The Sweet Lobby Opening 2nd Retail Spot with “different concept” on Barracks Row, Plus a Peek Inside District Doughnut Opening Soon

705 8th Street, SE

More exciting new for Barracks Row – 705 8th St, SE had this exciting sign on the front door of the former Hello Cupcake space which closed back in March:


I spoke to a worker on site who said it will be a second retail spot for The Sweet Lobby whose first spot is up the block at 404 8th Street, SE. He said this space will be a different concept and should open in mid-September or early October. Updates as they get closer.

749 8th Street, SE

And in other sweet Barracks Row news, last week we learned District Doughnut was real close to opening – it sure looks it:


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  • To quote Jack Donaghy: All the galleries have moved to Chelsea, and we’re off cupcakes and back to doughnuts.

  • But what is the second concept? This makes no sense, unless it is actually a new concept?!?! Can’t…. take…. the … suspense…… Cronut shop?

    • I heard it’s going to be a spice shop (really excited about that part) plus a boulangerie (bread bakery).

      • Opening a bakery a few doors down from Springmill Bread? I assume they aren’t going to be selling the same type of bread.

        • Yeah, I’m asuming they’re not dong grainy sandwich breads like Spring Mill. But there are a lot of other bread niches one can get into.

        • Judging by the great stuff coming out of their original place, I bet they could beat Spring Mill. They certainly beat Hello Cupcake. PLUS, Spring Mill is staffed by jerks. It is the reason I avoid the place like the plague and only begrudingly go there for my challa fix. If the same folks behind Sweet Lobby open a bakery, I’m there.

          • Agreed. Spring Mill workers are useless. After many second-chances, I finally gave up when a worker there brought my order to me outside and informed me that “it’s our policy to not bring food to people outside.” Well, okay. No one asked you to. I was waiting outside because there was no room inside.

          • Wow, I haven’t had a bad experience with the staff there. Usually when I go there’s a lackadaisical teenager manning the register, but I wouldn’t say they’re rude.

          • justinbc

            Spring Mill is OK, nothing all that special that I’m sure people would remain staunchly loyal to over a new place, if their product was good.

          • Their cupcakes weren’t/aren’t better than Hello Cupcake. I think they ended up getting more foot traffic because they were farther north on Barrack’s Row and that’s what helped do Hello Cupcake in.

          • “I think they ended up getting more foot traffic because they were farther north on Barrack’s Row and that’s what helped do Hello Cupcake in.”
            I think they get more business because of their macarons, which are harder to make and less pervasive. The cupcakes are just there for people that don’t like macarons or think they’re overpriced.

          • Yeah, I’m going to have to disagree with Anonymous at 1:41. I was a longtime fan of Hello Cupcake. But then I met Sweet Lobby, and my world changed forever. Between the macarons and the cupcakes, I’m in Heaven over there. There was a big difference in the cupcakes, with HC being too dry and too sugary sweet with their icing. But I will say, I agree HC would have had a disadvantage among those who cannot tell the difference due to their less than convenient location. The writing was on the wall.

  • justinbc

    We had some of the District Doughnuts flavors at a party recently. They were pretty good. Not as good as GBD or Astro’s stuff, but overall solid (and a lot closer for us on the weekend than either of those stores).

  • SusanRH

    Anyone know what the status of &pizza is? I heard they were trying to open on 8th street SE

  • Those floor tiles were an unfortunate choice.

  • From the Barracks Row Main Street website, here’s what the Sweet Lobby is doing: “But, some owners including Winnette Ambrose and Meeka Mathews love the Row so much they are expanding right here. In late summer Ambrose is opening Souk, 705 8th St SE, a destination for spices and other ingredients as well as retail items plus intriguing dishes from Souk’s menu. Souk’s older sibling is Sweet Lobby at 404 8th St SE. There, business boomed and never abated when Ambrose won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.”

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