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  • Looks like this is going to be Willie T’s Lobster Shack.

    From the Washingtonian:

    Since 2007, the chain has been owned by Thompson Hospitality of Reston, Virginia, and the company has decided to look at “other options” for the brand, its president and chairman, Warren M. Thompson, tells Washingtonian. Marvelous Market currently has 14 locations on college campuses and in hospitals around the country, and could possibly expand to airports, Thompson says. The Dupont Circle location will reopen as a new brand in the next three months, according to Thompson—it will be called Willie T’s Lobster Shack and will feature “fresh lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls.” Thompson’s other local food businesses include Austin Grill, American Tap Room, and BRB.

    • Total YUM! Just in time for summer. Wonder how it compares to Luke’s Lobster?

      • Given the way they ran MM into the ground and the generally medicority of their other places, I’m guessing they’ll suck and be overpriced, hoping to get the business traveler/tourist trade. The grand opening probably will have all kinds of MBA-speak and make no mention of serving high quality food.

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