Old Diamond Cab Building Demo Starts in Logan Circle – 35 Condos Coming in 2015


Thanks to a reader for sending a couple shots of the demo started at the old Diamond Cab building at 11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW:


CAS Riegler’s website says:

“1101 Rhode Island ave is one of the last remaining pieces of developable land in the desirable Logan Circle neighborhood. A former parking lot, and home of a taxi cab stand and garage, the site will be entirely razed to prepare for our ground-up construction of 35 luxury condominiums based in high design. Architect Hicock Cole has designed a building that is contemporary yet seamlessly blends with the neighborhood and its historic surroundings. 1101 Rhode Island will be positioned as an exclusive luxury condominium in the most desirable neighborhood in Washington DC. Blocks from booming 14th street corridor to the west, and two blocks from the newly thriving 9th street corridor, the location is perfectly situated and walking distance to all the amenities the city has to offer. Construction will begin first quarter 2014 and reach substantial completion February 2015.”

Conceptual drawing via CAS Riegler

11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW prior to demo

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  • brookland_rez

    Whoever buys there will have easy access to the Shaw skatepark.

    • Quick, Maryland/VA teens– get your parents to move! That way they won’t have to drop you off so early on Saturday mornings so other kids don’t see you climbing out of mom and dad’s car 🙂

  • Is retail only coming to the Rhode Island side of the building, then? That’s too bad.

  • Was biking by this morning as the South wall came down. Not gonna lie, watching made my day. Simple pleasures…

  • Do we have any price points yet?

  • Big improvement for that corner! I know a NIMBY was really trying to stop it from happening…..it’s tooooooo huuuuuuge, going to destroy our neighborhoood, etc. Nice to see progress is happening

    • The issue was parking. I believe this development got a parking abatement, in return for the residents being blackballed from receiving residential parking permits.

  • As one of the concerned neighbors, I’m really glad this is happening too…and virtually every neighbor I know welcomes this as a big improvement.

    No one was out to stop this, it was just general neighbor angst over whether the developer was going to steamroll us at the Zoning Board by getting exemptions for height, parking, density, etc. In the end a compromise was reached on a handful of variances that satisfied nearly everybody.

  • I beg to differ that this rendering represents “high design”. It is DC design, also known as “lowest common denominator design”. Still an improvement over what was there, though. The laundromat across the street can’t be long for this world…

  • If the drawing is “conceptual”, then I’m guessing that this is a trade of one eyesore for another.

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