Sign of the Times? Former Voting Rights Mural Now an Ad for Gin


Thanks to a reader for sending the updated mural being painted last night on 18th Street in the alley by Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan. The voting rights mural was painted over back in Aug. of last year after being defaced. At least the new mural appears to be a good looking ad for a good gin…



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  • That old mural always led me to believe that the artist had a fundamental misunderstanding of the “voting rights” issue. If you are registered to vote in the District of Columbia, you can vote. I fear that a significant number of DC residents do not understand this.

    • true, unless the mural was from before 1964, which was the first year that District residents could actually vote for the president.

      it might have made more sense to have a picture of the capitol building instead of the white house since we still can’t pick a voting member of congress.

      • Why do people find it objectionable? The District is not a state. It’s not meant to be a state. The whole point is to keep the seat of federal government independent of the states.

    • Particularly with the image of the White House and not the U.S. Capitol. Obviously D.C. residents have had a presidential vote for more than 50 years. Congress is the issue.

      • Exactly. And the fact that this misunderstanding is still being propagated tells me we have a long, long way to go.

  • And do they have a sign permit for that commercial ad?

  • Oh, now this makes me really sad. I loved that mural, made me smile every day when I lived in that neighborhood.

  • Not only is it gin, but it’s very expensive “cucumber infused” gin. It’s pretty awful gin, actually.

    • It’s good with tonic. Don’t drink it as a martini, blech.
      ame goes for Green Hat gin – great when mixed with something, terrible when it’s in a martini glass. Way too floral.

    • To each their own, but I really like Hendricks.

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