Smithsonian Folklife Marketing Objectives Target “The Hipster” and “The Grandma”


“Dear PoPville,

Searching for info about the folklife festival, found this interesting marketing slideshow. Their targets are “The Hipster” and “The Grandma” Lol”

Ed. Note: Hahaha that’s an impressive range!


“This plan was created by a student at George Mason University in the Arts Management Certificate program, as part of class she was taking. The student is not affiliated with the Festival in any way. The Smithsonian did not participate in the plan’s creation and we offered no input for the presentation. The plan is not endorsed by the Smithsonian, nor have we adopted it or implemented it.”


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  • Why don’t people rename their target demos so they aren’t funny/offensive, in case it goes public? I mean, “young douches,” “old farts” and “loyal drones” seems like a more acceptable synonym in this case.

  • I’m all for targeting everyone, just not sure why they are keen on drawing those “easily affected by weather, crowds, and walking distance” when their event is held outside in the middle of summer on the national mall. Unless of course, they aim to provide grandma-friendly programing at a seated indoor venue.

    • Just a guess, but, I’m assuming they feel like there’s a lot of potential in that group that they aren’t reaching because their event is, as you said, outside in the middle of summer. So they need to make sure they create the right events and market those events to attract those people, who would otherwise avoid the event.

  • Okay, that is hilarious.

  • I am from one of the baltic states and I think this is hilarious! Bring it on!!!

  • jim_ed

    Ouch – For the Grandma the targeted media is WaPo and advertisements in theater playbills. I think I just heard a vein pop in Jeff Bezos’ forehead.
    And how is PoP not a targeted advertisement for the Hipster but Washingtonian is? I don’t think that word means what they think it means.

  • Hilarious and, for the record, I have invited my mother (a Latvian and Lithuanian grandma) to come. I am excited for the Baltic focus though!

  • All they have to do is show the Macklemore thirft shop video and boom all of their targets are covered

  • The most offensive part of that slide is “the appearance of community involvement.” Ugh.

  • Hey guys, FYI… This presentation is not in any size, shape, or form affiliated with the actual Smithsonian Folklife Festival. This was a mock marketing plan for my Marketing for the Arts class this past spring semester. The 2015 program is Peru, not the Baltics, and although I have no idea how the Folklife marketing team segments its audiences, the only one targeting “grandmas” and “hipsters” is me… Sorry for the misunderstanding!

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