Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Kalorama

2022 Columbia Road Northwest

This rental is located at 2022 Columbia Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“Unbeatable location in Kalorama, this “best address” 20th-century beaux-arts masterpiece could be your next residence. Steps from DuPont circle & Adams Morgan. Unit features original hardwood floors throughout, expansive foyer-entrance, ceilings (9~+), renovated kitchen, separate dining, corner master bedroom. 24 hour desk, all utilities covered in rent save electricity. Flooded w/ light.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $3,490/Mo.

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  • According to the Hitch, who used to live there, the CIA has a few apartments in this building reserved so that they can spy on the Russians across the street.

    • the russian embassy is nowhere near kalorama. you must be thinking of a building over in glover park on tunlaw rd. i used to live there and we speculated the same thing about the embassy and the CIA because the back entrance gate was directly across the street.

      • A building called the Russian trade federation is across the street from the Wyoming. No one is quite sure what goes on there though. Shades are always drawn, few people going in or out.

    • There’s a russian “trade delegation” building at Columbia/Connecticut. It’s rumored to be a spy outpost, so makes sense there are intel folks in the Wyoming.

  • i want to live here!

  • I was going to say it is way overpriced, but then I saw the photo of that gorgeous doorknob.

  • The Wyoming is in AdMo, not Kalorama. I’ve seen some of the units–back when I lived nearby–most are pretty ordinary (like this one), but it’s a well preserved best address building, utilities are included and even if you don’t have a Capitol view (the best placed uunits do), it’s not going to be cheap.

    • It’s right on the edge of Kalorama Triangle.

    • I’d think this would qualify as being in either Adams Morgan or Kalorama. Given that Kalorama is the more prestigious neighborhood of the two, I’m not surprised that it’s being listed as Kalorama.

      • I knew someone who lived here and called it Dupont. I suppose that’s not technically right, although the best selling point of the location is that it’s 3-4 blocks to the Dupont Metro.

      • Kalorama is really two distinct neighborhoods. Kalorama Triangle is east of Connecticut Ave and Sheridan-Kalorama is west of Connecticut Ave. Sheridan-Kalorama is the prestiguous area that people think of when they hear “Kalorama.” Kalorama Triangle relates more to north dupont/adams morgan but since it too is often referred to as “Kalorama,” it often picks up the prestige of Sheridan-Kalorama.

  • I feel like this is overpriced by about $1000. Am I crazy?

    • I mean, I sure want to spend >$1700 to live with a roommate too.

      • It may be somewhat overpriced, but not by $1,000! If this unit were listed for under $2,500 this post would have 500 comments, all of them desperate to live there.

  • “all utilities covered in rent save electricity”

    I bet all appliances are electric.

  • A former coworker lived in this building, her unit looked a lot like this one, the building is gorgeous. As for whether it’s worth that much? Rent prices always make me squirm…

  • $3490 for 1150 sq feet? Nah. It’s a good area and someone is going to pay it– but $1700+/month with a roommate? I’d rather just get a studio or 1-BR somewhere for that much and live by myself.

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