MPD Announces Results of Phase I: All Hands on Deck 2014

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From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department announced today the results of Phase I: All Hands on Deck (AHOD) which began at 3 pm Friday, June 27 and continued through 6 am on Sunday, June 29, 2014.

“AHOD is about reducing violent crime,” said Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier. “We’ve made a substantial impact.”

Violent crime was down 27 percent for this AHOD weekend compared to the same weekend last year in June 2013.

Dates for AHODs are selected based on predictive analysis using past data to indicate when violence is likely to occur. Resources are deployed accordingly. Four additional AHODs are scheduled for 2014.

During AHOD, all available sworn MPD personnel were on patrol throughout the District emphasizing community policing, focused law enforcement and community outreach. This included increased foot beats, detectives following up on cases, and recruits passing out specific crime related information. There is no overtime associated with AHOD.”

Ed. Note: This weekend also saw an armed car jacking and 5 shootings (1 homicide with an arrest made.)

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  • It’s good to know that DC police take a few days out of every year to pay attention to (normal) police work! : /

  • During AHOD, all available sworn MPD personnel were on patrol throughout the District emphasizing community policing, focused law enforcement and community outreach. This included increased foot beats, detectives following up on cases, and recruits passing out specific crime related information. There is no overtime associated with AHOD.”
    -What the fuck do they do the other 51 weeks of the year? I understand that not “all boots on the ground” all the time is possible or even a good thing, but MPD seems to be patting themselves on the back with this announcement.

    • I don’t really understand your criticism. You acknowledge that all boots on the ground all the time is not possible or even a good thing but then seem to criticize MPD for not doing it all the time.

  • Anyone see the article about Eleanor Holmes Norton putting pressure on the US Park Police to do more to combat violent crime around Sherman Circle? Seems this is an MPD and community problem, not the Park itself! They could start by cracking down on the juvenile thug activity in the surrounding neighborhoods.

    • Holmes Norton knows that the DC Police in District 4 are the worst, so she is doing the little in her power to try to curb violent crime. I commend her for at least trying to do something. The only option for is Park Police unfortunately. I don’t see any other elected officials even talking about increased enforcement.

      • From what I hear, the 4D vice guys have detailed reports from concerned local citizens about the activities of some of the kids in the neighborhood and basically don’t do much at all to deter it. I guess it’s just kids being kids (complete with a crack and fencing operation).

        • Exactly! They KNOW the offenders, yet fail it lift a finger. We need to ask ourselves why. I hate to speculate, but…

    • Totally agreed. There used to be a cop that sat in Sherman circle with his lights on during late night, and it was great. The last two weeks I’ve seen a cop sit in his cruiser for about an hour by the 62 bus stop, but he leaves at 6pm and I’ve seen him taking a nap or two.

  • Even on the weekend with “All Hands on Deck”, we have 5 shootings and an armed car jacking. Not to mention the random assaults, break ins and robberies. Kudos, DC Police. Congratulations?

    • So what would you propose they do differently? Do you see a failure in policing methods or a need for more police?

      • Replace speed cameras in the hood with real officers that can actually discourage, observe, & intervene in other crimes that don’t make them ticket money… That’s a start.

        • I’m not sure you’ve thought this all the way through. How does getting rid of speed cameras lead to more police investigating crimes? It means you need to use more police on traffic duty (instead of investigating crimes), and you have less money to spend (so you can’t hire as many police officers).

          • You are aware that DC gov currently has a (pretty big) budget surplus, and that they make tons of money annually from (local gov) income taxes right?

            How much more money do they need, and why is that need increasing at an alarming rate? and Where is the money spent? Should be the question we should be asking here…

        • Speed cameras make money. They should probably increase speed cameras–and use the revenue to get the real officers you want.

          • Or lower officer salaries, and get rid of the old administration that’s laying itself too much perhaps?

