Mini Van Jumps Curb, Comes Inches from Smashing into Marx Cafe

Lamont and Mt. Pleasant St, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending just after 9:30pm Sunday night:

“some guy in a minivan came this close to backing into the Marx Cafe in Mt. Pleasant”


More photos after the jump.


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  • First to point out it’s got MD plates!

    • Accountering

      Sounds about right. Driving back from NYC this weekend, I noticed a healthy amount of the reckless driving I saw, even in NJ, came from MD plates. They rarely cease to disappoint.

    • brookland_rez

      Damn it you beat me to it!

  • WOW! How does one do that – with a minivan no less?

    • How does PopVille know this was a an accident and not a predictable result of negligent behavior?

      • ‘accident’ by the tag on the post.

      • The driver accidentally forgot to notice that he was operating a motor vehicle.

      • +1

        I’m so sick of the term “accident”. It instantly absolves everyone involved of all responsibility, and implies that the injury, death, and destruction we experience on our streets are simply a cost of doing business and that there’s nothing we can do about it, which is absolutely not true. “Crash” is a much more appropriate term. It is neutral and describes what happened without implying guilt or innocence on any party or conveying a societal powerlessness to stop this type of thing from happening.

        Popville, I know you don’t take your blog too seriously, but a lot of people end up dead or injured due to traffic violence, and what you write can actually change the tenor of the conversation on the subject. Your site is a great source of debate, and I hope you can use this as an opportunity to have a positive impact on that debate by referring to crashes instead of accidents.

        -A loyal reader

        • I was in Atlantic City, NJ, this weekend and noticed that city’s “crash investigation unit” (not “accident investigation”).

    • brookland_rez

      Taxi cab minivans? Though this one doesn’t look to be.

      • Not a taxi – Maryland taxis have plates in the format of 123-45B (where the last letter always is B).

  • saf

    When this space was being converted from The Loop into an Armand’s (1988? 1989?) the opening was delayed because someone drove through the brand-new front window.

  • how does this even happen?

    and im just glad nobody was struck while walking down the sidewalk

  • deliberate Tea Party protest

  • Lots of MD minivans in Mt P. It’s quite the phenomenon.

  • Pretty sure I have seen that van before on Mt Pleasant street.

  • The very drunk men were attempting to pull out, but put the car in Reverse rather than Drive. They hit a gentleman walking on the sidewalk. Not hurt bad, but taken to hospital just to be sure.

  • But the car’s okay, right? That’s the important thing.

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