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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Lucked out and found home-based bilingual daycare in the neighborhood, and now my walk to work involves a stroller and my new best friend.
    Rant: No rant.

    • SFT

      That’s awesome! Finding good childcare is huge!

    • How do you go about finding home childcare in DC? I’m open to this idea (though it will be with our infant) but not sure what resources are available to locating a good, responsible, safe options.

      • +1. I’m not there yet, but wonder/worry about this all the time.

      • We found the place on this spreadsheet shared on PoPville. So way to go PoPville. http://www.popville.com/2014/07/dear-popville-dc-childcare-list/
        We actually had an interview with a nanny scheduled, with the intent to use a nanny until there was a waitlist opening. There just happened to be an opening. I don’t claim to have any secrets on finding home-based care–it was total luck that we scored this spot.

      • You definitely want to only use a place that has very good referrals from your neighbors. My concern with some of the inhome day cares I have seen is how shady they come across. There is no way to know what other adult friends/family are coming and going, sleepng over etc. I would not be comfortable with my kid in a house with random adults in an out all day. I also worry about a TV in the house and the temptation to bascially park the kid in front a tv all day. Only consider places where you can speak to more than one family about their experience.

      • The spreadsheet is really great, but unsurprisingly focuses almost entirely on upper NW. I hope that by the times comes, some new places open (or come recommended) near Logan, Dupont or Shaw.

    • I live in Truxton Circle, I wonder which one it is, I am just curious I don’t have kids yet.

      • It’s actually at 11th and W, so not technically in Truxton but pretty close to us. We’re at 4th and Florida, so it’s just a 15-minute walk.

  • Rant: Allerige. I hate them. I loathe them. I am now sitting at work with a stuffy nose after taking medication to get rid of sinus pressure.
    Rave: the weather this morning was beautiful.
    Rant: All 10 agencies in my building will be shuffled around to different floors in the next month or so. Some of us will be “mobile workers” while otherw will be scattered throughout the building during the move. I know something’s going to go wrong. I can feel it (or is that more sinus pressure?)

  • justinbc

    Reminder: PoPville HH tomorrow at DC Reynolds! They should have patio space blocked off for us, in case anyone gets there before me (probably around 5PM). This is the first HH we’ve done in the general Petworth area in quite a long time, so hopefully we get a large turnout. Looking forward to seeing lots of new faces (and the old ones as well).
    Rave: Boozehound’s comments yesterday in the Red Light post. Thanks for the good laughs.
    Rant/Rave: True Blood is now over for good, but I liked the ending.

  • Random question: Anyone know about the possibility of a yoga studio opening up in NoMa? Possibly called Yoga NoMa?

    • There are two yoga studios, one regular and one bikram, a few blocks from NoMa on H Street.

    • There was a teaser about a new yoga place in the most recent NoMa BID email, but I wasn’t able to find out any more information either. I walk to the bikram place on H right now, but depending on the type of yoga, I’d be thrilled to switch to something closer to work!

  • Complete stoppages on every metro line yesterday, except the red weirdly enough, magically transformed my usual 30 minute commute to an 1hr 30 min one. Missed something that i’ve been looking forward to for weeks as a result. Would have just taken an uber but metro didn’t have the courtesy to report the outages until I was already trapped on a stopped train. Why/how does this city continue to put up with this? It’s gotten worse and worse every year that i’ve lived here.

    • Well, what cities do you know with excellent subway systems? How are they funded? Do they have escalators? Elevators? Parking? (I.e. I love the NYC subway system, but it likely gets at least some state funding, is about a hundred years old — so they’ve had lots of time to get it to its present state, very few escalators and elevators, and no parking lots, bike lockers, etc. — so they can focus on transportation.) You sound like an Uber kind of guy — so maybe that should be your first resort instead of your last one.

      • Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and even Delhi have more reliable metro/subway systems with working elevators and escalators (although admittedly Delhi’s is pretty modern). I’d venture Chicago’s El is more dependable than Metro (and cheaper). Boston’s T is a lot cheaper and pretty good as well.

        • Great. So how about my second question: how is it funded? Any concerns and comparisons regarding our Metro should also look at funding — and what entities value the systems enough to make funding them — including subsidies for riders — a priority.

      • LA’s subway (yes, LA has a subway) isn’t very widespread, but it’s more reliable than WMATA. I had to explain to French tourists that unlike the Metro in Paris, ours was broken. They couldn’t process that public transit was down (not strike or worker issue related).

  • Rant: Trying to navigate the labyrinth HR policies in my organization. A little transparency and responsiveness wouldn’t hurt people.
    Rave: Partner is home from a weekend trip, and we have a whole week together before we are both flying off in opposite directions.
    Rave: Amazing weather this week. I enjoyed some time of my roof deck with my friend and her little one, who just moved into our building.
    Rave: Dear old friends who understand my perspective without even having to explain and who don’t judge when I am my pettiest, most competitive self.