            Just because you ride metro or a bicycle, it doesn’t mean that speed cameras don’t have an impact in your life… It even causes inflation on delivered goods and bus trips because the trucks and buses you benefit from get ticketed by those same systems all the time.

            DC pays a lot more overall to install and maintain the cameras to contractors than the revenue they generate. This has been a published fiasco.

          • Exactly.
            It sounds like the OP is butthurt about getting speeding tickets. And thus feels the need to bash all cops for not preventing every crime. Weirdo.

          • Totally, that’s why I’m asking for more real live police officers on the streets, because I think that will help me to break the law… duh.

        • Is this Jack5 complaining about speed cameras? 😉

      • Get out of the cars and off the computers! Walk and bike the neighborhoods. Take more of an interest in curbing quality of life infractions which have been shown to breed more severe crime….

      • We need more boots on the ground consistently. Not for one weekend… A consistent street level presence works. All too often cops fail to leave their cars. All they do is respond and react to citizen complaints. No proactive policing. We need vice units, tactical strike force for problem blocks/areas and more crime focused operations. It’s not difficult. They just don’t do it!

  • I’d like to see the stats on Total Property Crime. The amount of thefts from cars has doubled in Petworth in the last year and assaults with a gun has tripled (I know assault is violent crime, but still).

    • The crime map has that. In the 4th District for the past year, there were 4279 property crimes. That’s up YOY from 3584. Violent crimes were down YOY from 1019 to 891. In the 3rd district property crimes were down YOY from 5220 to 5086, and violent crimes were down YOY from 1031 to 777.
      You can look at different date ranges and locations. The site address is

      • I think the reduction in crime rates is mostly attributed to an improving economy more than policing… I can’t remember the last time I saw a cop out and walking down my street, In 1999, I used to know the names of the officers patrolling my neighborhood. We are taxed more than ever now, yet the quality of city services is continually decreasing. They’re creating new ways to pay paper-pusher salaries and ignoring everything else, DC Gov…

        • Move out then? It sounds like you’re unhappy here. I’ve lived on U Street the past 5 years and it’s gotten safer to walk the length of U Street every year. I’m seeing more cops than ever before.

          • saf

            We seem to have an upsurge in “move out” suggestions.
            Anon, just because someone wants things to improve and disagrees with you on how good or bad things are does not mean they are unhappy and that they need to move.

          • Agreed with saf on this. “Accept the status quo or move to [insert suburb name here]” is a false binary (and a rather dismissive one, too).

          • Good for you and U St. But I’m happy here (Petworth) with my friends, family and home and I want to help the community by bringing back the cops stationed in Crittenden Circle (not just an empty police cruiser on a side street) and decreasing response times.

            Like they said – Just trying to bring attention to an area that deserves more.

          • I’ve notice a lot of the “move out” people admit to only residing here less than 5 years. Do you not know how much the city has changed? Do you actually consider what these people you so carelessly tell to leave have endured to ensure you have a “safe” walk down U street? Get a clue.

          • Oh, I’m sorry, i forgot your personal sentiment of police presence on U street at the moment dictates the need for policing in every neighborhood of the entire city… Apologies mi’lord… I’ll move to somewhere more rural promptly to avoid daft people. /sarcasm

      • Thanks! That explains why they didn’t report property crime.

      • The fourth district is the problem. It’s obvious to all of us that live here.

  • How about a “GET OUT OF YOUR SQUAD CAR AND OFF YOUR COMPUTERS” campaign?! I don’t expect them to be on point every second of the day but I can’t tell you how many officers I see fixated on their phones or computers in their cars clueless to what is going on around them for extended periods of time.

    • Exactly! I used to work at a small retail store above the circle on Conn Ave in the 90’s and knew the beat cop by name. She was a lovely person who stopped in every day to check on us and got to know everyone on her beat.

  • I stand slightly corrected – I saw three cops on bikes in Petworth driving home around 9ish tonight. It was awesome.

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