Thai X-ing Waiting on Final Permits for new 9th Street Location, Current Florida Ave Location Remains Open and Will Continue to Operate

2020 9th Street, NW

On Monday a reader asked about the status of the new Thai X-ing location coming to 9th Street near the 9:30 Club. At that time a commenter said he heard that the current 515 Florida Ave, NW location would close after the new spot opens. Good news – that’s not true. I just heard back from the Thai X-ing team and they tell me that the Florida Ave location does plan on closing after 9th Street opens but only “for a very brief period to complete some building renovations.” As for the new 9th Street spot – there is no concrete date for an opening yet because they are waiting on final inspections.

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  • They should rename it Thai X-Wing and make it a Star Wars themed Thai restaurant.

  • Does anyone know if the new location will have a liquor license or be BYOB? One of the best things about the FL location is you can save some much with BYOB that the 40/pp becomes an amazing deal (by DC standards).

    • saf

      In DC, you MUST have a liquor license to offer BYOB.

      • Sorry for not being intricately knowledgeable about the DC liquor license rules (I could care less), but I think the point of the question was pretty obvious; will it be a BYOB joint or not.

      • I think they have a beverage license and not a liquor license. There is a big difference in price and restrictions.

  • I don’t see how this new spot can capture the charm of the original spot. With that said, I’m glad they’re doing well enough to open a new location!

    I’ll stick to the old one for the time being, just for sentimental reasons.

  • Seems so odd that they would keep the two locations open. They’re literally 4 blocks from each other. But I’m anxious to try them as I haven’t yet been, and I live only about 4 blocks from 9th/U.

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