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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: I’m really happy it’s summer vacation; I was pretty burned out from the school year.
    Rant: One week in, and I have no idea what to do with myself!

  • Revel: The new Petworth Safeway is glorious. It’s seriously lifechanging – I went 3 times this weekend. So so so happy.

    • binpetworth

      Me too (went 3 times already)! I can see a lot of too-tired-to-fix-dinner-gonna-grab-something-at-the-hot-food-bar nights for me with this place so close to home!

      • While I’m pretty pumped about it, did I miss something on the hot bar? Or was it basically all chicken…fried chicken wings, baked (?) chicken thing/wing/leg/breast, chicken fingers, buffalo chicken fingers, etc.?

        • They also have soups and ready-made salads and sushi, etc. (though I realize those aren’t technically “hot”). It’s definitely not as extensive as a Whole Foods type hot bar, but there are plenty of carry out options.
          Also, I agree…soooo pretty. I had a goofy grin on my face the entire time I was there.

    • I little embarrassed to say but I went three times on Friday alone

    • I remember when we were this excited about the CH Giant. (Though there wasn’t any sushi there, thank goodness.) Sigh.

  • Rant: I started the morning deeply confused after trying to fill out my w-4 form with a change in marital status.(Somehow I forgot to do this when we got married nine months ago — oops!) I think this is going to require a call to our accountant. I’m always annoyed when I can’t seem to figure this stuff out myself.
    Rave: We have an accountant.
    Rave: I had an awesome weekend: saw old friends at a baby shower in DE, watched the Netherlands advance on Sunday morning, and enjoyed a picnic in the park that afternoon.
    Rave: This is a four day week! I’m already looking forward to my chill long weekend.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Excellent soccer matches all weekend long! (despite my disappointment in some of the outcomes)
    Rant: DVR approaching 100% capacity due to watching very little other than World Cup the past month.
    Rave: Mom coming into town for the week, arriving today. I love being a tour guide for this city, no matter how many times I’ve done it before.

    • What service do you have. If Comcast, upgrade to X1, it is sooooo much better.

      • justinbc

        Yeah, I assumed I had that by default. Then the commercials were like “record 5x at once!” and I was like uhhh no you barely let me do 2. Fail.

        • LOL! We got it last month and let me tell you it is leaps and bounds better. It is completely free to upgrade (or at least ours was). It is a pretty slick system with all kinds of apps that are integrated into the system. When you leave it on pause for awhile it changes to a screensaver and you get all updates on sports, news, weather, traffic…Yeah, much more storage, records stuff for you based on what you watched, record multiple shows, watch on your mobile device where you left off…Pretty sweet. I believe it is their answer to FIOS.

  • Rave: start an 11 day vacation on friday… first PEX then straight to OBX from there. Perfect

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Kennedy St festival was fun, and great to see neighbors out and about on the commercial strip.
    Rant: the drug dealers on Jefferson St apparently decided to have an old west style shoot out saturday night, with 21(!) shell casings recovered by MPD. It’s a miracle no one was hurt or killed.

  • Rave: I got a promotion! Moving to another department in two weeks. I didn’t think I’d get a job like this for a while!
    Rant: It was over my coworkers, who will not be happy for me. I am junior to some, and they felt entitled.

  • Rave: great weekend, though not enough World Cup action (only caught one and a half games).
    Rave: Lia’s in Chevy Chase – caught up with an old Dino’s waiter there and met a fantastic bartender (Robert).
    Rave: bartenders who hear a woman ask for a bitter or tart drink and then actually recommend a bitter or tart drink, rather than a sugary fruit-tini.
    Rave: Friendship Heights Whole Foods doesn’t have the frenzied chaos of other Whole Foods.

    • maxwell smart

      Oh believe me – the Whole Foods in FH has it’s moments of frenzied chaos. Don’t let the lack of beer and wine make you think that people would be better behaved. The best/worst is that somehow there is always someone in the line who doesn’t get the whole register/line system – that usually results in some interesting outbursts.

    • skj84

      Hurray for Bartenders taking ladies drinks seriously! I hate overtly sweet drinks and being pandered to. I had a friend order a IPA from a waiter and he suggested it was to strong for her. This woman is one of the biggest beer snobs I know!

      Also much love for the Friendship Heights Whole Foods. I love their bison burgers!

      • My lady likes tart/bitter/sour flavors, which, because she’s a woman, sounds to some bartenders like “sugar sugar candy sugar.” Ironically, the appletini type thing at Lia’s is super tart. Too much for me.

