RPM Italian Restaurant, from celebrity couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic, coming to former NPR building at 7th and Mass Ave NW

Demoed lot in front of new building at 7th and Massachusetts Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader a for sending a link to this interview on 94.7 Fresh FM:

“…they are getting ready to open another RPM Italian restaurant right here in Washington, D.C.

“It’s under construction right now. It’s the old NPR building right in Downtown D.C. You’ll see that whole process [on the show].” They hope to open the restaurant by 2015.”

The old NPR building was demoed in June 2013 and the office space has been leased to the Arnold & Porter law firm. NPR’s new home is at 1111 North Capitol Street, NE in NoMa. I hadn’t realized there would be retail/restaurant space too. You can see RPM Italian’s menus here.

Side note: I still think keeping those old buildings looks cool at the other new building next door to where this one is coming:


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  • Watching those buildings get jacked up, moved to the corner of the lot, and then put back into place has been really cool. Also, the tallest one used to be green – they spent weeks stripping the paint off.

  • those older buildings seem so out of place and the scale of the new building to them is way off. It would be better if they would have had those buildings in the center and then build up and on the sides. But the way they have it now off in the corner kinda looks bad to be honest. All for saving old buildings but i think its better if they try to blend the new building with the old – they did not try that here

    • I like the contrast and think this looks better in person than in photos. Certainly glad they kept the old buildings – those are irreplaceable.

    • I think those old buildings look terrible in juxtaposition to the much larger new building. This trend towards saving the old buildings is really misguided in many projects. They thoroughly gut the buildings, the only thing that is really saved is the exterior facade, which in this instance doesn’t fit the styling of the new buildings going up around them..

  • What kind of celebrity couple? NPR? I’ve never heard of them at all.

    • I think they’re one of those famous for being famous celebrities.

      • Giuliana has been an E! news correspondent for like, ever. Bill won the first season of The Apprentice and is a real estate developer/motivational speaker/random “business man.” They have a reality tv show together now. Giuliana also struggled with infertility and breast cancer and has been very vocal about both experiences. Wow, that was a lot of useless knowledge right there.

        • In other words, completely qualified to open a restaurant. I give this place 14 months. And only that long because it probably has a lot of money behind it.

          • If I’m not mistaken they have couple restaurants in Chicago that are quite popular. This is not their first time at the rodeo.

          • Yeah, they have another location in Chicago that does really well. I’m actually going there for dinner when I go on a weekend trip there in a couple of months haha. People in DC probably won’t flock there like in Chicago because no one wants people to think they like “dumb” stuff like reality television even though every girl I see at the gym is watching Real Housewives or Keeping Up with the Kardashians while on the treadmill….

    • They both have lots of teeth.

    • She is on the E news channel or whatever that is and he was the winner of the first Apprentice. There is some connection one of them (his I think) to the DC metro area but I don’t know what it is.

      • My bad, It was her that had the connection to this area – she went to Walt Whitman High School and under grad at Maryland and a Masters at American.

        • Yeah, and her dad owns De Pandi’s in Chevy Chase which used to be called Bruno Cipriani’s in White Flint Mall.

  • Wow. if I was opening a restaurant- I’d want it to be in this location.

  • “celebrity”

  • “94.7 Fresh FM, Today’s Best Hits, without the Rap” – Ha, This is a D.C. station? Never heard of it.

  • Just a note — the building pictured is just north (across K Street) from the old NPR site.

    • I think this picture is taken from the south side of the NPR lot, looking all the way across the pit *and* K street towards the new building.

      • I agree.

      • Yes, but that isn’t where the NPR Building was. This new building is on an entirely different lot than the old NPR Building.

        • Meaning the building where the restaurant is going discussed here isn’t there yet. There’s a big sign in the photo that says where it is.

          • Yeah. The building where this is going is a giant hole in the ground right now, as seen in the photo accompanying this post (on the other side of the chain link fence). It’s just a bad/confusing angle.

  • I for one think this building is a big improvement from the old. Though by no means a favorite, the old was like a windowless bunker and another horrible example of 60s/70s architecture.

  • The Chicago location has a 4 star yelp average from almost 1000 reviewers, so it can’t be terrible.

  • The building pictured is actually the new building for the Association of American Medical Colleges. The building is right next to the old NPR building.

  • I was skeptical of their Chicago restaurant but after going there a couple times, I was impressed. Part of being a good businessperson in the restaurant biz is hiring good, experienced people, and they seem to have done this well. And it does get pretty good reviews from a restaurant scene that runs circles around the one in this area.

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