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  • Must be rush hour.

  • Love my scooter. ‘Eff this noise.

  • 8:55? I’d already been at my desk for an hour…

  • I was on a Red Line train to Shady Grove that was offloaded at Union Station about 8:40 this morning. And the platform at Union Station was already pretty full. That must have caused this crowding.

    • I arrived a union station a little after this happened – platform was normal again after 3-4 trains. Minor annoyance, but not a huge deal. Also, when I got off at Farragut, the conductor apologized for the inconvenience and thanked everyone for not blocking the doors and making the process as painless as possible. Bonus points for being super nice!

      • I agree. It was a fairly easy experience, as far as off loadings go. I got onto the next train that pulled up 2 minutes later; and bonus points that it was air conditioned better than the off loaded train had been. I was in the front car, however, which is usually less full than other cars, so I didn’t know what the experience in the middle of the train was.

  • Everyone looks to be enjoying themselves.

  • Redline, dead-line miss your deadline and your career’s gonna flatline

    This is probably why my career as a rapper never took off…

  • I have this phobia about getting pushed off the edge of the platform when it gets crowded like that. Up in New York, a stroller got pushed onto the tracks (everyone is fine – thank goodness), but this is so dangerous.

    • My thoughts exactly, this used to happen at the Farrugut West station a lot years ago, and of course, no mention was made to the incoming rush hour masses that maybe they might want to go seek alternative transportion, so it would get worse and worse down on the platform. Looks like things haven’t changed.

      • Wait, what? People were pushed off the edge of the Farragut West platform a lot years ago? When was this? How many times?

        • I could be wrong, but my guess is that by “this,” Novatronic meant “this level of crowding on the platform,” rather than “people getting pushed off the platform.”

          • I hope so (and I think you’re right). I used to use the Farragut West station. And in recent years I would be able to tell before entering the turnstiles that the platform was overcrowded.
            I do not miss the Orange Line one bit.

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