        • This would make an excellent cartoon – I have a visual of what a woman is saying on one side of the bar and what the bartender is hearing on the other. Too bad my drawing skills are severely lacking!

    • I’m a fan of the FH Whole Foods. It has everything. Including frenzied chaos — just come on a Sunday late morning-early afternoon-ish.

    • I like the Friendship Heights Whole Foods, but the lack of beer is a deal breaker for me.

      • Yeah. Stupid MoCo liqueur laws. Funny thing is if the Whole Foods was a block up they could sell beer! It’s right there on the MD-DC border.

      • maxwell smart

        Granted it requires 2 stops but there are as a minimum 3 places within a block of Whole Foods in FH that sell beer, wine and/or spirits.

        • Both Pauls and Rodmans are within walking distance which are great.

        • I guess I don’t know the neighborhood well enough. I live in Columbia Heights but have shopped at the Friendship Heights Whole Foods a few times when I had other errands in that neighborhood. How is the micro/craft beer selection at Paul’s and Rodman’s?

        • I really like the MoCo liquor store in Friendship. Great deals to be had.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: great weekend. One of the highlights was my visit to the Kenya exhibits at Folklife Festival, took lots of photos.

  • Revel: The new Greek restaurant on 16th and U near Subway has an amazing selection…and is cheap!

  • RANT: Hobby Lobby. The male Justices of the Supreme Court have apparently decided that if you don’t think ladies should get contraceptive coverage because of your religion, you don’t have to offer it. But if your religion says the same thing about blood transfusions or vaccines, you must offer them anyway, because THAT would be crazy. Ugh.

    • Emmaleigh504

      gah infuriating!

    • It’s ironic that a court packed with “strict constructionists” has become one of the most activist courts ever in the history of the institution, with no qualms about sweeping aside precedent. Odd how that works.

    • I suspect that it has less to do with their sex and more to do with their religion: 5 of the 6 Catholics on the Court agreed that Hobby Lobby doesn’t have to provide insurance that includes birth control.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: Busted my bike chain this morning on my way to work and had to bus the rest of the way in. Was a bummer since it was so nice out this morning.
    RANT2: While waiting for said bus noticed that my rear wheel frame is bent at the tire – thinking this might have been from one of the thousands of potholes I have to deal with on a daily basis. So will probably also need to replace the wheel or risk a blow out.
    RANT3: This couldn’t possible be a worse time for this – how am I going to get around all week / weekend without my bike? Grumble Grumble Grumble
    RAVE: At least it’s a short week at work.

  • Rave: First tomatoes of the summer! Sungold cherry – sweet, prolific and disease resistant
    Rave: Bald eagle spotted on Anacostia river tour! Also saw osprey, lots of great blue herons, snowy egrets nesting in trees as we went from Bladensburg Waterfront Park to just below RFK stadium and back.
    Rant: Insomnia again : (

    • Nice bird sightings! I love great blue herons. I’m always stunned on how big they are when watching them fly. They can have wingspans up to 6 feet long! Such cool birds.

      • The herons were beautiful to watch in flight! I also liked watching the osprey diving into the river, coming up with a big fish and flying off into the trees. The bald eagle really was the winner on this trip!

    • Hey, I always wondered this and I may ask the board but do people not have issues with rodents and such when they plant veggies and whatnot? I would love to try it but I don’t want to attract anything extra. And I is this something I could start now or would I have to wait until a certain time to plant them?

      • I’ve not had problems with rodents – I don’t think vegetables are particularly attractive to rats/mice (especially when there are plenty of chicken bones and such around).
        You can still plant vegetables – I was at American Plant Nursery this weekend and they had a good supply of tomatoes, peppers etc in pots. Get small plants – big plants in small pots won’t do as well as small plants in small pots. Also – big plants in big pots will have more transplant shock than small plants in small pots.

        • I know absolutely nothing about planting anything so I am thinking that I can maybe try that since I have everything tilled up. I have a part of the yard that I can use for that now. Anything special I need to do, certain type of soil, topsoil or anything that is needed? Can I just take it out of the pot and stick it is the tilled soil and water it? I want to start a garden too, is that the same process. Thanks a bunch.

