Looks Like TakEatEasy has Closed on M Street

Photo of 1990 M Street, NW tweeted by @barredindc

@barredindc tweets us this morning:

“Did @takeateasydc close on M St NW? From original Fast Gourmet guys-opened just 15 months ago.”

Certainly looks like it. Their phone number listed on their facebook page has been disconnected and the page itself hasn’t been updated since Feb.

TakEatEasy opened up in the former China Cafe space at 1990 M Street, NW back in Feb. 2013.

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  • justinbc

    I thought the sandwiches here were easily on par with what they were doing at Fast Gourmet, maybe even better. But the location/hours/setting just made no sense at all, so this news isn’t all that surprising.

  • Speaking of Fast Gormet….that place has been going downhill and fast. The past few times i have been there (granted it was at odd hours) completely packed with drunk people. Took 20 minutes for my two chilli dogs. Give me a f-ing break! I was just looking at all the employees behind the counter wondering “what are they doing back there” surely was not making food! but it looked like they were doing something….they should focus on opening more fast gormets and take some of the pressure off the one on 14th street. and also some quality control would be nice.

    • So, they are having trouble running one store and your suggestion is that they should open more? #wha?

      • well focus attention back on the one – people are still flocking there clearly. Just the service has gone down hill, which is fixable. Food is still good! Just i would never wait 20 minutes for two chilli dogs again, and i would probably have some four letter words for them as well

        • justinbc

          “Focus attention back on the one.”
          It’s solely on that one, as the owners who left to open this place were no longer involved with Fast Gourmet. Whatever issues you see there are with the new owners.

          • Fast Gourmet is still owned by the same people who owned it originally, minus one co-owner who co-started TakEatEasy with a chef from Fast Gourmet. Speaking of FG, we’ve not noticed any decline in quality or service–maybe because we weren’t there at God-knows-what-hour of the morning, ridiculously expecting fast service when the restaurant is overrun with drunk-ass kids.

          • I’ve definitely noticed a decline in quality (worse now than a couple years ago), service has been the same as its always been.

    • That was my exact experience the last time two times I was there. Needless to say I never went back.

  • I work on the block. Tuesday around 11am there were three US Marshals in full gear out in front of the restaurant and most of their glassware was out on the curb. The security guard in my building said they were getting evicted. Not sure what required the Marshals instead of the police.

  • It’s been closed for awhile. When it opened it was kind of cool but it never really took off. He ended up really scaling things back and the place got emptier and emptier. Really nice guy though.

  • I went there once. The food was good, but the service was quite slow. It was mostly just a bad concept for the location–a few blocks in any direction and it probably would have survived, but 20th and M is a dead zone after 5, and this place didn’t have much office-lunch appeal.

  • Last time I went they were out of pretty much everything on the menu, including draft beer. The food wasn’t awful, but not worth making a trip down town for.

  • I tried to go a few times, but it was always closed (during hours that it posted it’d be open).

  • Saw the cook handling raw chicken and then using bare hands to make a salad without putting on gloves or washing hands. I reported it to the health dept, but that’s not why this closed.

  • lovefifteen

    I went twice. Very, very slow service both times. Decent food, but seemed a little overpriced. The interior was cheap, too. I am not surprised at all that it failed.

  • From what i have heard about this guys. They got what they deserve! The stories i have heard about what they did to their previous partners at Fast Gourmet arr terrible!! Wow Karma does exist!! The place sucked anyway!!

  • So maybe the crappy play-on-word names don’t make successful restaurants? “Heat Da Spot,” did you hear dat?

  • They are working on a new project . They will open another place soon. Best of luck guys!!

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