  • Rave: got a job offer in Seattle! I guess i won’t get to be a lady of leisure after all. sigh.
    Rant: 2 weeks vacation for the first FIVE years. This seems insane, no? I’m in my mid-thirties and would hate to start at the bottom again. Will try to negotiate it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      ugh I hope there’s sick leave! even my stingy company gave us 3 weeks for the first 4 years.
      congrats on the job offer!

    • justinbc

      Seattle is lovely, and super accessible to both Portland and Vancouver. Congrats!

      • justinbc

        Also, if I recall, government employees start at 4 hours earned per pay period, which works out to about 13 eight hour days per year, or just over 2.5 weeks of days off. So, your employer isn’t too far off when compared to most of the new worker base here in DC. Private sector obviously has a lot more flexibility with those benefits though…my first job w/ a firm here in DC I was getting 5 weeks per year.

    • Congratulations – that’s exciting news! And I agree with your rant about vacation time, good luck with the negotiation.

    • Since i’m not coming in at junior level, i’m hoping i can negotiate one more week out of them. I’ll update you guys. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: New homes on the market are tiny and expensive, pictures are so deceiving online!

    Rant: House cleaning never ends!! Can’t wait for doggy shedding season to be over.

    Rave: Fall is coming!

    Rant: Never use spray foam without gloves on… It sticks to your hands forever!!

  • Rant: Disturbance at the AB-Y last night. A member accused a kid of stealing his headphones. Lots of yelling, police were called, possibly ”mom” was pulled out of a class, overall disturbed my Zen workout.

    Rave: I was able to stay out of it since it didn’t appear that either was a Bro so there were no Bro Code violations for me to enforce.

    • Heh, “step aside MPD. This guy’s a bro. That means you’re in my jurisdiction.”

      • I think i saw the cops outside when i walked out! I guess we must have missed eachother formerly broken jaw :p

        • I was sitting down inside watching the action. I have to say I wasn’t impressed that much with the cops or management on how they handled this. They kept letting the kid wander around when he was clearly agitated. One trainer though, consistently stayed near him.
          Formerly Broken Jaw (I’m getting Captcha challenges if I post directly.)

  • Rave: Fun night out seeing my friend’s band play at The Pinch last night.
    Rant: They didn’t go on until 11:30. So sleepy.
    Rave: Lost 7 lbs without doing anything! I think it’s medication-related but I’ll take it!
    Rant: Got talked into going to dinner tomorrow with the lying ex to “talk things through.” Maybe I’ll cancel…

    • skj84

      Cancel! DTMF, he hasn’t given you any reason to talk things out.

    • Cancel… and come to the happy hour instead!

    • If you’re done, you’re done. Don’t get sucked into the vortex that is “talking things out.” I don’t believe in restarting a relationship that has ended and this has saved me from much drama, I recommend it.

      • Amen girl. Bridge burners for the win.

        • I’m not sure if I would call it bridge burning, more like separate closure. I think sooooo many people want to “talk things out” because they can’t/aren’t willing to do the work to think about what went wrong, how they contributed, how to move on. You can’t ask the other person to do that for you, it’s part of being an autonomous, mature adult.

          • That is a much more articulate way of putting it. Then again, mentally torching things is cathartic.

          • Agreed. It does feel good.
            I saw an ex last night, first time in years and I hadn’t seen him since before we broke up. We just didn’t even interact, I don’t feel the need to. I don’t need anything from him and I don’t feel the need to offer up anything about me to him.

      • Couldn’t agree more. I have a firm rule against not even talking to exes. Been burned once… never again.

        • My rule is no hanging out, “talking” (cause you know where that leads) for 6 months post break up. If you hit the 6 month milestone chances are you won’t even give a shit about catching up. Or you run into them somewhere and can truly feel happy that you BOTH have moved on. 6 MONTHS though….

          • Also depends on the length of the relationship. If I dated someone for a couple years or more, it would probably take more than 6 months.

    • Just like a stranger demanding you “Smile!” or “Shake that booty, baby!”, this is the lying ex’s way of exerting control over you. He doesn’t want to talk about things. He just wants to prove that he can make you show up.
      So, can he?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I say don’t cancel, just don’t show up (and come to HH instead!). But I’m mean and hold a grudge.

    • Do yourself and the world a favor: cancel.

    • Don’t cancel – re-schedule for 5 years from now, at which point he can have demonstrated a true life turn around.

    • Come to happy hour instead! Cancel, aint nobody got time for Basics or for Lying exes.

    • Cancel! He’s a wishy-washy lameass. Come to the happy hour at D.C. Reynolds instead!

    • Canceeeeeeeeellllll. In your last post regarding him, you described him as something like “nice, but misguided and with a communication problem.” That sounds like making very generous excuses for someone who is simply not boyfriend material at the current point in time. Although I’m tempted to suggest that you lie about why you’re canceling so he can see how it feels, there’s no really good reason to stoop to his level.

    • Ask yourself this: if you reached out to him asking to go to dinner to talk things through would he have been willing? He’s trying to save face at this point and putting you in a situation where you feel bad about saying NO to his request. CANCEL without feeling guilty.

    • Cancel! DMFA! Or at least tell us what you could possibly hope to get out of this meeting that would be good for you.