          • If you’re going to plant flowers, just take them out of the pots, put in the ground, and enjoy! If you’re going to grow veggies, you might want to get the soil tested first, especially if the area is near an older house (maybe residual lead from the old paint) or other potential source of contamination. The tests will also tell you about other aspects of the soil that you might want to address (acidity, lack of nitrogen, etc.) for the farming side of things. I haven’t had a garden since I moved here, but I know there are people in PoPville who can recommend an agency to get soil tested around here.

          • Yes and no. You can stick the plants in the ground and see what happens – you may have good results. Or not. It’s worth taking a little time to read up on vegetable gardening (Organic Gardening, Mother Earth News are two good sources).

          • Re soil testing – UMass has an excellent testing facility. If you’re planning on gardening in this space for awhile it’s well worth getting your soil tested. Not expensive and the turnaround is usually a few days.

          • Thanks everyone!!

    • Saw all the same birds, minus two bald eagles that others saw, along precisely the same route, but we turned around after going through the Aquatic Gardens. The water’s pretty muddy, but I prefer the peacefulness of that route to what I’ve seen so far on the Potomac.

      • I agree about the peacefulness of the Anacostia in this area. It’s a “hidden in plain sight” treasure!

  • Rant: Missed the 90% of the World Cup action yesterday.


    Rave: At least I saw the PKs.


    Rave: I tilled the hell out of the front and back of my yard.


    Rant: I had no clue what I was in for trying to till hard ground. I can barely open and close my hands from holding onto the tiller so tight. I don’t mind being sore but damn, I had no clue it would be that much work.


    Question, I know I have asked before but now I am getting many different answers from people as to next steps to create a new lawn (I know I waited too late but it is what it is now). Do I now rake up all of the dead weeds (they were dead before I tilled the lawn) that I tilled or do I leave them there as fertilizer? A guy told me to rake them all up because once water hits them, they will start growing again. True or false? Also, after that do I put lawn and seed soil down before I put my Pennington grass seed down? This is the first I heard of putting lawn and seed soil down. I have also been told to cover the grass seed with topsoil but again the guy at Home Depot told me not use that and to cover it all with hay and they water twice a day for the first week and then once a day after that.


    One last question, any recommendation on how to level the yard/dirt after tilling?


    Rant: Just read about the shooting a block from my house. Well since this is on Popville now, it is more than fair to say that the demo is changing around the way (not that I needed Popville to tell me what my own eyes see everyday). This would have never made Popville two years ago, hell even last year.

    • Definitely rake the weeds, don’t worry about hay, and make sure once you get the yard level (it should be slightly sloped away from your property…I think 1 inch for every 10 feet but you may want to google to check) that you tamp the dirt – otherwise it will get very uneven after it settles. I’m speaking from a place of regret on that one!

    • justinbc

      I think the lasagna method is the most effective for killing everything first (looks like you’ve already passed this step though). From that point you should pick up any weeds / grass and shake out the excess dirt, then toss them. For leveling, the backside (straight end) of a rake works fine, no need for fancy equipment. You should break out a real straight level though just to check. Be sure to grade away from your foundation some though. I prefer hay over the grass seed, rather than topsoil, but make sure to keep people / pets / etc off it. Put down stepping stones so you can walk and water.

    • If the weeds are truly dead they won’t spring back to life with a little water. But if they’d gone to seed then the weed seeds will grow if you leave them in place. The process of tilling exposes a bazillion new weed seeds to the air so you’re going to have more weeds growing.
      Did you consider getting sod? That’s going to be the easiest way to have instant lawn and less weeds.
      Grass seeds need light to germinate, if anything you’d lightly sprinkle soil over the seeds to keep them in place.
      Use the back side of a rake – or a board – to level.

    • Remove weeds whether seeding or sodding but most importantly, wait until September before U do anything. The summer heat destroys.

      • Agree with this suggestion – fall is the best time to sow grass seed. Grass seed doesn’t germinate well when the soil temp is over 60. Why not use this time to solarize (put plastic over the lawn, lightly cover with mulch) and you’ll have a much better chance of a less weeds/ better germination in the fall.

        • Hmm, so it was OK that I tilled? Or will I have to do it again. The plastic will kill everything right? I am guessing a white plastic to reflect the light/heat right? But what will the mulch on top of the plastic do? Aesthetics?


          Never knew that was called “Solarizing”.

          • Don’t till again – it will just bring up more weed seeds. Also tilling affects the soil structure.
            If you can wait until fall to plant grass seed you’ll have a better result.
            The best way to solarize is with clear plastic, a light sprinkling of mulch on top is for aesthetics. But better if you can live with the clear plastic. It will kill the annual weeds that are at the top of the soil.

