The Real “Last Christmas Tree”?


A reader writes:

“This morning in Columbia Heights, I walked past what I believe to be the last Christmas tree of 2013, five months after the holidays. I can’t tell if the person was too stubborn to get rid of a tree that still had the tiniest bit of green or if this is just appalling laziness. Anyway, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to get a “Last Christmas Tree” submission later than May 13.”

Hahaha at this point I think it is almost certain another will be found in June…

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  • My neighbors put up their outdoor Christmas lights on Nov. 1. The lights are not only still up, but they turn them on every night. I’m willing to bet there’s a tree in there somewhere.

  • There is one on the curb on S Street between 19th and 20th NW.

  • Good lord. A stern look could set that thing on fire.

  • Admittedly it’s probably a fake tree (at least, I hope), but my neighbors still have theirs up and lit. I love Christmas and delay taking my decorations down, but that’s a bit much…

  • I have a tiny live tree in a pot that I’m still watering. It’s not decorated though. Does that count? And do I get extra credit if I manage to keep it alive until next Christmas?

  • our tree, still in its stand, remains on our front porch even today. it’s getting brown but is fragrant as hell!

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