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Town Danceboutique Looking to Add 125 Seat Summer Garden in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth — October 15, 2013 at 11:11 pm 19 Comments

2009 8th Street, NW just off Florida Ave

A recent liquor license application posted outside Town reveals they are hoping to add a 125 seat summer garden. Hours of operation if approved would be Sunday through Thursday 12 pm – 1 am and Friday & Saturday 12 pm – 2 am.

  • Anonymous

    Ahh, so that place is a danceboutique! I always wondered about it. The building combined with that logo made me think it was a staffing agency or something.

    • Alan

      Well they don’t provide that kind of “job” anyway…

    • Bloomie

      I have admittedly not been to Town in a couple years but it did not strike me as the kind of place that would benefit from an outdoor garden… Has the vibe totally changed?

      • Bloomie

        Oops, meant to comment this on the article, not on your reply.

      • Anonymous

        Nope, still pretty lame based on what I saw Saturday night – which was my first night out there in a year or two as well. And half empty.

    • A Fan

      AT LAST – A more glamorous area than that tiny, overcrowded & “wait-listed” outdoor “patio” area to smoke!

  • Anonymous


  • dcdwntwn

    It always needed a place to cool off, chill. Traxx had one. Nation had one.

    • Anonymous

      Yea but this is no nation 😉

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Not. Even. Close.

  • Mike

    Oh the bears are gonna love this. Opening the gates for room to roam outside!

  • Anonymous

    Good move – might as well do something with that empty lot.

    • Anonymous

      First they came for our dancing. Then they came for our fun and gaiety. And now they come for our parking lot.

  • Anonymous

    Those bears need more room a thappy hour!

  • Anonymous


  • redraiderdc

    Worst. Named. Club. Ever.

    • Downtowner

      but rated as the best in the nation per the gay rags…

      • Anonymous

        Oh please, what rags? Anyone that says Town is the best club in then nation is a total dolt who needs to get out more. Maybe best gay club in DC, cause there is not real competition. But best in the entire US? Bwahahahahah thanks for the laugh. I needed that.


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