    • Thanks so much everyone!! Just a couple more questions:


      1. Justin, what is the lasagna method? A tarp?
      2. I am not sure what you mean by straight end of a rake so I am just going to get a 4×4 I guess.
      3. I am guessing I am going to have to get a really strong rake for the weeds because it will have to go through a lot of dirt. I am so now looking forward to this because I know it will take forever, if you could only see my yard or what is left of it.
      4. Wow, a level for the yard, this is getting serious. So you are saying it should slope down away from my house correct? Thanks for the tips on the stepping stones.
      5. I didn’t want to do sod but if this does not work out I am definitely going to do that.
      6.It is too late for me to wait until September, I have already tilled it up and my wife won’t want to look at dirt all summer. Do you have a recommendation in the meantime or do you think I just wasted my day and energy yesterday?


      Thanks again all.

      • justinbc

        See how this rake is straight along the top?
        That’s what we’re referring to.
        Lasagna is layering newspaper and cardboard on top of the soil to deprive anything beneath it sunlight for a few months, effectively killing off everything below. You can then just til it directly into the soil as it’s usually soggy from any rain.

        • Thank you. So basically it is the same thing as “Solarizing” as suggested above. Since I have already tilled, the plastic cover way to do it would be better right? I don’t want to have to till again unless I have to. Damn, I was really hoping to have this done by the fall but I guess September is that much better so it is what it is.

          • justinbc

            Yeah it’s not really necessary at this point since you’ve already done the tilling, but you definitely want to make sure your weeds are dead before doing any new planting.

        • Oh you mean a straight rake. I guess I will have to invest in one of these. Looks like I will be getting dirty for the next few weeks. Thanks again Justin.

  • I am wondering with all the changes in my area if they will tear down the Safeway at Hechinger Mall and make it like the one in Petworth that you all love so much (yes, I am jealous, very jealous). I know immediate area has to become much more gentrified but I can dream can’t I? Whatever though, I am sure they will tear it down and make it a huge luxury condo complex at some point.


    Rant: I know Hechinger Mall is what it is but seriously, do we need a mega Dollar Tree? There was already Dollar Magic two stores over. Ross, Rainbow and now Dollar Tree…FML! I really do think that Petco, Petsmart and the likes really missed a great opportunity by now scooping of the previously mentioned locations up. Could you imagine how people would flock there?

    • Dollar Tree is actually nicer and has better merchandise than most other “dollar” stores, in my experience. And everything IS actually a dollar, unlike those “Dollar Plus”/”Dollar and More”-type places.
      But I feel your pain on the “neighborhood not improving as quickly as one would like” front. I’m hoping the Petworth Safeway will really accelerate the pace of change here.

    • That Safeway was renovated in 2005 or 2006. I’m not sure how often grocery stores do an entire overhaul, but I imagine they’ll at least add self check-out lanes as the area improves. Somehow I doubt they’ll actually tear it down, but you never know. It’s such a suburban design with that parking lot in the front, it will need to be revamped eventually.

      • I moved back to DC in 2007 so I was unaware of the renovation but now that you say it I can see it compared to the one on MN Ave which I used to go to when I lived on 42nd and Benning NE. I would love for them to have self-checkout but I highly doubt that will happen. Hell we just got handheld carts only a year or so ago. I would have to guess there would be too much pilfering if they added those lanes so they would have to hire extra staff to watch and man it. I would just be happy if we could get more than two lanes open at a time. There are like 12 lanes there and most of them are NEVER open, so ridiculous. Unless you go right before they close YOU WILL be waiting in line for a good while.


        You know the other day as I waited in line, I thought about the conversation that was had here (at least I think it was here) about stores like Safeway that basically charge based on your time. They know exactly how much your time is worth and know that you will keep coming back for he “lower prices” but you have to wait because they cut staff to save money…

        • Those lines are terrible. I live about 10 min from that Safeway and 20 min from the Teeter in Noma, and I’ll almost always choose to go to Teeter since it’ll take about the exact same amount of time because of the lines.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Netherlands!
    Rave: You can’t hide from me! I can find almost anyone on the internet. If I can’t my sister can in like 5 mins.
    Rave: Playing a silly joke on a colleague. I can’t wait til she gets to work on Wednesday. She’s always joking it would be easy to poison her, just put candy on her desk. I put some candy on her desk and tucked a poison symbol inside one of the wrappers.

