PoP Preview – Lyman’s Tavern Looking Awesome next to Red Derby at 14th and Quincy St, NW

14th and Quincy St, NW

We suspected Lyman’s Tavern was going to be ridiculously awesome – it is. The details are just phenomenal.  They have their C of O and just need to finish up a few more inspections so hopefully they’ll be open before the end of the month.  Have a look inside:


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  • The Red Derby roof deck is hideous – one of the worst pop ups I’ve ever seen.

    • It’s one of the best roof decks in town, but I agree, it looks awful from the street.

    • Technically not a pop-up, but rather a semi enclosed roof top deck… still not exactly aesthetically pleasing. That said, not that this stretch of 14th is especially pleasing to the eye.

    • It looked better before they were forced to enclose most of it because of complaining neighbors. I’m sure Lyman’s is going to have a lot of fun dealing with the apartment building across the street, especially with their planned patio.

      Its a shame people in this town can’t let anyone have a good time, but it is a city where the most highly-paid entitled anglophiles frolic. It breeds a highly combative environment where passive-aggressive snipes and peering through windowshades to snitch is the norm.

      Good luck, Lyman’s, you have no idea how far these busybodies will go, but you’re about to find out…

  • I love it! Though those does and bucks signs are sure to throw off some of the more oblivious patrons 🙂
    And as much as I am looking forward to hanging out here, I’m hoping that it also serves to take some of the pressure off the Derby. That place has been way more slammed lately than it ever was before. So hopefully the prices at Lyman’s are in a similar range.

    • ugh, one of my biggest pet peeves is when they mess with the Men/Women bathroom signs. Of course I know the difference between Doe and Buck, Prince and Princess, Tarzan and Jane, but when I have my mind on one thing, I don’t need this extra step, haha.

      • Yes, yes. We all know you (the bar owners) are clever and that you assume we (the customers) are similarly clever but just mark the restrooms in the normal way so I don’t have to decipher your clues when I’m a little tipsy and I have to take a wiz. Or better yet, just have unisex bathrooms so I can just go in the first one that’s free.

  • The tables next to the wall seem too small — are they really supposed to seat 4 comfortably? If a mini jukebox is too big to fit entirely on the table, you know something’s wrong. I also think it would be better to have a smaller number of much larger art pieces on the wall, instead of the small framed adverts there now. Overall it’s an interesting space but eventually all that old junk will need to be curated and god willing some of it (or hopefully most) removed.

  • Looks pretty cool. I’ve always thought that block is an untapped gold mine. Red Derby is so popular any establishment could survive off of their overflow alone. Will Lyman’s have food (I hope)? I haven’t heard anything about a kitchen…

  • this looks great although it looks like the bar stools are a little far apart if two people sat there and wanted to talk, i feel like people would be disecting them regularly to get drinks. which could be frustrating. But nice to have a another divey type bar with hopefully reasonable prices

    • In the comments on an earlier post about this place, I believe people were complaining about the stools looking like they were too close together.

      • i was talking about the bar stools (that face the bar) not the stools that are at the side tables (those look to close)!

  • It this place named after the fictional Josh Lyman?

  • This will be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood! That’s a great stretch with a lot of potential.

  • What happened to pinball?

  • Please tell me they will have a decent sized menu with good food.

  • Fingers crossed for Derby-level prices…

  • Looks great. This will place will be attract a lot of overflow business from the derby. Also, the fact that there will now be four decent bar options up this direction (Pinch, Mad Momo’s, Derby, and Lymans) will help attract more folks.
    Curious to see how they finish off the outdoor space. Looks like fence posts…so will they have solid fencing around the outdoor area?

  • The large stools at the bar are far apart, but it looks like you could probably pull up some extra of the loose stools (heh) and they would fit nicely between them for extra bar seating…

  • saf

    Why do people use those attached to the floor bar stools? They are just a bad idea.

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