Salt & Sundry Opening 2nd Location in Logan Circle

1407 S Street, NW

Big news from Salt and Sundry’s Instagram account:

“Big news, everybody! A second S&S is in the works! See you later this summer, 14th Street.”

The photo says S Street, NW. So I’m thinking this has to be one of two spots – either the former Pulp space which for a minute looked like it would turn into a doggie daycare but that coming soon sign has since vanished. There’s a lot of foot traffic here and other retail like Home Rule and Current Boutique. I think they would kill here.


However, if the doggie daycare is still coming perhaps they’ll come across the street to the retail space that was briefly home to the custom clothing store near the 2 birds 1 stone bar.

Anyway Salt & Sundry opened it’s first spot in Union Market – their website says:

“Washington, DC tastemaker Amanda McClements brings to life her passion for stylish entertaining with Salt & Sundry. The award-winning boutique features a beautifully curated selection of housewares, linens, gifts, artisanal foods and covetable vintage finds.

Also in store: Farm tables hand-made by Amanda’s father, a North Carolina craftsman who creates furniture out of salvaged and locally milled wood. His pieces are one-of-a-kind and showcase the rustic beauty and patina of aged wood.

In addition to being a go-to source for gorgeous tableware, home goods and gifts, Salt & Sundry hosts special events and demonstrations with local chefs, mixologists and food personalities in the store.”

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  • Kudos to Amanda! Her store and the stuff she’s curated is quite amazing. Glad she’s able to expand so soon.

  • justinbc

    That’s awesome news for Amanda. Love to see another Tarheel grad doing well in DC 🙂

  • That shop is downright gorgeous, but everything is mind-blowingly expensive! I mean, it’s jaw dropping. The success of places like this has me trying to figure out what I can mark up exorbitantly and sell to those in DC with piles and piles of money. The $20 hot dog? The $10 artisan bottle of water? Hmmmm….

  • cool! S&S’s location at union market is pricey but the stuff is rad. would be great to see another locally owned non-food biz in that pulp space.

  • Love S&S but it is very expensive. I can’t seem myself buying anything there unless it is on sale. Pulp was fun and they had reasonable prices.

  • If it’s an S Street address as implied by the announcement, it’ll have to be the former clothier’s space.

  • This would be awesome. Great addition. To glad to see more daytime retail coming to our hood!

  • a rumor from the District apts (on 14th and S) is that a “home” store is opening in the former Knot Standard location. This would fit that S&S is coming to S St and not the former Pulp space

  • I would hope it goes on S, where that custom clothier was, if not just so it isn’t directly competing with Home Rule two doors down from the Pulp space.

  • Happy to see a local store do well but I don’t completely understand how they are so successful. The store is beautifully curated but it always feels sparse to me with very limited inventory. Sadly for me, the products I could find there that I can’t get elsewhere (like the gorgeous dishes) are way out of my budget (and judging from the comments others’ budgets as well). I’m curious if their sales derives mostly from their pantry products?

    • I shop there strictly for the unique tonics and bitters – I know I could order them online, but I love the shop and it’s a fun experience to look around 🙂 so, spending $15 on an 8oz bottle of tonic is silly, I know, and probably DOES keep them in business haha.

    • Having very limited inventory probably helps them significantly cut down on costs.

  • This is great for 14th St. I love browsing at S&S and checking out its “curated” stuff, but I’ll add to the chorus of people who note that it is wicked expensive. I’m sure people on 14th St can afford it, but it’ll be more of an eye candy type situation for me.

  • I wish Pulp would move back into the Pulp space. I know, I need to move on…

    • Me too.

      Do we have any idea what is actually moving into Pulp? I’m sad for myself that it’s not a doggy daycare b/c it would be so convenient, but much more relieved for the neighborhood and for Cork Market. We need daytime businesses, but I don’t know that that’s the best fit for that location.

      • Along that same vein… Does anyone know where to buy the assorted boxes of local type Christmas cards that pulp had a huge selection of (and I don’t mean online, I hate online shopping). I have no idea where to go for that type of stuff anymore!!

  • Oh Boy, more overpriced junk. When something is “curated” you know that the pricing will be ridiculous and the staff will have attitude. I’ve bought a lot of home stuff in NYC, because despite all the overpriced places there, it’s still possible to find quality, without dealing with self-important idiots.

  • Great news, welcome to the neighborhood! A beautiful shop with a lovely staff. Sure, some things have a higher price point but they do have some good deals too. Just purchased a sturdy and pretty woven rug for my entry way and it was less than $40. It will last forever so I’m happy to pay 15% more than Target while supporting a local business.

  • I actually think S&S has very reasonable prices. You will easily find better prices at Amanda’s store than you’ll find at Crate & Barrel or Target for many things. Maybe if you looked at the price tag before judging, you could find the bargains that I find. Peace and Love!

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