  • Rave: I have my NT scan today! I am nervous but excited to start being able to tell people about the pregnancy…

  • skj84

    Rave: Great PoPville brunch at The Mothership on Saturday. Thanks to all who came out! Food was tasty, loved the grape tomato lemocello mimosas. Good conversation and World Cup watching. Will start planning next months soon. Pablo mentioned potentially starting a facebook group for the brunches and happy hours. I’m ok with that idea, what about everyone else?

    Rant: The jerk who stood me up on a date last month had the nerve to text me out of the blue yesterday. And it wasn’t a “hey i’m sorry for standing you up” text, it just said “Hey What’s Up”? Like nothing even happened. I sent him a WTF text and didn’t get a response. The nerve of that guy. I just don’t understand the mindset of some people.

    • Thanks for organizing skj! Great to meet everyone : )

    • I know it is hard but you should not have dignified him with any response whatsoever. You gave him “the power” again. Should have kept him wondering and waiting…just my two cents.

      • Actually, she didn’t give any power, because she said just what she wanted to! Staying silent just to prove a point can also be a form of dignifying him with a response, IMHO.

        • Maybe I wasn’t clear or we see things differently. I am not saying stay silent to prove a point, I am saying “F dude and don’t waste your time dignifying someone what stood you up with a response”.


          Secondly, I have to disagree with you on her (I am assuming it is a female) saying what she wanted (you are correct she did say what she wanted) but her last second part of that statement was “didn’t get a response” was telling to me. My guess you are a female, am I right? Maybe that is the difference but I am sure other males know exactly what I am saying. If I am wrong, then I am wrong but…

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think she was just ending the story. Otherwise people would ask if he responded. But she can tell us what she meant if she is so inclined.

          • I told him to fuck off. I wanted him to get the message it was not ok to contact me. He got it. And hopefully it goes through his head it’s not ok to blow people off.

    • I don’t have a Facebook, so if you do start a group, I’d appreciate a re-post on RROR. Thanks!

      • Could the happy hour announcements just be incorporated into the existing Googlegroup?
        I’m on Facebook, but since my work blocks it and I don’t have a smartphone (I know, I know), I find it to be a somewhat frustrating method of organizing things. My book club uses it and I keep missing announcements because people don’t put all of the relevant info (book title, meeting date, meeting time) in the event name, and I don’t always remember to check it once I’m home to view the information I couldn’t view at work.

      • It’s a google group – and I don’t believe you need a google account to view or get messages.

    • Dang, I joined the google group but never got the message. I need to figure out how groups work!

      • Oh no! How are your notifications set up? When I post it usually sends an email.

        • Yeah, I was going to recommend checking your notifications preferences. It may have you set up to view messages on the website only, rather than to receive individual messages or digest e-mails.

        • I just checked my settings and realized I had turned off notifications. I’ve turned them back on for the group.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Saturday Tea Meet at Teasim was lovely. Really nice to meet more members of the DMV’s bicycling community.
    Revel: Picked up El Caballo at BicycleSpace afterwards. New bike! Very different from my road bike so it’s taking some getting used to and will need a little tweaking but very comfortable on DC’s streets. When the rack and panniers get in, it’ll be great.
    Rant: SCOTUS and &@($*#% Hobby Lobby. Thankful that all the places I’ve worked didn’t care about my birth control choices and worried about women who will be screwed over by this. Never shopping there again.
    Revel: The lightning bugs hanging out at Beuchert’s patio during our Saturday night double date.

    • Hey GiantSquid, have you ever done any of the BicycleSpace group rides? Would you recommend them for beginners? I’m thinking of doing one of their nice ‘n easy rides on the weekends in hopes of feeling more confident with riding on city streets.

      • I do the nice and easy rides all the time. Absolutely recommend them for beginners.

      • GiantSquid

        I’ve never done one of their group rides. I live on the Hill and several Thursdays have seen the Thursday Night Social ride by. Not a fan of the running of stop signs and lights without official escort. I want to do one of their smaller rides first.

  • Becks

    Rant: Haven’t been on Popville for a few workdays and I feel like I’ve missed things.
    Rave: Just had an interview for a position that I wanted a few months ago which would require a move. I killed it!
    Rant: Not sure I want to move now. And need to give them a specific local I am willing to move to by tomorrow.
    Rave: Four day week and I work from home tomorrow!
    Rant: Missed last weeks HH and really wanted to go! Hopefully there will be another soon!
    Rave: I wore a great suit today and look, as Billy Crystal would say, Marvelous!

