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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKOVF1qwPzI&feature=kp

    What is the deal with the Volvo repair guy? Is it an established garage? My car is still under warranty, but it would be good to know of someone in the district if something ever comes up.

  • I’m not sure if they do warranty repairs, but I’ve been taking my 1981 Camaro to them for years and they have lovingly cared for her.

    • I was just curious, more than anything else. The dealerships always treat me well when it comes to warranty work. I just think it’s a good idea to at least know about the independent places. You never know what will happen!

  • epric002

    can you share the contact info for the volvo repair guy?

    • justinbc

      If I recall it’s a Mercedes and Volvo shop. It’s on 15th going north like right after P St. You can’t miss it, they’ve always got cars parked out in the street.

  • Those are the best old cars, the true survivors with the original paint and patina on them. And those old Volvos were tough as nails.

  • What a lovely old thing. I’ve seen one similar cream model up on Albemarle St NW near Tenleytown, too. Personally my 92 240 could use the attentions of this guy. Does the business have a name or phone? Google’s not turning anything up.

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