      • Have dinner with him but for gods sake DO NOT SLEEP WITH HIM. Make him think he is going to get some though all through dinner…then leave and go to PoP happy hour.

    • Siiiigh, I know you’re all right. My lack of sleep is making me mopey but hopefully I’ll come to my senses tomorrow and cancel. I do want my stuff back! I asked him to just mail my stuff to me and that turned into dinner plans…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Thanks to my Shine I know I got 4 hours and some minutes of sleep, only 1 and a1/2 was restful. Stupid insomnia.
    Rant: I can’t get to the happy hour until late.
    Rave: Justin arranging happy hours!

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Lovely wedding of friends in Annapolis this weekend
    Revel: Parents house and dog sat for us
    Rant: Parents’ driver side van window was smashed and our VPP (Visitor Parking Pass) stolen. Nothing else was touched. Upset that they had to deal with the inconvenience, mess, and cost of repair. Plus, our address was written on the front of the pass. So stupid.
    Rant: Neighbor on street suggesting that the nearby housing projects are the reason for the crime. Maybe it’s that there’s a market for these non-car specific passes. The pass needs to change.
    Revel: Helpful neighbors, cops, Ward rep, and DDOT.
    Revel: in three days, I’ll be on a plane to see best friend in Florida. Shenanigans!

    • There is a market for them. They’re sold on craigslist to out of town commuters.

      • GiantSquid

        I’ve heard that as well as being sold to Nationals game attendees since you can park a few blocks away and walk. I’ve contacted DDOT and it’s been invalidated. Although, if I find it being used, I’m sitting on that car and calling the cops.

  • Rant: Back at work after a fun long weekend.
    Rave: Another long weekend coming up, and we’re having a long-overdue housewarming party.
    Rant: Not much time to get a whole lot of stuff done. It’s getting there, at least our living room and kitchen both look like an actual place where people live. Gotta get the porches cleaned up and the dining room in some kind of order though. Owning a house is hard!

  • skj84

    Rant: Spoilers. I went to the Doctor Who screening last night and some jerk spoiled a major moment for me. I know the actual episode aired on Saturday, but still. One should have the expectation that if we’re in a movie theatre not everyone has seen the episode.

    Rave: Busy week!

    • shaybee

      Yay, Doctor Who! What did you think of the episode? Overall, I thought it was pretty good (and I think I am going to LOVE Capaldi), but the first half or so was so frenetic and confusing. I need to watch it again, I think.

      • skj84

        The Regeneration episodes are so tricky since so much is spent on establishing the new Doctors personality and all. But I enjoyed Capaldi’s performance and look forward to his tenure. And I’m getting a bit of a silver fox vibe off him. Maybe it’s the accent. πŸ˜‰

      • skj84

        Oh and I do wish I watched the episode at home first. I had problems understanding the actors and could’ve benefited from subtitles.

        • shaybee

          He’s definitely a silver fox. Which was …unexpected? But I’m not really complaining! And yeah, I think subtitles would be helpful. I am going to watch again to make sure I didn’t miss any lines that would help with the plot!

    • tonyr

      Rant: At least you got to see it. I went to the Regal Chinatown and at the 7:00 showing they played 15 minutes of an episode from at least five years ago. I remember the baddie dying (in real life) a few years back. Finally a manager comes out and says that corporate sent them the “wrong hard drive” Come back for the 9:30 showing and we’ll “get it fixed” he says. So I show up, and after 20 minutes of nothing happening, another guy comes out and says that they can’t get it to work. What a waste of an evening.

    • *Fingers in ears… er… eyes* alalalahahahaalhahahaha I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet! “Spoilers, sweetie!” – Riversong

  • Rant/Not Really that big of a rant/more of question: Our zestimate in bloomingdale is tanking inexplicably. The only thing I can think is that condo conversions are hurting the comps, but surely they account for this?
    Rave: Maine in 24 hours. LOBSTAH.

    • Ours in Trinidad has been tanking for the last few months also. So maybe it’s something on a larger DC scale than just our houses/neighborhoods?

    • I wouldn’t worry about your Zestimate score, it’s largely out of whack with DC’s current market in many “emerging” neighborhoods.

      • It was tracking pretty well for a long time. It certainly doesn’t keep me up at night – we’re not looking to sell and love our home, but I’m curious what’s behind it?

    • Zillow is known for being highly inaccurate in the DC MD VA area. I wouldn’t sweat it at all.

  • shaybee

    Rave: interview next week!
    Rant: interview next week…they make me nervous, but at least I have a lot of time to prepare
    Rave: interview is in a completely new-to-me city! I hope I have time to explore
    Rant: the Emmy’s were boring. Am i think only one who doesn’t think Seth Meyers is funny? Cute, yes. Amusing, rarely.

    • skj84

      Good luck with the interview! I watched the opening monologue of the Emmy’s and that was probably enough. I DVR’d the show, but I probably won’t watch the rest. I mean the same people win every year. It’s so frustrating and predictable. I was really rooting for Orange is the New Black which swept the Creative Emmy’s last week. I think they were shut out at the main show last night. At least Uzo Aduba won best guest actress.

