Morning Metro Mess Vol. 11 – Red Line at Gallery Place/Chinatown


@wowindc tweets us the photo above at 8:30am:

“Rinse, repeat, redline fail. Giving up at GalleryPlace & walking to work. BOO”

WMATA tweets:

“Red Line: Expect residual delays to Shady Grove due to an earlier train malfunction at Union Station.”

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  • And all of this on the day that they are set to announce fare hikes…awesome.

  • brookland_rez

    Glad I rode my bike today.

  • LOL so glad i dont ride metro, makes the bus seem like it actually works!

  • Yet another reason I don’t use metro.

    • You count every single incident like this as another reason? Most people just lump them all together under “poor reliability” or something. You must have about a bazillion reasons why you don’t drive.

  • brookland_rez

    Metro is great when it works. But it’s a real bitch when it doesn’t, which has been happening at a greater rate of occurrence over the years.
    The logistics of getting around in this area suck no matter how you go about it. Traffic sucks, metro sucks. The only way to win is to live a close as possible to your work, to minimize the suckiness. And I guess that’s what’s driving people to move back to DC.

    • gotryit

      Or bike… at least you can reasonably predict bad/cold weather and prepare for it. Other than zen buddhism, I’m not sure how you deal with a mess like that on metro.

      • brookland_rez

        That’s my solution. Bike. For me it’s a Ninja ZX10R motorcycle. I can squeeze through the traffic AND out accelerate/handle traffic. I only take Metro when it rains/snows. Don’t like getting wet and I like to keep my bike clean.

  • “train malfunction” probably means someone wasn’t letting the doors close… don’t block the doors! it’s not like that’s the last train!

    • Blaming the customers? You work for Metro?

      • Are you suggesting that none of the problems you encounter on metro have anything to do with the customers? And here’s an education: “train malfunction” sometimes does mean that passengers are blocking or holding doors open. I’ve seen trains go out of service because of it – people act stupid sometimes.

        • Are you suggesting that all the problems you encounter on metro have something to do with customers? And here’s an education: “Train malfunction” often means that another piece than a door is malfunctioning (Brakes, radio, signalization, leak, etc…)…
          Are you that permissive to Metro propaganda?

      • I was on the train that went out of service this morning. Passengers were blocking the doors even after repeated warnings by the train operator. I wish Metro would unload the train, reset the doors and allow passengers to reboard rather than taking the train out of service. It created a huge backlog of people on the platform as you can see in the pictures. Frustrating.

        • +1. I really never understood why, when doors malfunction because of overcrowding (usually caused by another Metro issue, mind you), the train offloads, the doors close properly, and then the train just goes off with no one on it. That doesn’t seem efficient.

          I’m also not a fan of the conductors who threaten offloading as if the customers are 4 year olds– “I will offload this train if you don’t cooperate!” reminds me of a parent saying “I’m going to turn this car around if you don’t stop!”

        • thanks! & no, I don’t work for metro, but I’ve seen plenty of times, customers crowd, rush and stick their feet in the doors to keep them from closing. just step back! it’s not a race. it’s frustrating to be on the train and hear repeated announcements to not block the doors and step back… I’ve waited plenty of times on the platform for a car that I could get in without being crammed into the car and risking the doors from not closing.

          • omg this. i feel like everyone in DC just thinks they’re so important compared to everyone else that doing this and frustrating tons of people is just nbd.

            also, semi-related, i HATE when i see people running through stations during rush hour when metro is operating on a normal schedule. Trains come like every 2-3 minutes. If missing one is really going to mess up your schedule that much maybe you should just accept the fact that you suck at time management and you need to leave your house earlier. I’m waiting for the day when i see two people running and they just smack into each other.

          • Rarely do I run through the station at rush hour, but I when I commute via metro I have to go beyond Grosvenor. Shady Grove trains are not every 2-3 minutes, sometimes they’re every 7 or even 9 minutes.

            That said, I would not be running people over or trying to get through an overly crowded platform to get to a Shady Grove train.

          • Trains come like every 2-3 minutes.
            They’re supposed to, but they often don’t. If I miss the train I might be waiting for five or six minutes, which might mean I miss my transfer and wait another five or six minutes. If that happens once a week, that’s over 8 hours spent waiting on platforms for trains.
            It’s not about messing up my schedule, and it’s not that I feel like I’m soooo important (I’m not), and it’s not because I “suck at time management” (I don’t). I do have better things to do than twiddle my thumbs on a Metro platform, it doesn’t matter how early I leave.

  • I love my bike. 🙂

  • Is there any reason at all to expect that once Metro finishes it’s 8+ year long weekend maintenance suckage, any of this will be any better?

    • Maybe. Apparently about 1/2 the issue is tracks/signals and about 1/2 of the problem is old train cars that are supposed to be phased out (a major reason for the door malfunctions/offloads). Unfortunately, the latter keeps being delayed for reasons I can’t quite fathom.

  • Soo glad I waited for the bus in the windy coldness this morning 🙂

  • No sign of any problems in Gallery Place metro when I went through about 15-20 minutes ago.

  • I went through Chinatown at about 8:45-8:50, and there was no sign of any trouble.
    Be honest, for anyone who might have been on that crowded platform… how long did you wait? How late were you compared to a normal morning?

    • I was there around 8:25. We waited a few minutes, then a no passengers train came through Two minutes later a regular train arrived. Some got off, some got on, but not all. Another train arrived in one minute. Some got off, some got on, not all. Another train arrived in one minute. Some got off, almost all got on. I think I waited a grand total of 10 minutes. It wasn’t all that bad. It just cost me an extra few minutes.

  • I got to Chinatown at 8:35 and an 8 car west-bound Red line train showed up immediately. Yes, there were big crowds.
    The worst part were the assholes who got in the car first and then refused to move to the middle of the car so they could stand near the door. GTFO out of the way you jerks! There’s a MASSIVE crowd trying to get on. FFS.

    • brookland_rez

      I hate that too. Or the assholes that lethargically get on. There’s a big crowd all trying to get on. Get it in gear!

      • Yep, people who don’t move to the middle are worse than those who stand on the left of escalators.

        • Absolutely. Or the people who run through the doors and immediately stop in the entry way. I’ve come very close to throwing a devastating hip check into one of them.

    • I may have caught that same train – the very end cars weren’t overcrowded. Then again, Metro was pretty much firing trains down the line one after the other right then.

  • So confused. I got on a Union Station around 8:50 and it actually seemed really empty. I just figured that everyone was taking a long weekend.

  • And this is why I’m glad I don’t live on red line.

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