Lost Cat, Rosie, Last Seen on 12th Place near U Street UPDATE Found


“Rosie is an indoor cat (no collar/ no street sense) and managed to get out of our kitchen and into the back alley of our rowhome on 12th Place (and U Street, NW) late last night. She’s shy so i’m pretty certain that she is hiding and scared in someones backyard right now.

If anyone manages to find her can call me at 443-474-4369”


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  • Hope you find her! Let me know if you need any help flyering or what not. I had my Siamese slip out the door behind me one night and was lucky enough to get her back after 2 weeks. She had stayed in the same building but found a hole underneath some outside steps that I never would have seen if a fellow apartment dweller hadn’t spotted her tail going inside it.

    • I’ve heard that lost indoor-only cats tend to stay pretty close to home, so it’s worth asking neighbors for permission to look under their decks/porches/etc.

  • Just shared this link with the Harrison Square (@ 12th & V St) homeowner’s association listserv.

    Fingers crossed that Rosie turns up soon!

    • Shawn–
      I found some keys on the 13th Street side of Harrison Square on 5/23. They ended up at the Third District Police Station on V Street. I don’t know if that is appropriate to share with the Harrison Square homeowner’s association listserv after all this time, but if you think it is…

  • 🙁 She looks just like my kitty…

    • I was going to say the same thing. Rosie is a thinner version of my cat, Edith. I really hope the owners find their cat! Will keep an eye out, but I don’t think she’ll wander all the way over to the Hill. I’ve heard escaped cats sometimes stay surprising close, but are super quiet and hard to find.

  • Walking to work early this morning (4:45am) I saw three cats roaming around the sidewalk on Florida close to 15th St. It’s a bit of a ways away from where you are, but not too far.
    I can’t say I recall their descriptions as it’s pretty dark there. However, I was taken aback a bit by just how many cats were roaming around freely in the middle of the night/early morning.

  • Try going out and calling for her right after dark. Indoor cats are typically very scared outside in daylight and will hide until dark. Hope you find her!

  • Becks

    Yeay! Glad you found her!

  • I’m so glad to hear she was found!! Whenever these posts come up I hope to see the update at the bottom.

    I’d definitely encourage all cat owners to keep collars and tags on their cats – even the indoor ones. Mine have brightly colored tags with my number that say that if they’re out, they’re lost. There are so many outdoor and feral cats around DC, I’m afraid the lost ones could be overlooked by those passing by.

    I’m so glad that your story had a happy ending!

  • Hooray- glad they found her!

  • Yay, found!

  • So happy to see Rosie was found!!
    – A neighbor on 12th St.

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