    • What city? Congratulations!

      • shaybee

        St. Louis! I’m excited to check it out. I’ve never been to that part of the country before!

        • Go to the City Museum. Whatever you do, DO NOT miss the City Museum. You’ll thank me later.

        • as an STL native, I second City Museum. STL has got some great food culture developing too; check out Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, or if you like Italian food, check out Adriana’s for great Italian sandwiches, and Pappy’s for barbeque.

  • I’m desperate for some shoe help. I went to the place in Adams Morgan and they just shrugged when none of their stock fit me right.

    I need shoes I can walk several miles in, and also wear to my relatively-casual office. Neon nikes are out, but some subdued pumas might be the ticket… something adult and low-key. (WTF is with all the neon??)

    All the shoes I’ve tried have one (or both) of two problems: the arch is too high and rubs my inner arch, or the heel cup is too narrow and squeezes my heel painfully. I need slightly wider, flatter shoes, I guess, that offer a bit of cushion, and aren’t sloppy.

    Many thanks for any leads!

    • I’ve had luck with slide sandals, like http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/me-too-hampton-slide-platform-wedge-sandals?ID=1504024&pla_country=US&CAWELAID=120156340000197585&CAGPSPN=pla&cm_mmc=Google_Womens_Shoes_Geo_PLA-_-Womens_Shoes_Small_Brands_PLA_Me+Too_PLA-_-20989968269_-_-_mkwid_wG8KqqMq_20989968269%7C-%7CwG8KqqMq

      Also, Merrel clogs. They are not super stylish, but I can walk a long way in all of these. For shorter distances but more professional look, I like Easy Spirit pumps.

    • I like Pacers and Potomac River Running for running shoes and I imagine they would be equally as helpful in finding walking shoes. After the gait analysis and trying on a slew of shoes, you should have a good idea of which makers/styles work or don’t work for you. You can then do some online searching for a bigger color selection in your preferred style. My boyfriend also needs wider, flat shoes and runs in Mizunos. I have pretty much the opposite needs and run in Nikes.

      • Actually, both Pacers and PRR should be able to order their shoes in other colors for you if the in-store choices are limited.

    • What I have worn almost every day since I had leg surgery three years ago are Merrell shoes. The ones I like are the Encore Eclipse. Other people really like Dansko shoes.

      I don’t know what your insurance is like, but it may be worth it to look into custom orthotics. They have saved my life. In almost all shoes you can take out the insert and put in the custom and it is SO much better. They were not nearly as expensive as I thought they’d be – and much better than buying shoes only to find out after a few wears that they were really not comfortable for longer walks.

    • GiantSquid

      Do you need specific walking shoes or just shoes comfortable to walk distances in? I’m a huge fan of Keens. I have a pair of their ballet flats and wear them to work occasionally but I can also walk some ways in them. They have a wider toe box which is nice for wide feet/bunions.

    • If you’re a woman, I’ve had good luck looking for comfortable shoe brands at stores like Comfort One Shoes, Macy’s or DSW. Personally I’ve found that naturalizers work well for me, and generally the mary jane style (with a strap over the top) helps keep walking comfortable for miles. DSW is also really good about carrying narrow and wide shoes, and if they don’t have your size/width you can order them with free shipping.

      If you’re a man, the same stores are also good options and I’ve heard wonderful things about Ecco brand shoes.

    • Are you male or female?
      If you’re a guy, check out Clarks – they have shoes that are super comfortable and they have some that are not stodgy old man shoes. Appropriate for jeans or khakis.
      If you’re female, there are a bunch of brands, depending on your tolerance for a chunky shoe.
      Either way, if you want a non-athletic shoe check out Comfort Shoes. There are like 4 of them on CT just north of Dupont Metro. But go to all of them, they carry completely different inventory.

      • I actually would recommend Clark’s to women. I’m wearing Clark’s heels to work today and love them. I plan to live in Clark’s desert boots when it gets cooler.

        • skj84

          I lived by Clarks when I worked in hospitality. Thier heels are very professional looking and still comfortable. I love their boots too. I wore my last pair down to the nub.

        • Clarks are great. I have also had excellent experiences with El Naturalista shoes- they look great and are generally wide, though they also offer wide sizes in addition to B widths. I’ve also found the arch is flatter than most shoes.

    • +1 on Keen. And New Balance makes a line of shoes called Cobb Hill that are surprisingly stylish.

      • GiantSquid

        Those Cobb Hill shoes are cute! Thanks for mentioning them. I’ll add them to my (very) short list of cute & comfy shoes.

    • Thanks everyone! I think Keen is the brand that is known for its highly structured insole, which would destroy my feet. I’ve also heard people swear by Merrils, but their heelcup is the size of a gumdrop.
      I’ve actually been considering custom orthotics… Where do those happen? Do you have to see a podiatrist? And I will definitely check out Pacers, Comfort, and Clarks.
      In the meantime, I ordered a pair of Dr. Scholl’s brand shoes (I know, stylin’), as the reviews said they’re suited for a flatter, wider foot. Love zappos return policy.