  • Rave: Fun weekend working in the yard, grilling out, and going to the bay for crabs.
    Rant: Didn’t sleep well last night and dragging very much today.
    Rant: Having a “told you so” moment at work – big proposal was assigned to a coworker who a) makes a shit load of money, and b) doesn’t seem to contribute much, and c) can’t manage a proposal to save his life. I begged our VP to find someone else but was told he was our only option. He wasn’t, they just didn’t want to actually take a chance on someone more junior. I had 3 recommendations for people who I thought would do a good job with proper oversight. Now the proposal is a disaster and they’re asking me to take over and do a full rewrite, right before the deadline. Not gonna do it – I have too much other stuff on my plate and I’m not cleaning up a mess that could have been avoided.

    • binpetworth

      Good for you for standing up for yourself on the proposal fiasco. I’ve worked places where people equate salary with competence, and really the only way management will learn is to lose out on the bid.

      • True. Plus it’s such a mess and so close to the due date that I doubt that I could turn it around for a win at this point. It at least wouldn’t be an embarrassment, but why kill myself for the next several days for something with zero return? And that will come at the expense of other project needs and a different proposal that we actually have a chance on?
        Additional rant and rave: I left my wallet at home today and only noticed when I went to pay for my lunch. But, the cashier told me to just come back tomorrow and pay her then. Good people do exist!

  • epric002

    rave: new safeway!
    rave: crane and turtle!
    rave: chez le commis supper club surprise for my husband’s birthday last night!
    rant: scotus. WTF.

  • rant: hobby lobby
    rave: feel lucky that i have good insurance and benefits at my job
    rave: family time this weekend!

  • Rave: lost weight thanks to biking to work a few times a week, hitting the gym at least 5 times a week, and eating better. My doctor suggested I lose 20 lbs to have the ideal middle of the road BMI, so I’m about 10lbs away from that. It was a struggle at first, but I really feel so much better.

    • Keep going. I’ve lost 65 lbs since started biking last July.

    • How long is your bike commute?

      • kken: congrats! that’s an amazing achievement in just 1 year! I hope I can knock off these last few lbs. I’ve only been biking to work for about 2 months and working out consistently for about 5 months. I just need to be able to keep up the biking when the weather gets really muggy.

        mahajohn: my commute is not far. i bike from columbia heights to noma, so it’s roughly 3 miles each way. biking uphill on 11th street nw is the only challenging part for me. Biking to work is faster than taking the bus or metro too.

  • Rave: Replaced my phone with a quick and painless visit to the Verizon store at Union Station!

    Rant: I love my new Samsug Galaxy 3 Note but it seems to be a power hog. Need to investigate further.

    • justinbc

      I haven’t had many issues with mine, unless I play games on it. That saps the battery super quick (due to heavy screen usage).

    • Check the battery useage (if you haven’t done so already) to see what is using the most power. I have a nexus 5 (which may or may not be similar to your phone) and sometimes I notice the battery is draining faster. What seems to happen is that one of the apps (usually a google something) gets stuck running – turning the phone off and back on fixes this.

    • Use Wifi when possible but when not possible (you don’t know the code or simply not available or traveling through the city) make sure you turn it off. If you leave it on, your phone will constantly try to find a signal which will drain your battery. That said, your display is going to be the biggest culprit. Also kill any apps that you are not using, many apps run in the background without you knowing so you may want to look into killing them. Lastly, make sure your phone is going to sleep. Even though it may look like it is off, it could still be awake which will KILL your battery. I know this all because I dealt with it for a long time and did a lot of research. There are different test you can do yourself. You can also look at getting different battery saving apps, I use GSam Battery Monitor.

    • Was having issues with my Galaxy III. It would die within 30 minutes of being unplugged. My husband got me a new battery and rebooted the phone, which seems to have done the trick. Now I can be unplugged for 12+ hrs.

  • Rave: Physical Therapy has been going real well on the elbow & wrist.
    got cleared to ride my bicycle again but im not comfortable doing so yet as it is still very weak
    cant wait though
    Rave: been running every day since being cleared to

  • Rant: Seriously hungover for a Monday!
    Rave: Monday hangover well worth it for great Sunday night wine drinking with amazing company!
    Rave: Bethesda Bagels for lunch!

  • Sorry for all of the post today but one more because I forgot my biggest and best RAVE.


