STK DC “modern steakhouse and a chic lounge” Opening April 25th

1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW

From an email:

STK DC will open doors to the public on Friday April 25th (1250 Connecticut Ave NW)

DC Chef Marc will be spearheading STK DC’s menu. Aside from the steak dishes that STK is known for, key favorites include Shrimp Rice Krispies, Lil’BRGs, Foie Gras French Toast, Parmesan Truffle Fries; Sweet Corn Pudding; and Jumbo Lump Crab Salad.

Known for artfully blending two concepts into one—the modern steakhouse and a chic lounge— STK ( offers a vibe-driven dining experience with the superior quality of a traditional steakhouse.

A celeb and VIP hotspot, STK’s national locations (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Atlanta, New York, Miami and London) are filled each and every night, where you can rub elbows with the likes of Michael Strahan, Selita Ebanks, Sofia Vergara, Nicole Richie, Shenae Grimes, Cheryl Burke, Kevin Costner, Eva Longoria, Paula Abdul, Lance Bass, Lauren Conrad, Ed Westwick, Jessica Szhor, Kim Kardashian, Ciara and more.”

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  • “where you can rub elbows with the likes of Michael Strahan, Selita Ebanks, Sofia Vergara, Nicole Richie……”
    Good god, what a pathetic way to announce a new restaurant. Epic fail!

  • colheights67

    Hot diggity.

  • diploj

    I am trying to picture a restaurant I’d be less inclined to go to. I can’t.

  • I’m starting to enjoy hate-reading this restaurant’s press releases. I keep thinking they can’t get any worse, and they keep proving me wrong. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • I’m really looking forward to meeting Kevin Costner. Is he a waiter or a bartender?

  • Lance Bass!!!! Nicole Richie!!!! Kim Kardashian!!!! So, like I can go to the SAME restaurant in DC that they maybe got paid to go to once in Vegas! WOW! This sounds like one seriously hot mess. In a twisted way, I’m actually looking forward to hearing a few reviews once they open. It can’t possibly be as awful as the PR Can it?

  • I’m not sure why all the “hate” for this place. Ive been to the one in NYC and it’s a cool spot. But Im the type that will party at W hotels and the likes….Whats wrong with a little diversity? Is all the hate because it’s not another “beer garden”? Obviously they have a market that they are promiting to.

    • I hope to the highest of powers that you are not being sarcastic. I need to know that people like you exist.

    • My “hate” is less for the place — since I haven’t been to one, than for the PR — which I think is pretty awful. Since it’s a restaurant, I’d rather hear about the food than about what B minus list celebs might hang out there in other cities. Which likely suggests pretty strongly that I’m not in their targeted demographic.

      • Well it’s true though. Almost every major city have an STKish type establishment, that does attract a lot of “celebrities, sports figures, entertainers etc”…….Again, its not everyone’s cup of tea- big deal. Don’t go, don’t follow it!

  • April Fool’s was yesterday! I’m so confused. I bet Muriel is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this place as Mayor.

    • Huh? I dislike Bowser as mayor, but I never got the sense that she would be attracted to a place like this.

  • Wow. Custer and New Coke had better odds than this turkey. Has this site ever had a death watch for a place that hasn’t even opened? I predict “FOR LEASE” signs by Independence Day.

    • This site is bad news-no restaurant seems to last very long there. Of course, few deserve a death watch as much as this one seems to. But I guess they need some angle to sell another overpriced steakhouse in a town that’s already full of them.

  • I guess we know why Nicole Richie is always borderline, she sharing meals with Michael Strahan.

  • I’ve actually been to one in New York and also in Miami, it’s actually pretty good food, although the atmosphere that they have cultivated in those two cities, in my opinion, doesn’t translate very well to DC.

    • I agree. DC is anything but flashy, high-fashion chic. It’s a city full of nerds. Rich nerds, but nerds nonetheless.

  • you have the wrong person. people with popped collars would never classify themselves as “chic,” nor would they regularly party at the W. They would, in fact, go to a beer garden, and not put quotes around it. if you’re going to be condescending, try to be better at it.

  • Although there is certainly places like these in town (centered around 14th/K on weekend nights), I predict this will turn out like the ill-fated Buddha Bar.

  • Partying at the W is soo 2006. Get with the program.

  • This place is bound to do well with the Armani Exchange white loafers-set.

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