      • I got my custom orthotics from a podiatrist. They worked well but I’ve had just as much success with Power Step Pinnacle Maxx orthotics with a heel insert from Amazon. I used the customs for awhile after an injury and the others more recently to deal with a hip injury from over-pronating when I run.

        I tried on some Dr. Scholl’s at the DSW in Columbia Heights yesterday. They had a fairly large selection.

      • Merrils come in different types. Many have tiny heelcups (which I also can’t wear), but the encore like are pretty wide.

        You get orthotics from a podiatrist. I like Dr. Osterman.

      • There’s a Good Feet in Rockville that might be helpful to you (though it might be too far). I’ve found them quite helpful.

        In terms of shoes themselves, Ecco shoes are great for getting around the city and work in a variety of situations (office, casual, etc.). I think there’s a store still at Tyson’s, but the one in DC closed a few years back. Good luck!

    • You went to Fleet Feet? They’re usually very helpful πŸ™
      How about trying something from Comfort One? The store on the west side of CT would be my recommendation.

    • Doc Martens are cut wide, with moderate arch support and very cushiony soles. They aren’t sloppy, and you should be able to walk for miles in them once you break them in. I don’t know if they fit your definition of “low key” but they would be fine in a relatively casual office. Other options could be Clarks, Ecco, and possibly Frye. You may have mentioned this down the line, but if you could give your gender, you might get more specific suggestions. You might also want to try Nordstroms — where they will actually fit you when you buy shoes.

    • Try Catch Can @ 5516 Connecticut Ave NW. Some of the styles are more appropriate for older women, but there are definitely fun and cute and very comfortable ones sprinkled throughout. Not cheap but good quality.

  • Rave: I had a great four day weekend.
    Rave: I met my sister and niece at the end of her first (half) day of pre-k and we went to lunch. All the kids were adorable and my niece was really excited. When I took a picture of her she turned around backwards and wouldn’t turn back. It turns out she wanted the picture with her backpack in it.
    Rant: I spent most of my weekend at a social dance event and while much of it was awe inspiring and amazing, I spent a decent amount of it feeling overwhelmed and less a part of the community than I used to be.
    Rave: I got my year end review and it’s great! It’s always nice to get feedback, especially when it’s good

    • How funny – I just saw photos of a friend’s daughter doing the same thing. Did you grow up in CT, per chance?

      • Lol, I was trying to figure out what growing up in CT has to do with anything I posted above, but now I get it, you know my sister. Yes, I grew up in central CT.

        • Sorry, didn’t mean to confuse. I believe I know both your sister and you – If so, I grew up not far from you, first on Sunset Dr, then on Oakridge. And you guys lived on Whispering Rod Rd?

  • Rant/Request – anyone know an a good orthopedist in DC who doesn’t take forever and a day to get in with? I have a residual shoulder injury that’s been incredibly painful recently and wasn’t in love with my last orthopedist.

    • I went to Mark Scheer for a broomball injury and liked him. It’s been a few years, though so not sure if things have changed.

    • Anyone at Washington Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. They have a website with each specialists name.

      • Just be aware the WOSM is out of network for all insurance except medicare.

        • Yeah – I’ve used them before. And sadly, in DC many of the good orthopedists are out of network for basically everything. On the plus side, once you’ve been a patient, they’re pretty good about getting you in quickly.

          • Yeah, I know. My surgeon moved to WOSM. SO very thankful I was able to have my surgery before he moved over there – it would have bankrupted me to have an out of network surgery. Good doc, but once this injury finally heals (if it ever does), I’ll have to find another one.

    • bluemagnolia

      Anderson Orthopedic Clinic was awesome- at the time I had pretty terrible health insurance- HMO only, so i had to get a referral, but once I had that they truly fixed me! Dr. Nagda is who i saw and he was great. Actually gave me the use of my leg again.

    • I also recommend Mark Scheer, he has been my go to for all my various soccer injuries. He is great!

  • Rave: Memorial Day Weekend incoming!

    Rant: Went to a Dr. Who premiere at Gallery Place and the movie theater had ordered the wrong hard drive and played a David Tennant episode–had to go home and watch the premiere on my little computer instead. Booo.

  • Rant: Orthodontist estimate for my 7 yo came in today. More than $5k for Phase One. Yikes. It’s great that the technology has evolved since my youth so they can limit preemptive extractions, but those preemptive extractions would be a LOT cheaper. Still, anytime you can eliminate a surgical procedure on a child, it’s a good thing.
    Rave: Dental insurance covers orthodontia! Not completely, and there are annual caps, but still – any coverage was completely unexpected, and will help.

    • For next year, you can also set aside money pre-tax in your FSA. Obviously it’s still your money, but think of it as a 25% (or whatever your tax rate is) discount!

      • Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I have a HDP with a HSA, so I’m not eligible for a FSA. (Though I still haven’t figures out the rationale behind that particular legislative quirk.)
        Unrelated question – is it “a FSA” or “an FSA”? In other words, does the article change because of the spelling of the succeeding word, or the pronunciation of the succeeding word?

        • It’s “an FSA” — it depends on the pronunciation of the word.