    RAVE: My wife, daughter and I had a great time at the DC Jazz Festival on the Capitol Riverfront at Yards Park. We saw Gregory Porter, The Robert Glasper Experiment and Trombone Shorty. Great stuff. I would highly recommend anyone to check it out next year as I am sure will have great acts again.


    Rant: People that come and stand right in front of you after you have been sitting in your location the whole day. Who are these people? Why do they think it is OK to do that, I understand anyone can stand where they want because it is a free country but have a little respect and courtesy for others especially when they were there long before you.

  • Anyone wanna plus one me if they are missing the “one who got away” a bit this morning? We can share the feeling haha.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Mercury is in retrograde, time to revisit the past and learn from it.

    • more like the “one who moved away,” in my case πŸ™

      But here’s your +1 (oh the irony)

    • I had weird dreams last night about someone in my past. Felt really weird about it this morning, even though I’m very happy in my current relationship.

  • Plea: Can anyone recommend a good colorist (color only, no haircut needed). I got my hair colored to cover up some grey and what I got is not at all what I asked for. I look like one of those old Russian babushkas with the bright orange henna hair. More than a month later I still nearly burst into tears every time I see myself in the mirror. So I’m looking for someone who can just make my hair the same brown I started out with! Thanks in advance, PoPvillagers!

    • Try Linda at Salon Balayage (1850 M St)

    • GiantSquid

      I’ve always had great color from Jenn Martinez-Moore at TheStudeo near Dupont Circle.

      • Billy at Parlour on 15th and U fixed a HORRIFIC color disaster for me (and he’s a total sweetheart). It was a lot like your describing but the nasty orange didn’t start until a good half inch from my roots – you didn’t go to Bubbles did you?

        • No, not Bubbles! I’d rather not say where b/c I’ve had really good experiences with haircuts from this stylist for years, I really don’t know what happened this time.
          Super frustrating b/c I repeatedly asked for semi-permanent rinse and she did the bleach and apply color on top method, so I can’t even wash it out. And I stressed that I didn’t want to change the color, only to cover up some grey. Plus I was ready to grow out a pixie, and now feel like I’m stuck with short hair for the months and months and months until this damaged and gross colored stuff grows out.

          • Good to know it wasn’t Bubbles in CP, though I know they’r hit or miss for a lot of people. I’ve found my stylist and colorist, but I’m curious if anyone has tried Eastern Confederate and really liked it. I live nearby, but I don’t know if it’s my “style.” I’m not very cool.

    • Well, someone implied that Bubbles is bad, but I’ve had a great experience with highlights at Bubbles in Cleveland Park with Thomas. He’s a great colorist, and the price isn’t astronomical.

  • RAVE: dog-sitting a pretty fit, active dog, requiring one major walk and two minor walks per day, and I really love spending time with this doggie.

    RANT: extreme lower back tightness which increases with distance walked. Maybe I’ve gained some weight, and the dog is making me walk more than I have in the past few months, but the tightness is insane. Any recommendations for really loosening up back there? Squats and hip stretches only help so much, and the pain/tightness just comes back in a minute or so.

    • Does the dog pull on the leash? That might affect your back.
      One of the things I’ve learned after years of having lower back issues – if your back is sore, don’t stretch it but rather look for ways to relax the muscles. Try lying on the floor with your legs up on a wall or lying next to a couch/chair with your legs resting on the seat. Ice packs also help.
      Other things that help – stretching my hamstrings, strengthening my core (not just abs but also back muscles), also yoga poses (look up yoga for back pain).

    • epric002

      see a chiropractor. i love this exercise (which was recommended by my chiro). http://www.fitsugar.com/How-Stretch-Your-Back-Using-Exercise-Ball-6711854

  • RAVE: Went to the new Giant at O Street market and it might be the nicest grocery store I’ve ever been to. So nice. And empty!
    RANT: BS penalty kick awarded to the Dutch. I expected more out of Robben. He looked positively Brazilian with that dive. Terribly unfair loss to Mexico.

    • I love O street market just for the fact I can shop with a glass of beer. I hate grocery shopping and it definitely makes the chore more tolerable.

      • Haha yes, that is great. And their “beer master” or whatever is so nice, I always have a good chat with her.

        But shhh don’t tell people about this grocery store, I like it empty.

        • you must not be going at the same times i’m going, because it’s almost always crowded (but not unpleasantly) when i’m there!

