More Craziness on North Capitol Street – Car Flipped Friday Afternoon

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A reader sends this wild shot from North Capitol and New York Ave, NW around 4:45pm Friday afternoon:

“Black sedan flipped over and leaning on guardrail of the lane that takes traffic from NY Ave to southbound N. Cap. Couldn’t tell what happened. Didn’t see another car that was involved. Paramedics had been there for a few minutes. I could see the second and third ambulance fighting traffic on NY and N. Cap to get to the incident.”

This incident follows Thursday’s stabbing at North Capitol and Florida Ave, NE.

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  • Hm. Drove right past there at 5 and didn’t even notice. They really kept traffic moving.

  • Man — it’s going to be a long, hot summer!

  • Cars seem to flip over a lot in DC. Does this phenomenon happen in other cities as often?

  • MD plates?

  • I saw the accident – looked like the SUV tried to turn left from NY Ave to go south on N. Cap. Tried to beat oncoming traffic, hit an accord, then didn’t quite make it to the frontage part of N. Cap in front of Tyler House. It went up over the sidewalk and flipped. Amazingly, no one was waiting to cross the street – there’s usually several people right on that corner waiting for the light… younger guy driving the SUV, middle-aged lady driving the accord…

    • Correction: there are usually several people standing in the middle of the street waiting to cross the REST of the street. It’s really amazing no one was killed.

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