          • Right, because although the letter is “F” it’s pronounced “ehf,” and the pronoun “a” sounds bad next to “eh”, yes?

          • Yep. If you’re using an indefinite article (“a” or “an”), it’s “a” before a consonant sound (“a Flexible Spending Account”) and “an” before a vowel sound (“an account”). Since “FSA” is pronounced “eff-ess-ay,” it gets an “an.”

          • I hate “an historic” but “a history”

          • For what it’s worth, I don’t believe in “an historical,” though I do hear it from time to time.

          • With “historical” I think it depends on the accent. I use “a historical” but I pronounce the “h”. With a British accent or one that drops the “h”, “an historical” sounds better — to my ears, anyway.

  • Rave: First weekend together with just the girl since perhaps last May spent at a lux mountain B&B and a soon-to-be cult restaurant in the Shenandoah Valley. No plans and yet it all unspooled perfectly, from the more romantic moments to the junk-shop finds, riverbank barbecue and John-Boy Walton’s house. Even the traffic on 66 back into town was cooperative.
    Rant: Still feeling the afterglow, so none today.

    • Is this place your little secret? I have been online for two days looking for a cabin around Shenandoah for the boy’s big birthday. A dinner at a cult restaurant would make it complete!

      • I’m staying at the Iris Inn on the south end of Shenandoah in a month. Is pricey but looks damn nice. Curious which place Irving is talking about too.

      • The Farmhouse at Veritas Vineyards, in Afton, VA. Very lux, but you don’t feel you overpay (but you do pay). A couple local guys recommended the Acorn Inn in Nellysford, if you’re headed out that way, but I can neither confirm nor deny. It’s a bit of a haul, but the the original idea was a little rusticating with a decent meal, so when I stumbled across the Shack, and someone suggested this as nearby (20 miles, but who’s counting when your wrapped in high-threadcount sheets) we made the trip.

    • I’m guessing The Shack in Staunton….no?

      • Drat — we were just in Staunton last weekend. (I highly recommend Shenandoah Pizza, BTW).

      • The Shack indeed. A really great meal. Not sure I’d drive that far just for dinner, but as part of a weekend out of town it is a great thing. Also, if you’re on the other side of the mountain (where we stayed, in Afton, near Wintergreen) there are numerous wineries, microbreweries and pretty decent barbecue at Paulie’s Pigout, so you can eat and drink well.

        • My brother lives in Staunton, so I had some inside knowledge. I haven’t been yet, but hope to next time I visit.

  • Rave: Great run this morning
    Rave: Gorgeous sunrise
    Rant: Sunrises are coming earlier and earlier
    Rave: Less sunlight comes with cooler temps

  • I know Dan is on vacation, but do any Popvillers have any inside knowledge of when Compass Coffee is supposed to open?

    Also, I witnessed a crime last week and called the cops (who responded very quickly), gave a statement and my number in case they needed to follow up. I haven’t heard anything but would be interested to know the details of what happened before what I saw, and if the victim is okay. Is there a police blotter for DC where I could satisfy my curiosity?

    • I’m wondering about the Compass Coffee opening, too. They must be super close at this point, but they haven’t sent an email to people who signed up on their website to be notified of the opening.

    • You could ask on your district’s Yahoo group. Our police district (the first) is very responsive online.

    • WaPo has been doing a series on the opening of Compass Coffee. The latest installment was published July 10th and includes this:
      “As soon as the plumbing and electrical work is complete, they’ll move on to the punch-list phase of construction. That’s when Castle, Haft, Suarez and the building inspectors will make lists of all of the things that need to be fixed or changed before the place can open. While Compass will begin its wholesale roasting as soon as they pass a health inspection, they’re several weeks from opening the cafe to the public.”

      • I’ve been reading the WaPo series and checking in on them on Twitter but there haven’t been enough updates for me, clearly πŸ˜‰

        • Same here. Super excited about the opening, whenever it happens. But also a bit eager for more updates.

  • Question – if I get to Rose’s luxuty at 5:20 tonight, what time will I eat? Table for 3. (Granted, it’s right after the Bon Appetit article.)

    • Probably right away – that is extremely early for dinner. I arrived at 615pm on a weeknight and snagged one of the last open table before a wait started to build.

    • justinbc

      A friend was there at 4:30 yesterday and said there was already a line. You’ll likely be in the second seating (so probably around 7PM, but maybe closer to 8 when you’re actually sitting down), but you might get lucky.

      • a line at 4:30? ugh.

        • That was not my experience a few months ago. Who eats dinner at 4? That place is good, but not that good.

          • GiantSquid

            You can’t eat dinner there at 4pm because it doesn’t open until 5 or 5:30pm, depending on the day. Those are people who really wanted to get an early seat.

          • justinbc

            ^ This. The day we got there at 5 we were seated and ordering by 5:15 or 5:20 and were eating and drinking til sometime between 8 and 9. So it’s not just getting in and eating early like “the old folks”.

          • Well maybe I was just lucky, but like I said…I arrived 6-615 and was seated immediately.

