Malgudi’s Closes on P Street, Could Become a Mexican Restaurant or Bistro/Cafe?

1633 P Street, NW

Back in August of 2013 Malgudi’s Indian Restaurant opened up in the former Cafe Luna space in the lower level of 1633 P St, NW. I spoke with a worker at Heritage India (still open upstairs) and he says he heard the space will become a Mexican restaurant.  Another Malgudi’s location remains open in Glover Park.

CityPaper’s Jessica Sidman spoke with the owner and reports:

“Tuli says they are thinking of replacing the short-lived restaurant with a bistro/cafe, but she said she could not provide further details at this time.”

Were there any fans of Malgudi’s P Street location?

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  • I remember being excited when Malgudi was about to open. Everything went downhill from there. The food was terrible and the service was so-so. In fact, the quality at Heritage seems to have gone down ever since they opened Malgudi. Maybe they were just stretched too thinly. Anyway, I am still hoping for a south Indian restaurant in DC, so that I don’t have to drive to the suburbs to go to places like Woodlands.

  • Woodlands opened up on Georgia Ave.

    Malguldi suffered by being in the basement, dark and damp.

    Food was decent, well the dosa were good everything else ok. A bit pricey compared to the suburbs.

    • Are you referring to “Woodlands Vegan Bistro”? That is not a South Indian restaurant– it is not affiliated with the Woodlands chain. It’s mostly dishes made from tofu and mock meats. It’s good but tends to cater to people who want to feel like they’re eating meat without actually doing so. I feel like that’s mostly (not entirely) an audience of people who either have recently become vegetarian and miss meat, or eat meat but want to try to eat less. As someone who has been vegetarian for a long time, mock meats sometimes gross me out.

  • Their Glover Park location is horrendous. Never made it to this one. The dosas at Woodlands are worth the drive in my opinion, but it would be nice to have a go-to nearby.

  • I went there earlier this month and had an amazing experience (foodwise), although the service was miserable. Will definitely miss it. Heritage is a go-to for my crew, although the service there is also poor. I mostly shrug at crappy service, as long as the food is good enough and reasonably priced.

  • I didn’t like their food. But another Mexican restaurant when there are several near there? I wish there was GOOD Indian food in the neighborhood that didn’t cost an arm and a leg which also did takeout. I tried sacrificial lamb up the street and it was ok.

  • We ate at Malgudi twice and were very pleased with the food. Many of the Southern Indian veggie preparations there were different from the fare offered at most Indian restaurants in the area; I particularly have fond memories of the lentil donuts and uttapam. Nevertheless, the prices were a bit on the high side for the bargain-basement ambience (also a problem for Heritage India upstairs) and the place was fairly deserted both times we visited. It is too bad the establishment did not have more time to garner a following.

  • That’s too bad! I hate hiking out to Woodlands just to get dosa. While Malgudi could’ve improved on a lot of metrics, I thought their dosa was tasty. In DC now, I know of no place else to go for decent dosa. Whole Foods Foggy Bottom does its own take, but it doesn’t quite hit the spot. Anyone know of any other places, just in an emergency need-dosa-now type of situation??

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