From the Forum – More Package Thieves, if you find Save the Date postcards let them know

Photo by PoPville flickr user wolfkann

packages stolen from 600 block of Irving St NW:

“Just a heads up to neighbors on the 600 block of Irving St NW–we had three packages stolen from our front porch this weekend. I know this happens a lot in the area but we’ve actually never had an issue until now so just wanted to spread the word so others are aware. The sad/funny thing is the thief stole Save the Date postcards for my wedding..I wonder what he/she will do with those…if anyone sees them in their trash let me know 🙂 ”

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  • I would get a mailbox at Mailboxes Etc. or similar place where people can send you presents. If there is a Williams-Sonoma box on your porch or something, it is NOT going to be there for long.

    Also, if they are smart (they may not be) the thieves now know when you will be away from your house (which will be full of gifts). Make sure someone is keeping an eye on your place during your wedding and any honeymoon and that it is well-secured against breakins.

    • +1. I wish amazon had a “suspend delivery” service- I offered them this feedback recently as we dealt with the same packages piling up situation during our recent wedding and honeymoon! I know, first world problems.

  • At one point does some sort of special investigation by the police become warranted? It’s the same areas being effected. I’d be more than happy to use my house as a guinea pig. We’ve had several packages stolen along with most of our neighbors. Put a damn package on a porch, sit and watch it or place a gps in it and catch the criminals. End of story.

  • Happened to me and the Post Office told me to tell the police; the police told me to tell the Post Office. That’s as far as I got.

    • you can make a police report online through MPD’s site. They won’t do anything about it, but it can help you get a refund from some retailers (probably not on custom stuff like the save the dates). Also, again not for save the dates, if you have a police report and the police ever do find the stuff you have proof it’s yours and you could get it back.

  • Same goes for 16 and T area!

    From my investigation, they always hit around the same time of day (1130am, here). I have yet to catch a person, but I can safely assume they stick to a schedule that is 5 minutes behind the UPS guys.

    • We’re at 16 and T and got hit today too. They made off with a box of Newman’s Own K-Cups, a tub of whey protein and some cheapo sunglasses.

  • We’ve recently had packages stolen in Bloomingdale off our front porch. Filed a police report but they said there was nothing they could do unless we had information on who was responsible.

  • I live not far from 600 block of Irving. I’m thinking I need to execute the plan I’ve been considering for a while, of filling a box with doggie doo, and leaving it on the porch… You wanna steal our shit? Go right ahead.

  • Same with us in Brookland. Except we have a security camera. The police have taken interest.

    • This is a persistent problem in my part of Brookland. They especially love anything from Amazon. I have portable or valuable items shipped to my office instead, and the mail/UPS guys are great about hiding things when they can..

  • There are thousands of dollars worth of goods sitting on porches all over this city every single day. This may be giving DC criminals too much credit, but I’d be surprised if some entrepreneurial thug hasn’t organized a “collection” network. With summer coming, there will be lots of idle hands that could be deployed to porches all over the city.

    If MPD isn’t on top of this now, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

    • I’m not sure how much “worse” things can get. This issue comes up on this board pretty much every week. And I don’t know how MPD can get more “on top of this.” As noted in prior posts in which this issue has come up, MPD has apprehended some of these folks. But unless they witness a theft or have a witness to a theft, they can’t arrest anyone. MPD is not going to follow delivery trucks around and park police cars outside each house where a package is delivered to await the arrival of the homeowner. And they can only drive but so slowly through each block.
      Thieves stopped smashing car windows to steal expensive radios when people started buying radios with removable face plates and radios that would not work in any other car.
      Package thieves will stop stealing packages when packages are not left unattended outside of people’s homes. Yeah, you ought to be able to have something delivered without it getting stolen. But unfortunately, you can’t.

  • I caught a thief stealing a package off of my neighbors porch on 700 block of Irving Street. I yelled at him and told him to put it back and he did. The police were called but by the time they got there he was long gone.

  • Some people never learn.

  • I”m on the 500 block of kenyon, so super close. I’ve only had one package delivered and it wasn’t stolen and I consider myself lucky. I send everything to work at this point. If I had a lot of shipments coming, I’d do a UPS box or something.

  • We once had a would-be thief open two packages on our porch, rifle through the contents, and then decide not to take anything. Win for us, but I feel bad for whoever on our block got something valuable shipped to them that day.

  • That must have been a disappointing steal for them. Somehow not feeling sad for them. I really just want to stick my tongue out and make a rude noise at them.

  • At this point are you going to plan for all of the additional guests you may have?

  • You know, about 2 years ago (and I’ve lived in the neighborhood of Petworth for 7) I posted a comment to POP about this. I know that there is always the usual arguments about how you can’t expect ppl not to steal in the city, blah blah blah…. but I am getting tired of it. It has only happened to my house 2 times in 7 years and both around Christmas. We’ve been extremely lucky that neighbors BOTH times saw the men (always men for some reason) dumping the Amazon cardboard in the neighborhood. Once they got the licence plate number. I don’t think we should have to live like this.

    • “It is hard to have one’s watch stolen, but one reflects that the thief of the watch became a thief from causes of heredity and environment which are as interesting as they are scientifically comprehensible; and one buys another watch, if not with joy, at any rate with a philosophy that makes bitterness impossible. One loses, in the study of cause and effect, that absurd air which so many people have of being always shocked and pained by the curiousness of life. Such people live amid human nature as if human nature were a foreign country full of awful foreign customs. But, having reached maturity, one ought surely to be ashamed of being a stranger in a strange land!”
      -How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day; 1910

  • Wow that sucks.

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