    • Not sure, but I got there at 4:45 on Friday and the line was LONG. I went by myself, and still didn’t eat until 6:45 (chef’s table). The guy sitting next to me though showed up at 6:30 and got in basically immediately. So for those looking to go alone: you may have better luck showing up not right when it opens.
      I would bet you will eat at 7 or 7:30.

  • Rave: I am absolutely freaking smitten with this new guy. Can’t. Stop. Smiling.
    Rant: He lives 4 hours away
    Rave: He is coming this weekend
    Ranty/Rave: I am being a little Basic, and really digging this new Taylor Swift song “Shake it Off.” I blame the endorphins from a new crush.
    Rave: HH tomorrow close to the homestead, I’m hoping for some shenanigans.

  • Rant: Having many of my posts not allowed to appear on PoP. I recognize this is Dan’s blog and thus, he calls the shots, but I truly never insult, belittle or antagonize at any level nearing what I regularly see on this blog. I do, however, sometimes offer an admiitedly more consevative perspective than the opinions often expressed here. But I love, support and live in Petworth and truly want a thriving, safe and happy neighborhood like everyone else. Perhaps this message will get through as I am sending it from a different network.

    • You’re probably on the same network as one or more tr0lls. Dan said on Friday:
      “Commenting – because of the above mentioned commenting tr0lls some folks won’t be able to comment as normal next week. A lot of people are on shared networks and unfortunately even though they have done nothing wrong their comments still fall under moderation. All I can say is I’m sorry for the situation.”

  • Rant: During my morning run (about 5:30 AM) watched some oxygen thief bike on the sidewalk all the way up New Hampshire from M to Dupont Circle, despite zero traffic and beautifully painted bike lanes in both directions.
    Rave: Almost race season and the legs are feeling great!

  • Rant: I never know if I should let the guy pay on a first or second date. I feel as though I should, but friends tell me to let the guy pay.
    Rave: Nothing like free drinks, although they are better without guilt.

    • skj84

      My rule of thumb is guy pays the first and second date. Anything after that we go dutch.

      • From a guy…. Where is that written? 3 date is sex???

        • skj84

          If we’ve been dating for longer than 3 dates than yeah I feel like we’re officially a couple. Or at least the relationship is getting serious. Despite my many feminist leanings I guess I’m still old fashioned that way. Granted I don’t particularly like doing dinner for a first date. To much pressure. I prefer coffee or brunch. Or even something non traditional like a farmers market date or a bike ride.

    • GiantSquid

      Offer to get the gratuity?

      • personally I think you should go dutch from the beginning…I mean if I am just starting to date a girl and I pay for a $70 meal for the two of us and I never hear back from you again….I only did that once before I realized it was stupid. Everyone has a job and can pay for themselves, if I want to treat you to something I can do that and you can treat me back another time (which is the same as going dutch).

        • I usually insist on paying for my share or split on dates. If he insists harder, than I’ll cool it before it would make a “scene.” I view it as a gift if he really wants to pay, but I don’t expect it. I’m fiercely independent, and I can pay for my own things. And if he pays for the whole first, I absolutely pay for the second.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Offer to pay and see what happens.

    • You should always offer to pay your share (and do it convincingly, like with your wallet out– don’t go out on a date you can’t afford your share of!). Then graciously acquiesce when he insists that it would be his pleasure. Do NOT hold it against him if he takes you up on your offer to go Dutch. It means he has absorbed some of the feminism that’s been thrown at him, that he respects your stated preference and your independence, and it’s probably a good thing. (His insistence to pay is not conversely a bad thing!) Unless he’s a mooch. But you won’t know that on the first date.
      This is one of the big “what we want versus what we say we want” holdouts in gender relations.

      • “It means he has absorbed some of the feminism that’s been thrown at him” — maybe. Or it could just mean that he’s cheap.

        • If you meet in real life and he asks you out – let him pay the first date. (Though you picking up the tab for a round of pre-dinner drinks at the bar would be nice.) If you meet online – I’d say go Dutch. Why does being reluctant to pay for – what is essentially a random stranger’s meal – mean “cheap?” Unless of course, he is a lawyer type and you are a starving artist/social worker etc.

      • Women aren’t the only ones who are conflicted about this. As much as men complain about paying, many of them take us offering to pay or split the check as a sign of rejection.

    • justinbc

      The notion of “should” in this instance, in a city full of well-off people in 2014, is kind of ridiculous in my opinion. Do whatever you want, whatever makes you feel comfortable. If it bothers you what your friends think then just leave that detail out when you recount your dating stories to them. I generally always paid on a first date, but I can assure you that if a woman acted as though it were my obligation I never would have asked her on a second.

    • rave/revel? chased a car down this morning on my bike, after seeing a huge bundle of keys fall out of the driver’s purse as she got into her car. hopefully i’ve convinced her that not all cyclists are terrorists; one driver at a time…
      rave: chigger bites. OMFG. I went in for my annual women’s health visit today, and my doc told me my legs look like a battlefield. I think i must be scratching them in my sleep because they look horrible.

    • I prefer to split the bill for the first or second date. After that we can take turns or figure out what works. If someone insists on paying the bill I won’t argue but would want to pick up the tab next time.

