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  • Lunuland

    “Aren’t those Eric Cantor’s interns? I thought they called out “sick” last weekend!”

    • PoPoverWork


    • ScienceTeacher


  • Nick

    I like boys (and girls) who drive

  • Anonymous

    Yea? That’s cool.. but let me tell you ’bout my milkshake

  • JPK

    “You Gonna Finish That?”

  • Ron

    Washington, DC, June 7, 2014, 3:14 pm.
    The moment Gay Pride Festivals jumped the shark.

  • Piper

    Crazy Eyes spotted her new dandelion.

    • Anonymous

      This one!

  • Anonymous

    Pretending to be gay is so last decade.

  • CatJenga

    Lego blocks in the bike lane culprits?

  • ST

    “Is that a popsicle stick, or are you just happy to see me?”

  • Anonymous

    “Do you think anybody’s clocked you yet?”

    • Anonymous

      I wrote that photo caption because of an experience I once had at a BBQ. I met a short, hairy-shouldered, bald, bearded man there wearing a tanktop with bear logo–typical gay bear kind of guy. Then during our conversation he mentioned that “nobody had ever clocked him in the shower”. My whole foreground-background flip-flopped as I realized I was talking with an FTM.

      Now there’s a picture of a woman who is at Pride with an armband indicating she’s not a lesbian. When I look at her the possibility that she is transgendered arises for me.

  • PoPoverWork

    Rainbow mustache rides, anyone?

  • dcreal

    OOhhhLaaLaah baby…Id lick you up and down!

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Who said DC doesn’t have a lot of young, single guys! And they’re all hot too!

    • textdoc

      This is my favorite so far.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get it.

      • textdoc

        Naive straight girls admiring the hot guys at Pride.

        • Anonymous

          Ah, I guess being neither naive nor straight caused me to miss the joke. :)

          • Anonymous

            Don’t like to say “transgendered” around here…

          • Huh?

        • Anonymous

          What if the blonde who is wearing the “I like boys” armband is at Pride because she is transgendered and not obvilously so?

    • KenyonDweller


  • Anonymous

    Dislike this one. If I were one of the women in it I’d be embarrassed to have been caught with an expression that looks like leering, and even more embarrassed by the captions assigned to me.

    • Anon rdddd

      I agree…this is kinda weird for a photo/caption contest.

      • Ken

        Well do you see any better ones in the flickr pool? Sometimes there’s not much to work with.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe sometimes you shouldn’t have a caption contests then…

        • Anonymous

          I do!

    • c


    • When you go out in public (regardless of whether it’s at an event like a Pride parade) you lose any expectation of privacy regarding someone taking your photo. There could be a “draw things all over her face” contest if someone was so inclined, and it would be perfectly allowable. (Side note: If you’re embarrassed to have a certain look on your face in a photo, maybe don’t make it?)

      • Anonymous

        Have you never had a bad photo taken of yourself? Sometimes one’s face configures itself in a way that’s unattrative or weird for a split second, but if someone happens to be pressure a shutter at that instant it becomes frozen in time as if it were intentional.

        • Absolutely, in fact I’ve purposely taken bad photos, because (much like I’m assuming someone who dresses up like Rainbow Bright to go out in public) I don’t really care whether someone thinks I’m making a goofy face or not.

    • I took this photo, and I usually am pretty careful about not posting photos that might have caught people off guard in expressions that are awkward. But here, this was a “photo op” in a booth at the Pride Festival where people deliberately put on props and expressions and got their photo taken by someone from the booth (and by me, standing nearby, at the same time). So I thought that they were aware of what they were doing and hamming it up for the photo.

  • washington20009

    “Lilo? Nope, Lola.”

  • Matt G

    Its raining men!
    …or women.
    …or whatever you’re into these days.

  • alex

    Madonna seems to have let herself go in recent years!

  • Anonymous

    Where’s mine? Tried to post twice and it’s still not showing up?

  • Anonymous

    boys chase girls chase boys

    • textdoc

      Or (on a similar note):
      Girls who like boys who like boys to be girls…

      • G

        Always should be someone you really loooooooooove

  • Anonymous

    Julie thought her kleptomania for rainbow-colored objects was manageable, until that fateful weekend in June.

    • LOL, foiled by a paper mustache.

  • LG

    Pride and No Prejudice.

    • andy2


  • andy2

    Chevy’s are Tasty

  • mph

    Don’t hate me because I’m young, lovely, and sassy — hate me because I’m a tourist.

  • Anonymous

    What the f*ck does this sticker say?

  • zandunga

    I knew Mary Poppins was hiding something!

  • Anonymous

    “Well, I’m a hipster… so I like boys who BIKE.”


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