoffensive but boring.

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