    • My two cents: I always offer to pay (for real, wallet in hand) and am fine if he accepts the offer, and fine if he declines. I will also offer (more firmly) to pay the tip if he pays the check.
      I think it definitely depends on how the date went, and if you see him again, you can even things out (no need to feel guilty!). There definitely aren’t hard rules, so don’t stress! πŸ™‚

    • justinbc

      Question: What do girl/girl and guy/guy couples do in this scenario?

      • I’ve had friends say the one who initiated the date/chose the venue typically offers to pay (then proceed with usual offers to split, etc).

        Which I’ve actually done with girl/guy dating as well. (I’m female). if it’s early on and I chose the venue/suggested the activity I’ll offer to pay the entire thing.

    • Whoever makes the first move pays for the first date. Second date is negotiable, especially if there’s an income gap. Women don’t have to pay until they’re sleeping with the guy as it has become and official “relationship” at some level and low-level householding occurs. πŸ˜‰

    • you ask someone to go on a date, you pay. they ask you, they pay.
      not certain? split it.

  • Rant: Still working on the onboarding process to a new project at my agency. I never realized how lonely it gets working from home for over a week now.
    Rave: I am sure things will pick up soon and I will wish I worked from home more.
    Rant: Thing are not good with bargirl, well its not that they are bad, I just dont think it is good enough for me. She texted me on sunday and was asking if she could ‘pencil me in for wednesday’. I know its just semantics but part of the problem is she is very busy and it feels like when we hang out it is just another check off the list of things to do..
    Rant: Going to have to change my name on PoPville after the coffeemeetsbagel failure :/

    • Emmaleigh504

      Just pick a nice generic name, so you don’t have to keep changing it. Perhaps brodude or gymbro or bubba or haim or foxy turtle or or anything…

    • justinbc

      Why change it? Who cares? It’s just an online forum. It could be SparklyKittyTacos and it still wouldn’t matter in terms of the content of your posts.

    • Sure she’s not just playing hard to get, especially since it sounds like she was trying to ask you out on a date for Wednesday and may have felt like she was putting herself out there? Don’t know how long you two have been dating (if it’s longer than ~2-3 months, though, the “hard to get” thing shouldn’t be in play anymore and I’d be irritated too).

      • We have been dating (basically one date a week) since april…it seems like forever. At first slow is good, especially for me after having jumped head first into some recent relationships. But as thing continued like this its been hard to really open up to each other since we only see each other once a week and i had a long two week trip in europe, then she was at the beach. I am just realizing that our lives are very different and what we want (it doesn’t seem like things will work long term). She really hasn’t done anything wrong which is the had part…i don’t really have a ‘hard’ reason why to end things but if i am being honest with myself, it needs to end soon.

  • dcgator

    Unconventional call to all: We need a twelfth for our Fantasy Football league. ESPN, $25 buy-in. Draft is tonight, at 9:30 pm. First Place is $200, Second is $75, Third is $25. Let me know if interested?? heat224 AT yahoo dot-com.

  • Rant: Someone dumped a sleeper sofa in my backyard last night!
    Rave: At least it wasn’t anything worse.
    Rave: S.O. has jokingly agreed to move date nights to the yard couch if we can find enough Lysol.

  • Rave: Guy I fell in love with traveling in Cambodia is coming to visit me. Flight arrives in 2 hours and I’m beyond excited!!

  • RAVE: Delish tasting-menu at Mothership (corner Georgia and Lamont), which I learned about on PoPville. Get over there before they end the $20 program at end of August.

    RANT: Predatory ticket-writing in my neighborhood on street-cleaning days. The street cleaning window is 12:30-2:30 on Mondays and Tuesdays. I have received tickets on Illinois Ave. written up at 12:31. I believe the city employees stand there and wait out the clock. Really, should anyone wonder why so many residents have grown cynical about the city government?

    • justinbc

      Does it matter when you receive a citation for violating the law, as long as the underlying premise is that you’re actually violating the law?

      • +1. Posts like Vered’s make me cynical about city residents, not city government.

        • Eh, I get it. I mean, I wouldn’t contest the ticket or anything, but those one-minute past tickets bother me extra, too. It’s like how all the cops shows make a big deal about how the officer who got shot was “a week away from retirement”. So close, yet it doesn’t matter when you’re dead.

          • justinbc

            So if they don’t do their jobs their castigated as being lazy, but if they do them too timely they must wasting resources or something? I just really don’t see what there is to be upset about. If anything this person is lucky they didn’t have their car towed for impeding the progress of the street sweeper.

          • justinbc

            *they’re (pre-coffee errors, argh)

          • Sure, the law’s the law and such, but you “don’t see what there is to be upset about” – are you incapable of empathy? (Just a heads up – that’s a rhetorical question as we clearly all know the answer here.)

      • Agreed. There are reasons to be cynical about D.C. government, but this isn’t one of them.

    • Vered, thanks for the reminder on the $20 deal at Mothership. I need to get myself over there!

    • how many minutes after the parking restrictions begins should you be allowed? should the same hold true for rush hour streets?

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