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  • What’s a summer garden? Like a biergarten?

    • Pretty sure biergartens at gay clubs are actually called queergartens.

      • You’re a jerk or an un funny gay person. possibly a better punchline: a gay club with a biergarten? that’s either a vodka-crangarten or popper distillery !!!!!

  • Truly fabulous pizza parties await!

  • What would be a cool addition: an awesome mural on that huge wall.

    • Yes! It would also be great for that pizza place, the CVS, the semi-permanent inhabitants of bus stop next to the CVS, and that place that blasts horrible Go-Go remakes of popular R&B songs from 4 years ago to just disappear.

      • Do NOT hate on the Mobile store that has done business ten times longer than you have lived in DC

        • I will hate. Longevity doesn’t equate to value, crunchie. Frankly, I don’t object to the business, I object to them blasting music, but they seem to have made that an intrinsic part of their business model.

          • Don’t enjoy the culture, move out of the city. Every time I walk by that store and hear Go-Go it reminds me that DC has a culture beyond condo’s and overpriced bars. DC is rapidly changing and everything authentic is being shoved out, we need more businesses playing the music of the city.

          • If you work across the street, I can see the music getting annoying. But if you’re just passing by? Just deal with it. I personally don’t mind a little reminder that there’s indeed some life in the streets. If you want a completely sterile existence devoid of sounds that could offend your delicate sensibilities, you can always move to the burbs.

          • I like stuff like that too. I’m the type of person who gets excited when the weather gets warm and you can hear more people blasting music as they drive down the street.

      • Don’t hate on the pizza place with such a kind owner! I have watched her personally chase a man down Florida Avenue at 2am for yelling gay slurs at her many customers from Town & Nellie’s.

    • Yes!!! Liz needs another mural-friend in Shaw!!!

    • Agreed, we already have Liz Taylor, I want Liza Minnelli on this one, I want to see that brownish area with points staring at me while I’m drunk. Liz just get’s so condescending.

  • The bears will love it in Fridays!

  • How did this one slide by the NIMBYs of Wallach Place?

  • WORST PIZZA PLACE EVER. super overpriced for not that good of pizza, imho. just bc the owners are cool doesn’t excuse them for overcharging for mediocrity

    i guess the only way they stay in business is to charge what they charge bc they only seem to be open late night on weekends

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