    • Rave: Karma comes home to roost as the Mexican fans with their homophobic chant are sent packing at the last minute by the Dutch. Awesome!

  • RANT/Advice needed: My brother and his wife/kid just arrived at Camp Lejeune in NC a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen them in over 3 years due to them being based overseas. Any ideas for a quick getaway so we can meet up? I’m trying to do a VRBO or AinBnB, but everyone wants one week minimum rental in the Outer Banks and VA Beach. Just want a place that has some nature for us to enjoy and catch up.

    • jim_ed

      Maybe try Lake Gaston? Tons of rentals on VRBO, about 3 hours from Camp Lejeune or DC, plenty of places to rent boats, fish, nice scenery.

    • Lost River, WV – mountains, probably some good vrbo rentals without the week requirement; Charlottesville, VA – good college town with some local wineries/breweries, fun restaurants, close to mountains; Chapel Hill, NC – again, college town but plenty to do

    • epric002

      as someone who lived in the norfolk/vabeach area for 9 years, i would not recommend going there for nature.

    • You might look at Surfside Beach, SC, or Oak Island, NC – both less ick than Myrtle Beach, and not a bad drive from Camp Lejeune. Up in the mountains is also nice – I’m thinking Brevard, Asheville, or near any of the NC ski resorts.

      • Thanks for the response. The issue is that I’m driving from DC and they’re coming from Lejeune. So meeting up somewhere half-way (northern OBX, southern VA, VA Beach, etc) would be ideal.

        • Try Wintergreen near Charlottesville. I think they have a 2 night min, but they have condos, that can probably fit the whole family.

    • I really enjoyed my time in Wilmington, NC. It’s 20 minutes from the beach, cute, has lots of stuff (model train museum for kid if that age), great breweries…

    • Sounds like your brother is probably eligible for renting a cottage or trailer at the Camp Pendleton SMR in Virginia Beach. The rates are super low, you can all stay in one place, it is quiet but near everything, the kids can roam freely, and they only require a minimum stay on big holidays. We stayed there every summer when I was a kid and loved it. http://vko.va.ngb.army.mil/VirginiaGuard/smr/

  • Rave I: Taking the day off to prep for an interview tomorrow and relax before the big day. Feeling really good about this job – it’s finally one I’m excited to interview for.
    Rave II: Took a break and went to Off the Beaten Path in NE to browse. SO fabulous! Left with a gorgeous painting and can’t wait to go back.

  • Petty Rant: Reading about the new Safeway in Petworth is just making me feel more sorry for myself than I already do. Bloomingdale needs a grocery store! Please!! I honestly don’t know how my carless neighbors do it, we are a good 20 minute walk from any grocery store at all. πŸ™

    • +1. The promised one at McMillan is still probably 2,3 years away..

      • I would be AMAZED if there was a grocery store there in two years. Honestly I’ll be amazed if they’ve even broken ground yet by then.

        • Who knows. I’m so tired of all of it, I don’t even follow the updates anymore. It will happen if/when it happens.

    • Going by bike with basket only makes it a 5 min trip!

      • True. And it’s so much better now with that Giant open; before that the closest one was RIA which was a) not as nice and b) not very bikeable. But, I’m spoiled by my old apartments in the city which were always within a couple blocks of a grocery store.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Just saw the news that Taan is closing. There goes the second best bowl of ramen in DC, and some of the best chicken wings I’ve ever had.

    • WHAT?!?!! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    • You liked Taan? My sister and I went for the first and last time a few months ago after she just moved back to DC from NYC. It was so disappointing. Sakuramen is better. I guess we’re used to really good ramen having grown up in the Asia/Pacific region of the world.

  • Rave: Enjoyed brunch with the PoPville brunch group on Saturday. Good food and good company!
    Rave: Was very productive in the yard on Saturday morning — managed to de-weed almost my entire treebox area and put down weed-blocking fabric and mulch on top.
    Rant: I haven’t yet replanted the daylilies and irises I dug up. I’ve been keeping them in the shade on my back porch and have been watering them, but they’re not doing so well — I think I need to get them back in the ground either tonight (despite the heat) or Tuesday morning.
    Rave: Finally signed up for Uber, using a friend’s promotion code.
    Rave: Got my dad to sign up to Uber, using my promotion code.
    Rave: Thanks to Uber, I didn’t have to take my dad to Union Station at the crack of dawn on Sunday!

    • GiantSquid

      Uber is great for those very early train departures. Have used it several times for that specific purpose.

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