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  • Too bad, their gelato is no where near as good as Dolcezza. The chocolate reminds of the cheap store brand ice cream from Kroger.

    • Emmaleigh504

      man, I miss Kroger. #rangercookies

    • And Pitango is better than Dolcezza. Doesn’t bode well for this place 🙂

    • disagree.

      I have had all three and while Dolcezza is indeed very good it is comically overpriced. the “large” I got there was about 1.5 oz and with tax was pushing $8 – ridiculous no matter how good it may be.

      I find this place’s gelato to be about on par with pitango which unless my memory is failing I remember being a much better value for still very good gelato.

  • With all the development going on around there, I’m sure they’ll do just fine.

  • About time. Seems like Roadside has been touting this business for a while now.

    They’ve got a customer in me and mine, as long as the gelato is decent. The after-dinner haul to Pitango or Dolcezza is well over-priced AND too far for us at the moment.

  • Why, oh, why must there be another gelato place in this neighborhood? Let’s try to think outside the box.

  • Why must there be another gelato place in this neighborhood?? Tired of the repeat.

  • Is Dolci the one that does the green tea gelato that’s sold at Whole Foods? If so, I’m super pumped that they’re coming to Shaw! Even more pumped if they offer some actual ice cream options rather than only gelato. Aside from the green tea, we’re not that fancy 😉

  • I dont like gelato, so maybe that explains why i’m not aware of another gelato place in the neighborhood. I am keenly aware, however, of anti gelato hipsters who build their bona fides on being anti gelato. In fact the only reason I’m aware of gelato’s existence is then infantile anti gelato movement.

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