Plum Blossom to Mimosa Restaurant back to Plum Blossom

1915 18th Street, NW

That was fast. Thanks to all who sent emails about Plum Blossom’s brief change to Mimosa restaurant has already come to an end. One reader writes: ” I wonder if the name conflicted with the Mimosa Nail Salon?”

At least it looks like they’re keeping the $2 beer happy hour special:


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  • Not sure if it is being run by the same people as the original Plum Blossom (which was terrible, and always empty). The new version is completely Vietnamese, with a pretty big menu. I had their pho last week (with skrit steak and brisket) and thought it was excellent.

  • $2 beers? What kind of beer?

  • This kind of shenanigan has Adams Morgan all over it.

  • This restaurant IS being run by the same people as Plum Blossom. I have no idea what they are thinking changing the name again… at least buy a new sign! This restaurant is the worst.

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